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cool guy 33

alrighty, i try and ask O escritor to write a story so he can set an example, i told him i'm offended that he takes everything i say as a threat, and i feel like he was hiding behind his ideals. like he said, freedom of speech, guess what i got:

cool guy,

Your pathetic excuses continue. I don't write because I have purpose to do so. I may eventually put a story on this site, but for the time being I honestly don't feel like it. Writing is not something I can force out of myself at a whim, I need inspiration, drive, and the time for such a commitment. One would think it would be obvious by my use of the English language, that I hold myself to my own rules of proper writing.

You were offended? I'm offended by many things, but that doesn't mean that they all must result in conflict. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we apparently must agree that neither of us will see eye to eye on the subject at hand.

I'm done with this conversation, if you want to continue, go to the forum and complain there; because I grow of having my inbox filled up:


O escritor

i would go to his forum if he had one. and he blocked me... i feel like punching something. i guess you're right, i guess i'm too kind. well, yeah.... i don't know hwy he puts sincerely at the end. i just accidently told him about my arm.... big bruise. it's a habit as i'm used to talking and telling my parents everything online "=.= i should fix that habit soon :) anyway, i hope we can do something soon

8/27/2010 #91
cool guy 33

peace, grandma caught me, time to go to sleep:) goodnight everyone!

8/27/2010 #92

I prefer my resolution to the Review Revolution :neucoffee:

Hello Anti-CU!

As a proud member of Critics United, I thought I'd exchange one of my grape branches to you; I'm not relaying an olive branch, because I hate olives.

I'm here to get a good understanding of your problems, predispositions and upsets with our group. As a disclaimer, this is not an "official" CU post (ha, we have official posts?) but I do think it's necessary to see where we all disagree.

So, with that, feel free to post your grips and such with me or the group. The feedback will help me specifically adjust my review style to help provide better subjective feedback during the review process. Do note, however, this will not hinder other members from reporting rule breaking fics. This is purely to help us give better and more in-depth reviews. In essence, you're helping me, help you!

8/27/2010 #93
Rei Sagara
See? Talking peacefully does help.=) Seconda-san, you may now talk to one of the "Critics Union" members, just don't get too rude and no threats.^^ (Geez, I sound like a mother...O_O) Good night, everyone.=)
8/27/2010 #94
Arrancar open account

Okay, one, we just support the Q+As. Two, I actually agree with you. But, if you would please do us the favor of telling your freinds to leave Seconda alone. Q+As bring people together. I met most of the people I know on Fanfiction through them. But that's besides the point. I have read some of your reveiws, and your forums, and quite frankly, most of you guys were just plain being jerks. A few people their must pride themselves in insulting people, because some of the things said made me want to throw up. One step would to be a bit nicer. There have been stories that I downright hated, and only gave them advice and praise for the effort they put in. Please take this all into consideration.

8/27/2010 #95

"Indeed. I can accept it if they want to help others when their stories have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, or the chars are completely OOC, but they cannot force their opinion on others. They also have a forum where they flame others depending on their own opinion of how good or bad a story is. They have no right to do so."

"EDIT: As far as our "freedoms end when they begin to impede on another's freedom," we can go several ways with that. I find it *very* difficult to impede a person's inalienable rights and basic protections from the comfort of my chair; I can not force someone to be quiet, I can not force someone to write the way I do, and I can not infringe upon the behaviors of any other person. Should another person take criticism to heart and make amendments to their story in the face of criticism, that's just peachy. If you mean that, by using the report abuse button, we are effecitevly trying to tear away good work from the site, nothing could be further from the truth for two reasons: 1) Despite what people may say, we're actually a group of confident people - nothing we do is personal and we're aware of which stories need reporting. 2) FFnet Administrators make the final call. Not us. The report system exists so that Administrators can be alerted of a possibly dangerous story and take action, not so a group of people can get together and pull every story off of FFnet. I can assure you that our freedoms do not infringe upon others; how they choose to act after being on the receiving end of our freedoms does."

