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Wicked Review – 5th February 2011 – Muck-up Matinee


Elphaba - Rachel Tucker

Glinda - Louise Dearman

Fiyero - Lee Mead (Last Matinee)

Madame Morrible - Julie Legrand

The Wizard - Clive Carter

Nessarose - Cassandra Compton (Last Matinee)

Boq - George Ure (Last Matinee)

Doctor Dillamond - Julian Forsyth

Seats & View – the seats we got were great and the view was too. We were in 2 and 3 in row U in the stalls and the view was just amazing.

NOMTW – A fabulous starting drum beat. Last time I came in September the drum beat to start the show was a little disappointing but no such problem this time. Louise had some fabulous high notes and the 'It's good to see me isn't it?' line was very good. I noticed that the midwife forgot to say, 'I see a nose!' which made me smile because the Frex gave her a confused look and then just had to carry on without her. I also spotted Lee Mead in the background of the ensemble and I was quite pleased with myself for spotting him. I hadn't been sure about whether it would be a proper muck up matinee but the first clue was the guy who said, 'Is it true you were her friend?' did so in a very strong Scottish accent and the woman who whacks him actually hit him very hard and it looked like it was upside the head.

DOS – The first thing I noticed when Rachel came on was how small she was. I never expected her to be so tiny. She was munchkin sized. I was worried for a second because as she came out, she nearly had a Shoshana moment and nearly fell off the stage. She had a very funny delivery of the 'Is there something in my teeth?' line, and then a very good throw down of the suitcase. Another thing I remember is that when Louise said the 'She's phosphorescent!' line, Rachel went to go and punch her or something and Cassandra had to hold her back. Might I also say that George has the most adorable accent? Well, he does. Another hint towards the muck up was that some of the boys in the background were wearing skirts instead of pants.

TWAI – Amazing. That's all I can say about Rachel's performance. She's just amazing. She kind of played it calm and in shock at first and then got more excited as the song went on. She also nearly fell of the stage again. Rachel had some great riffs and she had a great turn at the end. I was a little worried about her going crazy with the riffs but I needn't have. She did all of my favourites.

WITF – Very funny WIFT. Louise has a thing for holding her notes for ages. For example, 'Of course I'll riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise above it'. Also, Rachel did a loser sign on her head towards Louise and when the students surrounded her she started mimicking them in a, 'I don't care what you think' kind of way. It was something I'd never seen before which was nice. When she went behind them to come forwards towards Galinda before the key change, Rachel was properly shoving people out of the way. It was a very good hip bop from Rachel to push Louise out of the way. The 'boo' and 'ah' were very good and Rachel had kind of lifted her hands to scare Louise and then looked at her palms before laughing.

Classroom Scene – Louise has great comic timing. She said the artichoke line perfectly and the 'It's Ga-linda, with a Ga' was hilarious. Rachel didn't even let a pause happen before saying, 'From what I've read it began with the Great Drought!', and all the students started mumbling about her being a nerd or something. The rest of the scene seemed fairly normal.

SB – Seemed fairly normal, Rachel looked a little shocked when Julian took the paper instead of some of her bar, which I think was quite cute.

Pre-DTL – The guy on the bike at the start of the scene wasn't actually riding it, he just had it on his shoulder and was carrying it and ringing the bell. When Lee came on for the run over scene, he was practically upside down in the carriage and nearly fell out when Rachel kicked it. He had a fairly good delivery of his first lines, a little slurred though. More of George's adorable accent and he was very funny too. I saw the boys in the skirts again at the back.

DTL – At the beginning when the Fiyero's normally throw the Boq's book off stage, Lee didn't he just handed it back to George, making George throw it to the ground off stage and stomp off. There was also a girl with bright pink tights on. Most of the rest of the bit with Lee at the beginning was normal and Louise couldn't seem to take her eyes off him, which was quite funny. Might I say that I think Galindas/Glindas suit a very posh English accent? I think it makes it funnier. Rachel was cute when she took the hat with a soft smile on her face before running off. At the Ozdust, just before they danced, George kissed Cassie's forehead, which was cute. I also saw a little post-it note on George's back but I don't know what it was. When Rachel came back on at the Ozdust all the students started shouting things at her, like 'weirdo' and 'nice hat!'. When she started doing the Elphie dance, it was very sporadic and fast which made her knock her hat off her head. She had to run after it and only just caught it before it went in the orchestra pit. There was more laughing from the students after that and then Louise went and danced with her and the music made me cry. Rachel looked so happy at the end of DTL, it was very cute.

Popular – Rachel's delivery of the story at the beginning was so sad, she looked like she was going to cry. After that, the whole of the rest of Popular was very funny. When Louise was gesturing for Rachel to join her, she ended up making her hands shake so fast her whole body was shaking. She got a clap for 'And it's all because of me!' Also, Louise has a great 'Toss! Toss! *ridiculous giggle*'. When Rachel did it the first time, Louise just went '…No.'. And then when she was demonstrating again, Rachel was making mini movements in the background. When Rachel then did it again, she threw herself off the bed and onto her hands and knees with the force of it. There's a video if her doing it on Youtube, so you can see what I mean. Rachel also delivered her lines after being handed the mirror very well. She sort of went 'I…' as if she was about to agree with Louise before her face fell and she said, 'I…I have to go!' and ran off. Louise was very funny with, 'Well, you're welcome…hello'. And that's that for Popular.

Lion Cub Scene – Another hilarious moment. Rachel was practicing her 'Toss! Toss! *giggle*' as normal at the beginning of the scene when Lee came on. He high fived another of the Shiz students before he went to talk to Rachel. Rachel looked like she wanted to crack a smile and I saw why when Lee turned to face the audience. In his hair was a pink Galinda flower. We then got this conversation:

"It's just, you've been Galindafied."

"I've been Galindafied?"

"You don't have to do that you know."

"Neither do you!"

The class also said, "Good afternoon, Mister L-" I couldn't quite catch the name, but I know it wasn't Nikidik.

INTG – This was very cute. I noticed that Rachel sounded more American in this song, rather than having her English accent.

Train Station Scene – In the background of this scene, one of the Monkeys was walking around, which was quite funny. When George was meant to say, "I can't do this anymore!" he said, "I'm not doing this anymore!" which was incredibly cute. Louise got a clap for her name change and Rachel's "Yes, I heard!" was very well timed. Their hug was cute as was the "Come with me." line.

OSD – I could hear Louise squeal as they were getting changed backstage because her microphone must have still been on. There was a man riding a scooter, which I hadn't noticed before. I could also see Rachel starting to unzip her jacket as they ran off stage. I had also noticed that Rachel was wearing the Defying Gravity boots when she came back on after Popular, which I hadn't noticed on videos and things. I guess it makes the quick change faster and easier.

SM – Pretty normal, the Wizard was bit over the top. Rachel and Louise's 'Oooo' was very good, which I liked because sometimes I'm a little disappointed with it.

Defying Gravity – Once again, amazing. Rachel is so amazing. She's also so small that you don't expect this voice to come out of her. I want to know how the London broom levitates though, because it definitely wasn't the normal way. Rachel has a good Epic Stand after Louise puts the shawl around her shoulders. Amazing riffs, I cried. You can find an audio clip of it on Youtube, just search 'Rachel Tucker Cast Change Matinee' and it should come up with a DG video and a highlights video. Choose which ever.

Act two coming soon!

2/11/2011 #1

i hate that nobody gives much attention to Dr. Dillamond and/or the Wizard (baritones, i might add)

5/2/2011 #2
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