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The room used for socializing during practice, Besides the dressing rooms, Is actually a GREEN room. This is were hopefuls will wait to find out there results.

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #1
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna sat in the green room.She'd just finished her audition and was reading a book in the room. She was curled up on the couch comfy. She closed her book and sighed. Her nerves were acting up again. She always got nervous at times like these.

8/26/2010 #2

Kathryn helped the limping girl into the room, setting her down on one of the couches. Spotting the other girl, One of the first to audition, She quickly trotted over. "Hey, would you mind going with me to get her some ice? She really needs it, and I'm kinda afraid to ask by myself," She said, throwing a quick glance over at the girl on the other couch.

8/26/2010 #3
Turtles in Bowties

"Oh sure." She said standing up. She was not a tall girl and Kat was easily 6 in. taller than her. "Come on." She said leading the way out of the room. She took a few turns and got an ice pack from one of the stage hands. She held it out to Kat. "Here you go. I'm Jenna by the way."

8/26/2010 #4

"Kathryn," She said, nodding her thanks to the stagehand. Turning back to the girl, "Which part?"

8/26/2010 #5
Turtles in Bowties

"Demeter. You?" She asked ducking a piece of brown hair behind her ear.

8/26/2010 #6

"Victoria." She said, Ducking to avoid a low hanging prop, "And So is every other dancer in New York."

8/26/2010 #7
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna smiled and ducked also. "I don't think I'll get the part. I messed up a couple of lines." She said.

8/26/2010 #8

"If you make it past the first round, Then you can redeem yourself on the dance part," She sighed, "I hate auditions. Everyones so scared and quiet. I wish we could do something to keep everyone's spirits up." She looked forward thoughtfully for a moment, then turned to the girl excited, "Come on, I've got an Idea."

8/26/2010 #9
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna groaned. "What." She said following quickly.

8/26/2010 #10

Kathryn pulled the girl behind her, scanning the Green Room for what she needed. "There!" She exclaimed, dragging the girl towards the stereo. Pulling the bright green cased Itouch out of her pocket, she handed it to the girl. "Here, Plug this in, I'll be right back," She said, bouncing happily back to her bag.

8/26/2010 #11
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna sighed and did as she did as she was told. She grinned happily.

8/26/2010 #12

Kat ran back, Clad in sweatpants, her jazz shoes abandoned for sneakers, "Go, Get everyone who's already auditioned together," She said, Cranking up the volume on her Itouch, browsing through her albums.

8/26/2010 #13
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna ran out and gathered the other 5 who's auditioned. She grinned happily.

8/26/2010 #14

Kathryn slid up to the group, As the first lines of the song blared out, "I'm shining like star, Can't stop my shinin'" She laughed happily as she pulled Jenna in the middle of the little circle,"Dance with me!"

((Before mentioned song being Ridin' Solo))

8/26/2010 #15
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna smiled and started to dance.

8/26/2010 #16

She smiled as a few more hopefuls joined them, startled expressions matching each others, Before the blond pulled them into the circle.

8/26/2010 #17
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna giggled at a stage hand who'd walked in.

8/26/2010 #18

Kathryn sighed happily and ran back to the stereo as the song ended, "Any request?" She called.

8/26/2010 #19
Turtles in Bowties

Jenna shook her head and looked out at the others.

8/27/2010 #20

Kat put her Itouch back down as the next song filled the room, The bass pounding through the stereo. SHe crossed her arms over her leo-clad chest, Glacing over at the door.

8/27/2010 #21
Turtles in Bowties

Ryin smiled as the music played.

8/27/2010 #22

Kat bounced back to the group, Turning to Jenna, "Do you think they hit a block with the Auditions?"

8/27/2010 #23
Turtles in Bowties

"I don't know." She said grinning.

8/27/2010 #24

"Maybe they'll start auditioning the guys soon," She said, Throwing a glance at the other girls around her.

((I'll be making a Boy for the RP, Any others? We need guys.))

8/27/2010 #25
Turtles in Bowties

((I will!))

"I hope."

8/27/2010 #26

An almost seductive smile lit up Kat's face, "And then the fun really begins."

8/27/2010 #27
Turtles in Bowties

"Yeah." She said.

8/27/2010 #28

Kat laughed and then turned towards the door, Stop at the sight she saw, "Jenna," She said, motioning to the doorway.

Alex walked in, Dropping his bag against the the wall, Looking appreciatively in to the crowd of dancing girls.

8/27/2010 #29
Ava Nova

Sarah walked in only a moment later, frowning with confusion as the loud bass flooded the room. Looking about the Aussie saw several girls, one man standing against a wall, and a room that could be described as nothing other than green. Every wall, surface and object in the room was some shade of green, and it was certainly throwing Sarah off. Dropping her bag near the door Sarah artfully made her way across the group of dancing girls and to a particularly puke-colored couch in hopes of relaxing without being too bothered.

8/27/2010 #30
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