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Need to have a good rant? Post it here, no need to discuss it unless you want to.


Is anyone else really, really angry that Glee are even daring to touch For Good? After they slaughtered Defying Gravity last season, I am outraged right now. I'd try to be positive but...it's For Good and all the little teeny bopper Gleeks won't know that it came from Wicked. Argh. I'm just really annoyed. Someone tell Lea Michelle that she is not Idina Menzel, however hard she tries. I know I keep saying it but it's true. I used to really like Glee and it's gone quite rubbish now, in my opinion. They can't choose whether they're serious or whether they are funny. Some episodes are a joke and then suddenly SERIOUS TOPIC out of nowhere. It's really annoying. Also, now they seem to be just fitting episodes around songs, rather than the other way around. Not to mention that they autotune everyone to death. It's highly irritating. And annoying since I used to really like it. And the fact that both Rent and Wicked are going to be have songs slaughtered this season makes me want to cry. If you ask a 12 year old in my school what Defying Gravity is from they will most likely tell you Glee. If you ask what it's originally from they have no clue. Quite frankly, I think Glee should say at the end of the episode or whatever, what the songs are from. Because Take Me or Leave Me, out of context and not sung by a couple, did not work. At all. And Lea Michelle really annoys me, in case you didn't notice. And the way the writers write Rachel. It's like: feel sorry for her, no now she's too annoying to like, feel sorry for her. It's bloody annoying.

Sorry, if I offended anyone in anyway with my huge rant but I needed to get that off my chest. I will probably rant again once I actually see them do For Good.

Just noticed my Englishness really came out in this rant. I never use the word 'bloody' but I did here. How strange.

5/12/2011 #1

i hate that in Wicked fandom, a good deal of fan-girls are galinda characters who are exactly like she is and don't feel compelled to be different, especially the ones who say they are more like elphaba.

how do i know this? well, when it comes to the Wicked videos, where i have met a lot of them, they focus mainly on having their little elitist clique, which involves Chenzel and bashing on all other skilled actresses from Wicked and oogling over the male lead Fiyero. None of them seem to care about the character nobody except elphaba cares about - that is Dr. Dillamond. most likely because they view him as an uninteresting goat - that is galinda attitude 100%. and what really sickens me is when i see these Wicked fan-girls who say they are so like elphaba and yet fit into that depiction i just said!

i know you obviously have a thing against hairy guys with baritone singing voices and more than half a brain. but seriously, this kind of "lusting after the hot-guy" attitude is exactly the reason why, in musical theater, the tenors are the heroes and the male love interests while the baritones are the villains. and in regular music, the majority of those male pop singers who sing (not rap or auto-tune whine) are tenors. in heavy metal, you always hear about Bruce Dickinson (loathe!) and Rob Halford and Ronnie James Dio and those f**s from Manowar - all of them tenors, i might add - but the only baritones in heavy metal are baritone-stringed guitars, and tenors whose voices get lower (Ozzy Osbourne and James Hetfield) are considered inferior and washed up.

so you see? that kind of attitude is just the surface to a deep problem of elitism and popular opinion that is ruining our society and silencing the voices of baritone singers across the world. because they're shoved aside to be "the bad guy" in musical theater, or not even allowed to sing at all in pop, rock and metal.

and since i'm going off subject here, i think i'll also add that, as a fan of both Metallica and Megadeth, Ozzy and Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell, I AM OFFICIALLY PISSED OFF AND TIRED OF ALL THE FIGHTING AND COMPARING AND BAND-BASHING GOING ON BETWEEN THE TWO FANS OF EACH BANDS!!! Honestly, are you so immature that you cannot love both bands? Or, if you honestly like one over the other, are you so insecure in the love of that one band that you have to make yourself feel better about liking your band by bashing the other one? So what if Ozzy didn't take singing lessons like Ronnie James Dio - he's taller, he survived things other people would die just watching, and he's still alive to tell about it! plus, Dio has good songs...Ozzy has good albums! So what if Dave Mustaine wrote three tracks from Kill 'em All? the mere fact that Kirk Hammett could play his solos from those songs meant that he was good enough for Metallica to be let into the band, which makes him good enough for me. and are you honestly going to say that you love metal (this is to the metal-heads, i know none of you like metal) and yet you hate Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality, Volume 4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath albums just because Ozzy Osbourne is in the band? I honestly think eight albums to Dio's measly four in Heaven and Hell (the Dio-incarnation of Black Sabbath) makes Ozzy a more valuable member of the band. plus, Black Sabbath died after it became Iommi and Company.

