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seconda etapa

Here, Pandora and Alewars OC will be the victims of Jigsaw. Suggest the traps that will be used on this island of death.

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #1
Alewar Warinot

Of course the plot is simple. Our victims will play the game Jigsaw wants. Of course there are some sacrifices that must be made. Now we follow the primary mission.

Primary Mission: Leave the island in one peace before it explodes in 3 days.

Why: Because there is only a few food that will be there. Also there will be lack of energy once they reach 4 days. It's better if they can survive and leave before the third day.

Secondary Mission: Find other survivors, they can help increase your chances of survival.

Why: Because it can help on making progress of the plot. Also the traps will be demonstrated by someone later on. Also we have to state the occupation of the OC because they are normal people.

The island is basically full of traps that of course can kill. Jigsaw which is my puppet is going to do that job. Now there are certain things Jigsaw wants you to accomplish either by camera or by tape. But most of all let's make this fun.

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #2
seconda etapa

Well then, let´s get this started. First of all, the main cast.

Pandora Etapa, works at a gunstore and knows how to use many different guns

9/15/2010 #3
Alewar Warinot

Sean Emmanuelle, a student with martial arts training. His great on breaking things harder than steel.

Folkvarthr Lex Oddmund, a professional Maestro and song composer. He knows many music known to man.

Emma Savannah Oddmund, wife to Folk and a great cook. She can make much out of just canned sardines and rice to make a fill for all.

Frosty, a mechanic. She has great ability to fix anything for less than a day if it is a vehicle.

Abintra Killer, a weapons and traps expert. He can easily read how any trap is made but has trouble on destroying it without the needed materials.

Mary Dela Cruz, an expert doctor with tools on hand for operation. But she has a tendency to have a problem on seeing too much blood.

Felix, a psychologist. He is well verse on human psychology that he graduated early at the age of 13. He has a tendency to calm the patient with a whack on the head.

Russel Valkyrion, a blacksmith. He can make any material in just a few hours. He has gained fame through the underground world for the fastest blacksmith making him wanted around the world.

9/15/2010 #4
seconda etapa

Now then, on to the story.

Pandora: * unconcious and chained to the wall with an locked collar on her neck and a relatively short chain *

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #5
Alewar Warinot

dude in third person please. Oh never mind I will fix it once I right it! Also a house first. Got it before going outside.

Sean: ....*his blindfolded while chained at a wall*

Abintra: *his sleeping comfortably at a needle bed*

Folk and Emma: *they are chained together while hanged still unconscious*

The rest will appear later on.

Sean: I don't have time to play games but is someone out there? *of course there are but they are asleep, he doesn't recognize this though*

Okay your turn Seconda.

9/15/2010 #6
seconda etapa

Pandora: * slowly regains consiousnes and notices the chain and the collar *What! What´s going on here!! * pulls at the chain and nothing happens obviously * Hey!! Wake up everyone!! * pulls the chain again, still no results *

9/15/2010 #7
Alewar Warinot

Sean: I already am. Too bad I don't know my circumstances. *he was right next to her*

Folk and Emma: What the hell! Where hanged!

Abintra: *regains consciousness, he is right above the couple* Umm... is this suppose to be a joke or a bad dream?

9/15/2010 #8
seconda etapa

Pandora: * removes Seans blindfold * * has calmed down a little * Any idea what´s going on?

9/15/2010 #9
Alewar Warinot

Sean: *sees the situation* Dude are you an Indian? If not then don't stand up or panic or you will feel a lot of pain. Also miss I don't know. All I remember was getting a shock treatment at my doorstep.

Folk and Emma: We were at our honeymoon when suddenly we were knocked out. It must have been the wine the hotel worker gave us.

Abintra: I was on my way to Africa by boat when I got banged on the head.

Sean: So tell me miss? What am I tied up with chains or wool? *his getting a bit pissed at his position*

9/15/2010 #10
seconda etapa

Pandora: I don´t know either. I was on my way home and was suddenly knocked unconscious. Next thing I remember was waking up like this. My name is Pandora by the way. What are your names?

9/15/2010 #11
Alewar Warinot

Sean: I'm Sean Emmanelle. So can you tell me if I am locked in chains or not?

Folk: The names Folkvarthr Lex Oddmund.

Emma: My name is Emma Savannah Oddmund.