Above is a reply I gave to a similar concern. Like all reviewers, we speak our mind on the subject material. More often than not, our members review rule-breaking fics before reporting them. We do this to give a person a chance to re-work their story into proper parameters; we do this because, rather than see creativity wittle away, we want to see people write an actual narrative.

8/27/2010 #96
seconda etapa

You seem to be one of the understanding and calmer members if I see that right, so I will try to answer the same way you asked. One of the main problems are member of your group who actually insult other authors directly with reviews and not the story. I haven´t seen any of your reviews, so I can´t say how you review. Also, we know that Q+As can be considered against the rules, but they usually make the readers happy if they can make fun of their least favorite character or ask questions to their favorite. The main thing we want is to be able to have those Q+As without fear of one of you reporting them. True, you can´t force them to not report stories that are against the rules, but I´m sure you can somehow make them see things a little our way. In short, the main things we want is not to be insulted and not to fear for our stories, on which we worked for months, to de removed because of someone from your group reporting them.

8/27/2010 #97

Below are a list of reviews I've written over the past month or so. One of them was to one of your members; one of them was to one of our members. How a person chooses to review, and what they choose to review, is their prerogative. While some insults may be thrown, it's a personal issue you'll have to take; it's just their style.

Not everyone reviews that way, just like not everyone will say "gr8 j0b!1!" If you want a better review, you are more than welcome to request any of us to review/beta your stories.


8/27/2010 #98
Arrancar open account

Put in better words than I could think of.

8/27/2010 #99
cool guy 33

escape from grandma! anyway, it seems not all of you guys are that bad. but even when you want to end it as quickly as possible, it might actually be bad to do that. Q&A is a prime example, if you guys came here earlier and tried to stop it earlier (which i'm actually grateful thatit didn't happen.) it wouldn't make such a fuss, but when you put all of your hard work, and peopel enjoy reading it, and suddenly say those kind of things, it kinda gets people to hate you. the problem is, is that you did it in a review, with popular fanfics, you have to be more subtle. you let it build up into a popular fanfic. so please, lay off before it becomes a huge mess.

8/27/2010 #100
Arrancar open account

I was talking about what Seconda sent.

8/27/2010 #101
cool guy 33

i'm starting to like this guy more and more :)

8/27/2010 #102
Arrancar open account

Good way of putting it. I love that story, and so do a lot of others. If you report it now, everyone will hate you, and you will grow to hate them.

8/27/2010 #103

"In short, the main things we want is not to be insulted and not to fear for our stories, on which we worked for months, to de removed because of someone from your group reporting them."

And this is where the fundamental flaw in understaning comes in between us.

We are not removing your stories. The administrators are. They are doing so because it's against the guidelines they've established. These guidelines were not put in place to harm you, but to help you grow as an actual author.

Believe me, we understand completely where you guys are coming from. We know that Q/As make readers happy and we know that the chance to take Canon Characteristics and apply realistic experiences to it is a tad tantilizing. I won't generalize how it's pulled off, as I'm sure some people do it stellar!

That said, we're not removing them. We're reporting them because they're breaking rules and we believe in actual narratives, just like FFnet. Again, I'm sorry if you feel offended, but if more than one of us ends up commenting on your page, it more than likely means that we warned you about these rule breakers before. And, from a Psychological perspective (negative punishment and all that jazz), forcing you to lose something is the only way to learn.

Yes, you worked on a story for months but it's not being taken down because we hate t. It's being taken down because the admins were alerted and decided it was against the rules.

I do the same thing for all stories, including non-stories such as "Help" ads. No one is exempt from these rules, I'm afraid.

I encourage you to take this problem up with FFnet yourself as it seems that they are the ones you should be upset with. There's a reason the old saying goes "Don't shoot the messenger". It's because he doesn't pass the judgment.

EDIT: I offer one of my own works as a prime example of how to write funny stories without breaking the rules: (shameless self promotion)...

8/27/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #104

Cool guy:

It's going to be less of a mess than you think.

Bad-fic communities have done way worse than any critic group.

