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Arrancar open account

Onitentei: ...His full potentional. But, you will see in due time.

9/19/2010 . Edited 9/19/2010 #2,881
seconda etapa
Pandora: Quess we have something in common then. I want that too. * goes back in *
9/19/2010 #2,882
Arrancar open account

Onitentei: Quess? Do you mean guess?

9/19/2010 #2,883
seconda etapa
Pandora: Huh? Oh, typo. Can happen, Oni-chan.
9/19/2010 #2,884
Arrancar open account

Onitentei: Indeed.

9/19/2010 #2,885
seconda etapa
Pandora: Anything else, Oni-chan? * gives him a kiss *
9/19/2010 #2,886
Arrancar open account

Onitentei: You may be the one forming the contest...But you do realise the overall results are up to me. Right?

9/19/2010 #2,887
seconda etapa
Pandora: Your job will be to revive the killed. Also, even after the tournament, someone can become a doomy by defeating one of the current ones and take his place. All I want in the doom-squad is power.
9/19/2010 #2,888
Arrancar open account

Onitentei: ...Then...Kill Shinigami(Takaigen)...He's the only one that stands in your way...You see, if the day ever comes that I die...*Dark look on his face*...He will become the next god of death. *Thunder strikes in the background while rain can now be heard* Rainy, isn't it? *Pours himself some tea and takes a sip* Want some?

9/19/2010 #2,889
seconda etapa
Pandora: * sweatdrop * You make it sound too dramatic. Also, isn´t the god of death unkillable unless he has a kid? Well, you don´t have one and you don´t expect one, so why do you bother about it? * takes a sip from the tea * Hey, that´s good.
9/19/2010 #2,890
Arrancar open account

Onitentei: I used a special recipe. As for the other thing...There is one excepton to that rule...If I overuse my power...There is a slight chance my life span will be shortened. Also, a deathnote cannot kill me...But it can injure me...And, if my name is written down several times...

Takaigen: *Hiding so that Onitentei and Pandora can't see him* *Thinking: He'll die...I'll keep that in mind...Not that I'll use that information what reason do I have to kill Onitentei-sama? I have no crave for power...But just in case*

Onitentei: ...Worst case scenerio, I get killed by a Shinigami, or Shinigami himself...Or just overuse my power to the point of death. That...May be my end...

9/19/2010 #2,891
seconda etapa
Pandora: Um, can´t you use your power as the god of life to counteract this?
9/19/2010 #2,892
Arrancar open account

Onitentei: That's what I meant by overuse of my power...Life and death should not be together. The more I switch back and forth the more damage I cause to my body. I have to stay in death form more than in life form.

9/19/2010 #2,893
seconda etapa

Pandora: Do you want me to take over life for you, so that you don´t weaken yourself?

9/19/2010 #2,894
Arrancar open account

Onitentei: Nah. As long as I kill twice as many people as how many I revive...Or, I learn how to keep both powers on at once for long peirods of time...I should be fine. Thank you for your concern. *Kisses Pandora*

9/20/2010 #2,895
seconda etapa

Pandora: * laughs * Hey, if I´m not concerned, then who would be? And you should be careful to who you tell your weaknesses. You never know who might evesdrop, right Shinigami? * turns to him * Even though you thought you have no reason to kill him.

9/20/2010 #2,896
Arrancar open account

Takaigen: *Thinking: Damnit!* *Comes out of hiding* You got me.

Onitentei: I was going to point you out at the end...But I guess that's to cliche, and Pandora pointed you in the middle so she can kick you out and we can continue our conversation...*Que L's theme*

Takaigen: Wasn't that great of an acomplishment.

*L's theme stops*

Onitentei: Damn you.

9/20/2010 #2,897
seconda etapa

Pandora: * force-lifts Shinigami in the air * * holding a bladed whip * I think we should give him some " special treatment " first. * sadistic grin * I did say that whoever evesdrops dies. But since you are too valuable, it will be worse than death. * teleports herself, Onitentei and Shinigami to hell *

9/20/2010 . Edited 9/20/2010 #2,898
seconda etapa

Pandora: * telports back with Onitentei * * sigh * It was pointless.

9/20/2010 #2,899
Arrancar open account

Shinigami: *Teleports in not asleep* Haha! I know how to stay awake no matter what the odds! I learned to negate Tengo's ability!

Onitentei: Sorry, forgot to mention he can't sleep. If he takes off his mask he can show you the results.

Shinigami: Yeah. I'm pretty pissed you broke half of my mask. But, you can't tell who I am just from my mouth can you? And there is no garentee the name I gave you wasn't an alias. I will never die! *Writes down a few names in the deathnote* TAKE THAT JUSTIN BEIBER!

9/20/2010 #2,900
seconda etapa

Pandora: * sigh * Why does nobody remember that the nightmare-bullets DON´T put others to sleep, but seal the soul in a nightmare-dimension?

9/20/2010 #2,901
Arrancar open account
Shinigami: My soul was taken long ago. But I always keep a couple in my body to stay around even without it. Guess that's why I'm here right now.
9/20/2010 #2,902
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yeah. Guess that´s why it didn´t work.

9/20/2010 #2,903
Rei Sagara
Rei: Hi, everyone! Just thought I'd drop by to let you all know I'm still alive.^^ Also if any of you can, go on Youtube and watch the this video called Asakura Hour 6 : Nodoka. It's one of the most funniest videos I've ever seen! XD
9/20/2010 #2,904
seconda etapa

Pandora: HI REI!! How´s the tournament going?

9/20/2010 #2,905
Rei Sagara
Rei: It was doing fine until I went into the Biology room. I'm starting to hate my teacher...
9/20/2010 #2,906
seconda etapa

Pandora: * giggles * Yeah. Not all teachers can be like Negi ( from Negima ), right?

9/20/2010 #2,907
Rei Sagara
Rei: If I had Negi as a teacher, I'd be happy everyday in class no matter how much work I got. He's adorable! =) *thinks* Holy crap! Am I turning into a pediphile?! *starts freaking out*
9/20/2010 #2,908
seconda etapa

Pandora: Then you would be like most of class 2-A/3-A. But yup, he is kawai!!

9/20/2010 #2,909
Arrancar open account

*Baby animal dies*

AOA: What the hell?!

Shinigami: Sorry, that was me. *Evil laugh*

9/21/2010 #2,910
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