Abintra: The names Abintra Killer.

Folk: ...*silent at him*

Emma: ...*silent*

Sean: Are you serious?

Abintra: I know, I blame my clan.

9/15/2010 #12
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well Sean, I have no idea why we are in this situation. And appearently nobody else here. I think we should try to get free first. Does anyone have an idea?

9/15/2010 #13
Alewar Warinot

Sean: I can destroy any steel with my bare hands and feet. But it will heart like hell for you Miss Pandora.

Abintra: *inspects her* Sean I think you are restrained by plastic the ones that the terrorist use. You know that?

Sean: Oh those things that hurt like hell. I can destroy those things easily but first I will bring down the couple. *reaches to the couple and kicks them a little so they can swing*

Folk: Hey kid what are you doing?

Emma: Yeah its making us dizzy.

Sean: Freeing you guys since you are the nearest and safest to free. *once they came close enough Sean kicks the chain from the top and then kicks again at the chain to free them*

Folk: Whoa! *got free*

Emma: Kids these days really don't know safety.

Abintra: Umm... a little help here please. *Folk and Emma carried him and got him out of the needle bed*

Abintra: Okay now time to release you guys. *grabs a needle and frees Sean and Pandora making their shackles fall to the ground*

9/15/2010 #14
seconda etapa

Pandora: * rubs her throat and neck * Thanks. * looks around and sees no door, but only a trapdoor in the roof * Um, any idea how we get out of here?

9/15/2010 #15
Alewar Warinot

Abintra: We can dig out of here.

Sean: Got it. *starts digging fast but hit something which caused him to flinch* Ouch!

Emma: Here let me take care of that. *puts medicine on his wound and wraps it*

Sean: Thanks. *looks at the spot and sees Aluminum steel* Oh great I haven't trained to break aluminum yet.

Abintra: So much for digging our selves out of here.

Folk: Hey guys. Look at this its a note. *a note right behind Sean was there*

9/15/2010 #16
seconda etapa

Pandora: Then read it.

9/15/2010 #17
Alewar Warinot


Greetings my visitors. Welcome to my humble abode. Have you slept well? Rather surprised at the sudden position you are in? Well right now you are trap there so you need to escape right? By now Abintra might have thought to dig your way out and Sean did but struck on my Aluminum steel right? *stops and looks at Sean*

Sean: He got me there. *he felt his pride reduced*

Folk: *goes back to reading* Well if you want you to leave you have to play a game. The room you are in right now is completely secure with no doors but leaving only the roof open. Play the game and you will escape alive. Here's a hint. The soils is good, if you work together you can escape this hell. That's all the next thing if you all survive and escape that is, a tape at the table above. Don't worry there are no traps up ahead. The true game starts there. oh and

ps. I got you here by using a rope. I left it there at pile of needles. Use it. It can help you later on.

Abintra: Well at least we know that we can keep the rope and needles. *he is holding the rope and needles*

Sean: So how do we escape then?

9/15/2010 #18
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, I think he must have some rope-ladder or something like that which he or she used to get us down here, so maybe it is still on the side of the entrance. Can anyone make a hook out of the needles and use it with the rope to make a grappling-hook?

9/15/2010 #19
Alewar Warinot

Abintra: Umm... I can but by the length of this rope, which is really long. I would say he might have tied this to a three about 3 meters away and right now we are about 12 meters deep. So I guess that idea is impossible.

Sean: He said the ground is good. Do you think we can move this ground and make a mountain to escape from the top?

9/15/2010 #20
seconda etapa

Pandora: That´s a good idea. * starts moving the earth under the opening * Come on everybody, help here.

9/15/2010 #21
Alewar Warinot

Everyone: Okay! *about 5 minutes later*

Sean: Okay that's the last of it. Come on everyone. *goes first and checks up for anything suspicious*

Abintra: So are there any traps?

Sean: Looks like the writer is true to his word. Come get out of there. *he was already out*

9/15/2010 #22
seconda etapa

Pandora: * climbs up * There should be a tape on a table here. * finds it * Let´s see what it says. * presses play and is stung by a needle * What the heck?