8/27/2010 #105
cool guy 33

everyone here just call me cooly, shorty, and less work to read, anyway, that's exactly it. you say that, but some people make it sound like they hate it, likke kudo kun, actually go to Etapa's Q&A and read the reviews, they were pretty mean, and it sounded like they hated our guts,\.

8/27/2010 #106
CU Administration
I've been watching and just kind of hovering a bit to see exactly what is going on before I say anything. I see Damien as made an impression in you. He has that affect on people. We understand that you guys are angry, but just to clear things up, we don't report anything until the author says they will not change it. We don't go around reportig people for the heck of it and it isn't just Q&As that are looked at. Script fics, interactive, non-fictional characters, list fics are all part of the deal as well. We usually are pleasant until the author does otherwise. We will never grow to hate anyone because they don't like us. That would be really childish and when you think about it, it's pointless on both sides lol.
8/27/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #107
Arrancar open account

After two reveiws, Bonus Kun called Seconda's Q+A an unfunny peice of shit. Do you call that pleasent? And how do you expect someone to re-write 273 chapters? How do you change that? And why do you do this anyway?

8/27/2010 #108
O Escritor

To all of QDI's, let me inform you of several things:

To all of QDI's, let me inform you of several things:

First off, look up Ebert's law. You might find interesting. Secondly, Q&A's are against site guidelines. If you have a problem with this, bring it up with the admins, not us. Only they have the power to affect rule changes, we're just pointing out the rule breakers. Your fic clearly breaks the rules, and needs to be either rewritten in proper format, or deleted completely. (Your retaliation chapter was very humorous to read, though it also breaking another rule.) Thirdly, everyone needs help: me, you, and the rest of the world. While I am harsh with what I say, I have yet to be proven wrong. I am honest, and in doing so, often become blunt with my critique. While I apologize if you misunderstood my words because of a spelling error on my part, I do not regret what I said. Your fic broke the rules, and you got caught. It doesn't matter if fans consider it good or bad, or if it's several chapters long or several hundred, it won't change the fact that it broke the rules.

Writing in script format is not the same as writing a story. You miss so many levels of what writing is supposed to be, that you're doing a disserviceto yourself. If you continue to write in script format, you'll never mature as a writer.

Arrancar, What is nice is an opinion. It is also not my style of reviewing. In all honesty, I would have left my review and story reports and have been on my merry way, until someone brought it back to my attention. I am one who believes that society breeds mediocrity far too frequently, and there are those who just don't care. You are within your own rights to review as you please, just as I am entitled to my own views. Different perspectives that will most likely continue to clash and we must agree to disagree in this case.

8/27/2010 #109
CU Administration
I do this my love because I got so tired of authors thinking it was okay to break the rules because they saw other people doing it. Seconds had already become unpleasant by putting me into his fic (which wasn't a good idea) and letting me know clearly that he wasn't going to change it. Like I said we are pleasant until the author does otherwise although Bonus-kun can be a bit harsh. That is just how he is. Trust me, I would have caught this earlier if I could have, but I review in many different fandoms. I don't go searching all the time for rule breaking fics. Mostly I'm reviewing stories that aren't breaking the rules. Honestly I get more thank yous than retailation. And the chapters are short, it's not that hard to rewrite them; that will give you time to work on your story writing skills and build your style.
8/27/2010 #110
cool guy 33

....... okay, you guys got me there, we just don't like it when you say it in a rude way, everyone get offended

8/27/2010 #111
seconda etapa

Well GodOfFlame101, I just red your reviews and can say that they are very good, with examples and without insults. I don´t see how they could be improved. Also, I said that they are removed because you report them, not that you remove them. But having 5 people come over and say that it is against the rules is overkill. Your group could have writen a review that you reported it and then let the admins decide. Also, there are over 2500 other Q+As which haven´t been deleted. Also, concerning what you said about bad fiction communities, at least two from your group have one. And by that I mean escritors The Bad, the Worse and the just plain Ugly. This is also insulting to the writers and can greatly affect their selfesteem. Jewel, we are angry because some from your group actively insulted us. Escritor, you said it yourself, it was funny. And it wasn´t a retaliation-chapter, it was a normal chapter where I respond to what the others write. If I was mean to someone, it was because he was mean to me first. Also, to everyone, if you want to help me with my stories, review my other fic, since I´m not a very good writer. Since you propably already reported my Q+A, just let the admins handle it and stop reviewing it. It would only make others angrier at you.

