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"That if you hold your breath until you almost choke, a little pee comes out?"


"Sorry... I have an impulse to quote whatever show I'm in whenever possible.."

6/23/2011 #121

(The Thropp sisters have arrived! XD

Prepare yourself for a slightly (OK, very) long post of Thropp sister conversation.)


Word had spread about the idiot prince throwing a party. I only knew about it because of a pair of twittering girls wouldn't shut up about it in the library and I eventually couldn't take it anymore. Storming out, my book still under my arm, I eventually found my sister.


She glanced up at me and I noticed how happy she seemed. But I was far to irritated to address that at that second.

"Have you heard about this ridiculous party that's being thrown tonight?" I asked, rolling my eyes at the stupidity of it all. "It's all I've heard about all afternoon."

Nessa reached out and grabbed my hand. "I'm going," she said quietly.

"What?" I asked, dumbfounded.

Nessa's smile grew wider. "I'm going. Boq was too shy to ask me at first but once Galinda-"

"Galinda?!" I took a step back in shock.

Nessarose got her disapproving look on her face. "Don't you dare say another bad word about her, Elphaba! If she hadn't convinced Boq to ask me to the party, I wouldn't be having the happiest night of my life tonight!"

I sighed before kneeling down beside Nessa's wheelchair. "Nessa, don't you see? Galinda's just trying to-"

"No, Elphaba, I won't let you say anything else bad about Galinda."

And at that moment, Nessarose looked so happy that I couldn't help but smile and agree. "Okay, fine."

"Please say you understand, Elphaba?" Nessarose looked up at me as I stood.

I looked down for a second before I smiled and looked back up at her. "I do."

Suddenly, an idea hit me. I knew how to repay Galinda back for making Nessa so happy. I just had to find Madame Morrible.

6/24/2011 #122

(Duhn duhn duuuuuuuuhn!)

6/24/2011 #123

(Dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn!)

6/24/2011 #124

(Wait a second...It's meant to be me again, isn't it? *face palm*)


After having talked to Madame Morrible, I wondered were I could find Galinda. Well, the first place would definitely be our room. She would, no doubt, be getting ready for the party at the Ozdust.

I walked in on Galinda and her brainless friend laughing and holding a tall, pointed hat. I ignored the other girl, intent on talking to Galinda and leaving again. She may have made my little sister happy but that didn't mean I liked her any more.

"Listen, Galinda, I need to talk to you about something..." I paused trying to think of what to say. It was hard to be civil to someone you hated.

6/24/2011 #125

(i've been getting spammed by updates from this story, so wanted to see what's up. lol)

(nice pic, hedwig. me likey Teal! lol)


6/24/2011 #126

(I second the liking Teal! XD

Sorry for the spam. XD

I over use the XD emoticon. Huh.)

6/24/2011 #127

( @Hedwig, i read the ADD thing on your wall, and would like to post my responses. check the spam to see what i've written)

6/24/2011 #128

(*narrows eyes*

Ifirst to liking Teal! She was sick when I saw her, and nobody (but me haha) noticed. She kept sniffling.. poort thing. *hums "Poor Thing"*

*laughs at Holly* Having fun RPing with yourself? ;)



*storms off*


I stared at the artichoke. What could she possibly want? I tuned her out while I examined the hideodeous hat. Galinda's grandmother must hate her!

6/24/2011 #129

(I talk to myself regularly anyway...it's nothing new. XD (See, over use!))

6/24/2011 #130


"It's such a coincidence! I was just about to go find you. I need to ask you something.. have you heard about that party tonight?"

Oh my Oz, this is going to be good.

6/24/2011 #131


I giggled, and my hand flew to cover my mouth when the two of them glanced at me.

She was actually going to do it! This was just too good.

6/24/2011 #132


I stood there for a second before answering Galinda's question, "Yes, I've heard about it, but Galinda I really need to talk to you about something-"

6/25/2011 #133


"But I'm sure that this is so much more important!" I interuppted her, grinning.\"I think you should wear this completely swankified hat to the party tonight," I continued, holding out the hat to her with both hands. "It's really- um.. sharp, don't you think? Plus, black is this year's pink, according to Ozmopolitan magazine."

I glanced at the hat again. "This hat and you, you deserve each other, so you can have it.. out of the goodness of my heart, of course!" I handed her the hat (well, more like shoved it into her arms) and flounced over to my closet and grabbed a purse.

"So, we'll be seeing you at the party tonight, then," I said with a sense of finality, then motioning for Milla to follow me as we left the room.

This was just too good.

6/25/2011 #134


I stared in shock after the pair of giggling girls before looking down at the hat held in my arms. Maybe Galinda wasn't as bad as I'd originally thought. And maybe I would go to that party. I could talk to Nessa, after all. I didn't have any dresses like Galinda and Nessarose did, but there was nothing I could do about that.

Placing the hat on my bed, I started taking my jacket off. My school dress would have to do.

6/25/2011 #135

(Galinda is so mean. :( )

6/25/2011 #136

(I know. :( So...to the Ozdust?)

6/25/2011 #137


"LOL, Galinda! You're soooooooooo funny!"

6/25/2011 #138

(Can I just ask...What's with the FAUX thing? XD)

6/25/2011 #139

(Mindy started it in another RPG. We were stuck, and so we started goofing around with "ElphabaFAKE" and "NessaFAUX". It's kind of a habit now. There was also a "Not-the-Real-Wizard" and several other variations.)

6/25/2011 #140

(Ohhhh, carry on. XD I'm just here watching Oliver, he Little Mermaid in Dutch and on the internet. Wait, do Nessa and Boq need to start the Ozdust?)

6/25/2011 #141

(Nessa and Boq/Fiyero and Galinda. We can all just do random stuff until Elphie shows up.

Are you sure you don't want me to take Boq or Nessa off your hands for now? That can't be fun...)

6/25/2011 #142

(You can take Boq or Nessa, if you wish. It would get pretty boring to have their whole awkward conversation myself. You want Nessa or a change and have Boq? I don't mind.)

6/25/2011 #143

(*got distracted*)

6/25/2011 #144

(*pokes Hedwig for an answer* XD)

6/25/2011 #145

(Sorry. I've been cleaning.

;) You pick, Holly.)

6/25/2011 #146

(It's fine, :). I'll take Boq, if you don't mind.)


Why had I brought her again?

I was beginning to wish I had never asked Nessarose to the party. She hadn't left me alone for 5 mintues since we had arrived. It was getting a little creepy...I'd leave, but then she'd give me the sweetest look and I just couldn't.

I quickly grabbed her and myself a glass of punch from the passing waiter. How had that prince managed to hire waiters in such a short amount of time?

6/25/2011 #147


I took the cup gratefully, making a face at the taste. So far, it was the only thing that hadn't been perfect so far. The ballroom, my dress.. and Boq, of course. "What's in the punch?"

6/25/2011 #148


I glanced down at my own cup and then looked back at Nessa. "Lemons and melons and pears," I told her, before passing mine back to a waiter without having taken a sip.

6/25/2011 #149


"Oh, my," I said quietly, handing it back to the Rat waiter. I sighed, looking around the ballroom. For once, I was finally doing something normal. Elphaba wasn't here to embarrass me, I was able to talk with other guests, and just have fun. And Boq had been nothing but the perfect gentleman all night.

"Isn't this wonderful, Boq?" I asked with a smile.

6/25/2011 #150
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