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She walked away.

Thank you.)

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #1

Name: Elphaba Thropp

Age (If known): 18/19

Personality: Sarcastic. Quick temper. Cares for the ones she loves, dotes on Nessarose. She loves to read and can be found in the library.

Looks: Green skin, sharp features, black hair and tall.

History: Eldest daughter of Gorvener Frexpar Thropp. Elder sister to Nessarose Thropp. She believe that she is the reason her sister is crippled and her mother is dead. Grew up in Munchkinland.

8/26/2010 #2

Name: Galinda Upland (of the Upper Uplands)

Age (If known): 18/19

Personality: Bubbly, Cheery, a bit snobby and selfish.

Looks: Short blonde hair with a slight curl, short - about 4'11", light skin, very pretty

History: Grew up as a spoiled only child in the Upper Uplands in a childhood filled with presents, clothes, servants, and never doing a page of homework, save for her enterance essay "Magic Wands: Need They Have a Point?". She thinks the world revolves around her constatntly. Has a slight aversion to dating people that are shorter than her, especially munchkins named Bick.

8/26/2010 #3


Name: Nessarose Thropp

Age (If known): 16-17

Personality: A little selfish, but generally sweet. Somewhat spoiled. Very religious.

Looks: Shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes. Tragically beautiful.

Love Interest: Unknown

History: Elphaba Thropp's younger wheelchair-bound sister. She grew up rather spoiled by her father, who believes that anything wrong with her life or his is Elphaba's fault. Her father is the Governor of Munchkinland, and although Elphaba is next in line it is more likely that she will take over.

9/9/2010 . Edited 5/9/2011 #4
Penelope Fiction

Name: Fiyero

Age (If known): Does anyone know this?

Personality: Simple, fun and loving at best. Naive and bad-tempered at worst.

Looks: Blonde and blue eyed, tall. Generally Prince-charming looking

History: Not much is really known, other than the fact that he came from a very good family and has been kicked out of a lot of schools

9/12/2010 #5

Hello! Welcome to the roleplay. Feel free to jump in wherever. I was the Temporary!Fiyero so currently Fiyero should be in Shiz Grounds. Enjoy!

9/13/2010 #6

Well, it seems our Fiyero has gone MIA so he's back up for grabs unless I hear back from Penelope Fiction.

10/11/2010 #7

Do you know what? I like being Fiyero, so I lay claim. If anyone desperately wants to be Fiyero, let me know!

Name: Fiyero Tiggular

Age (If known): 18/19

Personality: Doesn't really care about anything other than having fun and himself. He realises the error of his ways after meeting Elphaba but before then he is the brainless, Winkie Prince.

Looks: Sandy, curly hair. Blue eyes. Tall. Handsome.

History: Been to a lot of universities and has been kicked out of all of them. He is a Vinkun prince and is very well off. Not much else is know about this particular member of the royal family.

12/26/2010 #8

Um...I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but here it goes...

Name: Oscar Z. Diggs (aka. The Wizard of Oz)

Age: old (between 55 and 60, I'd say)

Personality: charismatic, kind, something of a pushover, "hum-bug" (whatever that means. lol)

Looks: short, gray hair (possibly thinning/balding), light skin, 5'1", maybe a little round in the center though not overly so, fatherly.

History: a man from the Other World (Earth), skilled in ventriloquism, mechanics, invention, slight-of-hand magic tricks and hot-air-ballooning. Originally worked in a circus on Earth, lived as a peddler for six months in Oz and became self-proclaimed dictator of Oz afterwards. Ordered the construction of the Emerald City, the Gilikin Railway and the Yellow Brick Road (idk how he'd figure into Shiz-era Wicked. any ideas?)


Name: Dillamond (Ph.D)

Age: 53

Personality: academic, enthusiastic, emotionally reserved

Looks: anthropomorphic Goat, coarse, shaggy brown fur all over. Tall, around 6'1", hoofs on all four limbs (requires someone with hands for dictation), a short tail coming out of the end of his spine and two horns atop his head.

History: (Dr. D. hasn't got much in regards to past history, but I'm going to change that in a fan-fic of my own). Graduated from Shiz University with a Ph.D in biology. (He's biology in the book, but history in the musical. Which should I adhere to?) Currently employed as a professor at Shiz, working in underground Animals Rights groups.

4/24/2011 #9


Well, we're more musical based with some book influences...but in the background of the classroom scenes in the musical I've noticed what appear to be biology posters, so you could be both if you wish.

4/25/2011 #10

(Because Cherry said I could.)

Name: Fiyero Tiggular

Age: 19

Personality: a little clueless and proud of it. Not the brightest crayon in the box, but could be if he set his mind to it. Loves to party and dance through life.

Looks: Fairly tall, about 6' even. Light brown hair, short. Blue eyes.

Location: Lives in the Vinkus, in theothercastle. As opposed to Kiamo Ko.

Parents: King and Queen of the Vinkus.

Siblings: Only child.

Love Interest: Unknown.

Quote: "Why think too hard, when it's so soothing?"

History: Fiyero has been kicked out of various colleges, Shiz University being his eighth. He has had too many past girlfriends to count, and doesn't remember most of their names. Shiz is his last resort, and if he fails there will be some serious problems. He is finishing the month at Mantello College, before transferring. He is currently in line for the throne, which his parents agree will be a "sight to see."

5/9/2011 . Edited 5/9/2011 #11

Don't know if I'm keeping Nessa... I will, for now. If anyone wants her, they can have her.

5/9/2011 #12

I'll take her for now if you want, Hedwig. I'll just be the Thropp sisters. :D Of course anyone can claim her from me if they wish.

5/13/2011 #13

Have fun!

5/13/2011 #14
Hey! I would love to join! But I have 2 questions real quick. 1. Is this RP still active? And 2. When does this RP take place? Before, During or After the musical?
10/7/2012 #15
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