8/27/2010 #112
cool guy 33

yes, i agree. if you sent a representative then it would be different. but with some of you guys ganging up on one story, it can get real depressing.

8/27/2010 #113
Arrancar open account

You know what? I give up. Do whatever you want. See if it matters to me. I've still got my own story, and I don't care if it doesn't have proper spelling, or anything like that. I don't even care if it breaks the rules. (Which it doesn't) All I care about is that it is fun writing it. I will write whatever I want as long as I have fun writing it. Will you guys stop me? Hell no! I'll just do something else. It's not how you revewi them, or if you report them, it's about the fact you take away the fun from writing. Maybe if you, "Unleashed your imagination" as this site says, you would realise that sometimes the best way to imagine is to think outside of the rules. With that I will say nothing more. If you wish to say something against that, too bad, I won't listen.

8/27/2010 #114
CU Administration
Like I said, we don't report until the author refuses. A lot of people we've worked with have either edited their stories or deleted them. I've gotten thank yous for pointing out the rules. Yes there are a lot of Q&As but we only look at the ones that are udpated regularly. No point in informing an author who is no longer on the site of the rules right? It would be pointless. Actually if a fic is there, then the author should work on their story. That's shat I would do. Just like how you say there are lots of q&as to justify what you're doing, there are many communties for bad fics. We maybe working together, but we are still separate people. I do not control what my members do on their page. It is their choice what they want to do with it. About that chapter, none of us asked to be in it so you've messed up about that by putting us into a story we have not asked to be in (even though that's against the rules). As I've said to others, I personally do not care what people think of me of if they're mad at me. It just wastes their time because they are busy thinking about me while I have moved on.
8/27/2010 #115
cool guy 33

well said.

8/27/2010 #116
cool guy 33

to both of you. now, can we try to call a mutual understanding? i'll see the results when i get up, peace!

8/27/2010 #117

seconda, I'm going to remain nice but for that you happen, you're going to need to stop being passive-aggressive.

"But having 5 people come over and say that it is against the rules is overkill. Your group could have writen a review that you reported it and then let the admins decide."

Some of us did not leave a review and then did report it. It's also very difficult to convince ourselves to do more in a review than state the quick-fix to your rule breaking considering the way you wrote Jewel into the story. That was uncalled for.

"Also, there are over 2500 other Q+As which haven´t been deleted."

We've also taken down more than twenty. We and the admins can't get to every story in a day.

"Also, concerning what you said about bad fiction communities, at least two from your group have one."

It's his community to do as he wishes. There's nothing we can do about their personal taste. Not ever story can simply be added to a "great stories list." I never said people can not have them. In many ways, I encourage them,

"If I was mean to someone, it was because he was mean to me first."

We've all seen the review response you gave to Jewel. It was completely unnecessary and distasteful. I have no problem with you asserting your convictions; that said, do not lie about the methods. We all have screen caps of the exchange; writing a reviewer into your story and then replying to them in that manner was highly unnecessary.

I will review your work tomorrow. I'm familiar with a bit of bleach as well as The Force Unleashed.

8/27/2010 #118
seconda etapa

Very well. If you want, I will remove all of you from the story. All I want from your side is to let the Admins handle it, and if they don´t remove it, not to review it because it´s against the rules. Is this acceptable?

8/27/2010 #119
O Escritor


I believe we have come to an understanding. While there may be 2500 other Q&A's out there, we want to change that as long as the fics are breaking the rules. If you must know, the community you constantly refer to is not mine to delete. If you have a problem with it, talk to Bonus-Kun, thought I doubt he'll be very pleasant. You're talking about people throwing themselves into a deep depression because someone on the web told them their story was bad. Dear, while your anger is understandable, and I don't expect everyone to like my reviewing style, they intern must understand that people may not like something they produce. Simple as that.

8/27/2010 #120
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