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #23
Alewar Warinot

???: Well it seems like you guys have made it up no problem. I expect no less from a simple hint. Well time for the big cheese. Right now you have played this tape you have activated the bomb that I have planted in this island. Don't worry because we have prepared a speed boat for you guys to use. But the bad news is that it's out of fuel. On the bright side there are a lot of coconuts here to be an alternative fuel for you to use. The bad news is that you only have three days before this island blows up. Also to make your life here at ease I have prepared supplies to at least last for a month for 9 people to eat. That's right there are 4 more people here. Find them and you can make your survival rate easier.But before that let's discuss our current situation. Right now this place is full of traps but don't worry I didn't put any traps on the sand so rest assured but at the jungle the traps are set and ready to take you out. Don't worry some of them are already used, there corpse should be bones now. You can use that traps I have set as an alternative for you to use. Also there's a safe house near you but it is locked. There's no key. You will have to open it somehow. Inside it is very comfortable. No traps are set other than the lock door. Now that's the primary important thing you guys will know. Also the food is at the safe house so good luck. Now as for the secondary important thing. There are 4 other people at the island. As a bonus for being my guest I will tell you where they are located. One is at top of a mountain guarded by a group of rabid dogs. There's one at the foot of the mountain as well but there are two caves, one containing a vicious bear, the other is a companion. At the east side of the island you can find another companion tied to a cliff. The catch there are many wild boars and poisonous snakes there. Other than that the victim is hurt and in need of medical attention. Te safe house has everything you need to cure him. At the west side there is an abandoned house, there lies your companion. The trick, there's a land mine in there. Now if you got all 4 of them you have a higher chance of survival. Now here's a hint. The door lies the key of salvation. That's all. Also by now the stubborn Pandora or Sean might have played this tape. Right now he/she is poisoned and needs medical attention.

P.S By the way the one who kidnapped you is the one and only Jigsaw! Live or die. Make your choice. *tape stops*

Sean: Sh*t!

Folk: Damn now we are going to die here?

Abintra: You should have let me look at the tape first. I am a weapons and traps expert you know.

Emma: Hey guys I found the Safe House! *his at a cottage which the door is lock*

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #24
seconda etapa

Pandora: Damn it. * is getting a little dizzy * Okay, let´s recap. I´m poisoned, we have 3 days to find enough coconuts to use for fuel on a boat we also have to find, we have a safehouse nearby which will be our base of operation and will also act as a medical center, but we have no key for it and we have 4 more people on the island. I suggest Abintra tries to pick the lock of the safehouse, we stop the poison and then go east to find the wounded. We´ll see what we´ll do next afterwards. You guys agree to this?

9/15/2010 #25
Alewar Warinot

Everyone: Okay!

Sean: So where's the wound? I will have to suck the poison out. That's what my Master told me if I ever get poisoned.

Abintra: I will go and pick the lock. *goes and adjust the lock at the door using the needles*

Folk: *grabs the tape and opens it and grabs the tape and plays it backwards*

Jigsaw: So you have played the tape backwards then? Very well then I will tell you a bonus for the effort you have done. At the top of the mountain is a blacksmith. At the foot of the cave of the mountain a mechanic. At the West a Doctor for your poisoned crew. At the East is a psychologist just in case you guys go insane. Good luck. *tape ends*

Folk: Looks like we know some part of our comrades.

9/15/2010 #26
seconda etapa

Pandora: The thumb, when I pressed play. Damn needle. Anyway, change of plans. We grab whatever first-aid we can get, as well as food, and go west first. We take the doctor and go east to the wounded phychologist. We´ll see who we get next.

9/15/2010 #27
Alewar Warinot

Sean: *inspects it and starts sucking out the poison spiting it out*

Abintra: You guys go ahead first. I will take care of this lock for the mean time. Oh and don't split-up! I get the feeling he meant it for the tape to be played backwards. Also here bring this rope! *gives Emma the rope* By the looks of it Folk has experience of making knots.

Folk: Yeah its my hobby.

Abintra: Also Sean is a powerhouse so he is very useful if there are any obstacles on the way. Good luck. *continues to unlock the lock*

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #28
seconda etapa

Pandora: The most important thing now is to move carefully. Look out for anything suspicious and warn the others. Come on, lets go. * moves slowly and searching toward west *

9/15/2010 #29
Alewar Warinot

Folk: Emma stay behind. Look after this guy for us.

Emma: Okay.

Sean: Come on Mr. Folk we gotta go. *helping out Pandora walk*

Folk: Coming! *follows them*

9/15/2010 #30
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