and furthermore, why do i HAVE to like your favorite bands and musicians (Bruce Dickinson, Idina Menzel, Slayer, Megan Hilty, Led Zeppelin, Shoshana Bean, Burzum [oh, the irony!], etc.) to be considered a "true" heavy metal fan or a "true" Wicked fan? why can't i like whoever and whatever i want for my own reasons and let that be that?! bruce dickinson's voice is annoying, menzel's mooning from Rent scarred me, slayer is a kiss-up, sound-alike crappy thrash band, megan is insane, led zeppelin are quitters, bean's elphaba is annoying and burzum is everything i hate - nazis, racism, intolerance, corruption, injustice, cowardice, aryanism. i don't want to like those things, so why the hell do i have to?!

and on that same note, why can't i like the kind of music i like regardless? yes, i like St. Anger and Risk, so what? i think Volume 4 is boring, so what? i think music should be unique and vibrant, not bland and repetitive (like iron maiden, slayer and every crappy black metal band out there), so what? yes, i think metallica didn't sell out until death magnetic, so what? i still love them, regardless. that's what makes me the only true fan of Metallica - i stay with them through thick and thin, not just run out on them when they make an album nobody else likes (load, reload, st. anger) or when they make a decision nobody else likes (napster): THAT is what makes me a true fan of Metallica and the rest of you (once again, not directed at you three) freaking posers! go back to listening to your master of puppets while you flog off to pictures of eddie the head, iron maiden's mascot, because i couldn't give less of a damn!

5/12/2011 #2

I knew I would be using this thread regularly.

I hate the little Wicked "fans" on Youtube. The ones that can't accept that Idina and Kristin have long gone and that many actresses since them, quite frankly, have been better than them. I love Idina, I do, and Kristin but they aren't the best Elphaba and Glinda there has ever been. Of course, other people's opinions may differ and as long as they calmly explain their point of view, I am quite happy to leave it there and agree to disagree. It's when they shout at you for liking other actresses more that annoys me. A lot.

Also, when they go on other videos that actually say the actress's name in them and they still say things like, "this girls good but idina's better!!!!!!one!!! elven!!1". It's downright rude. Quite frankly I think Idina's performances at the Tonys and the Royal Varity were some of the worst I've ever heard. Whether she was having a bad night or her "asthma" (an Idina fan's favourite excuse) is irrelevent, she did not give a good performace.

I assume people here are familiar with the London trailer featuring the Stuttgart cast? Well, I was looking through the comments and someone called Willemijn old and ugly which, in my opnion is rude. Very, very rude and disrespectful considering how long she's been with the show and the effort that she and every other cast member out there puts into this show. I would never say that about anyone and I always like to find a positive. For example, I recently revealed that I don't like Eden as Elphaba singing wise, but I love some of her acting choices. Same with Julia Murney, I'm not a fan of her singing but I adore her acting. Of course, I set the person staight but it really, really irritated me. Especially since Willemijn would have been around 32/33 at the time.

Also, I hate to say that it seems to mostly be the English fans that act this way. Every German fan I've come across has never been as rude as I've seen some of the English ones get. It really rubs me the wrong way.

Also the fact that a lot of the Youtube only Wicked "fans" can't even spell Idina and Kristin's name yet claim to be their biggest fans is also irritating. How hard is it to remember how to spell Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth? Not very. Especially if you are a "fan". Also, "Chenzel" freaks me out a little. They are really people, Idina is married with a son now, and the fact that people want them to get together after having been in one show together is more than a little creepy in my book. It's not Gelphie I have a problem with, Elphaba and Glinda are fictional characters but when you bring real people into it, it gets weird in my mind.

On an unrelated note, is it just me or has fanfiction removed the spell checker for forum posts? My God, this website is infuriating no matter how much I love it.

5/13/2011 . Edited 5/13/2011 #3

so, my trip to california has turned from an adventure into hell. we've been hotel-hopping (and its the bad motels, not the good ones), i have no internet access over 50% of the time, none of my friends talk to me (not that i had any friends to begin with), and the people whose house we were to move into don't move out until the end of the month! so its two weeks of hell...and i have to spend it with my brother, who insists we listen to metalcore, deathcore, emo "post-hardcore" and rap only, and my mother who is on my case every two seconds. i have no time for myself...i feel like i'm going insane!

on another note, NOBODY has reviewed any of my stories. the last review i got was on my Joshua King of Heaven fan-fic, and it was some a-hole talking about ejaculation (which has absolutely nothing to do with my story or with Christ)..what's worse, he said he was a Christian! how dare he!

but that's just a little issue. the major issue is that, with no reviews on my Great War of Oz story, it quickly changed from an epic to a cheesy, 21st century action-flick similar to Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton's version). All the heart and soul of my story is gone, and i feel, like with everything else, so detached from it! none of the characters have any depth and the story is bland and confusing! but that is just my own verdict, since i've had to play critic to my own story since everyone is so keen on avoiding everything i make! -sigh-

i'm going to write a romance story - one that ends in a happily never after where the prince dies, the princess is the frog (and a shrew) who is responsible for the downfall of his life and nobody has a happy ending! that's what my life feels like right now

5/23/2011 #4

i am in a sorry state. i found Breaking Dawn in german online and am watching it

yes, i'm watching a twi-series! i never liked twilight to begin with [didn't really much care for vampire chronicles either], but i'd rather watch twilight, if it will keep my mind off these damn neo-nazis and their crappy-ass burzum!

why do i hate the band so much, you may ask? 1) the guy looks like my father, and there's enough history between us to make that a bad thing. 2) he has no regard for justice, and got away with smiling in front of the judges when they were giving him his prison sentence for murder and arson. 3) he's a neo-nazi [need i say more?] 4) he's a crappy musician 5) his fans are evil. well, when you know that your favorite band is guilty of burning churches, killing his friend, smiling about it, breaking parole while in possession of illegal weapons [gee, i wonder what he was going to do with them!], as well as siding himself to the ideology of hitler...and then you just shut off your mind and like him regardless, well, i'd say that counts for evil! and i'm the only one who thinks so, apparently!

6/25/2011 #5

I am such an idiot. Why did I ever think that things would change? I'm in California and its pretty much of the same thing, except that here they just pretend to be friendly. The only people I've met hereabout are 40-year-olds - the kind of people who hate all kind of music that came after 1989, especially Gaga and viking metal. On SOM, I'm getting stalked by burzum-fans!

And to make matters worse, now I've got a tumblr as well. Things just got worse when I found out that the only people who follow me are Gleeks, die-hard Chenzel fans, gays and emo-chicks with "too much on their plate" and major insecurity issues.

Is there no end to this nightmare?! I don't like Glee, Menzel, bieber or rap! I don't want to be around that world anymore, it reminds me of high school! I can't say "leave me alone" outright, because then I'm "mean". But I don't want to lead these people on!

And girls say its guys' fault that things are so complicated! More like, its their fault too!

but why am i even saying this? nobody gives enough of a s*** to care!


8/23/2011 #6

looks like i scared everyone away. typical, people say they're oh so friendly and oh so accepting, but then i come along.

but is it me who pushes you away, or you who runs away of your own free-will choice? that's the maddening question that haunts me

what's worse, equality is a thing of the past. women don't want equality, they want dominance. i've seen some of these women who have said, quite literally, that sexism against men is nonexistent since sexism only exists in the context of men against women. So yeah, men have to get shoved under the rug of female dominance? That's not equality! I'm willing to cook my own food, mind you, but i refuse to be the patsy of women! if you demand respect and justice and equal treatment, so do i! if you can look and lust after a man based only on his physical appearance, I should be able to do the same without fear of reprisal. yes, that does exist. i see women obsessing over men daily, yet when a guy takes a fancy to a woman based on something other than 'personality', he's a shallow pig! well, excuse me, i live my life by 'don't look on the outside', and you know what that got me? my ex!

you know? look at the situation from my point of view: i had a bad experience with a woman who was less than beautiful and more than 'shapely', if you can take my euphemisms. i would want to try something different, but this whole 'don't look on the outside' thing that women expect of men would mean that i would have to choose another just like her. on the other end, you never see a woman with an unattractive guy, and if you do, it's always 'she can do much better', never 'oh, that's true love'. so why do i have to settle with someone who's a shrew and physically repulsive and not mannered in the slightest, yet women get to have the choicest men they want?



12/31/2011 #7
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