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Arrancar open account


9/15/2010 #61
Alewar Warinot

Mary: I'm actually from a noble Spaniard family. But I was born and raised at the Philippines.

Emma: *eating some curry too* For a doctor I had to bury that awful smell on the bin and clean it.

Mary: Sorry. *sweatdrop*

*back to reality*

Author: Okay take the day guys. The next filming will be tomorrow at the afternoon.

Sean: *finally I was getting hungry*

Abintra: Remind me why I agreed to this?

Folk: Don't ask me I was dragged here.

Author: Just like from behind the scenes we will be showing this as well.

Jason: *his at a corner sad*

Author: I'm sorry Jason but if you came in then it will certainly change the content of the series. Also your Friday the 13th film is already a legend. Maybe at Chapter two as a spirit that okay with you?

Jason: *nods and smiles*

Author: Okay guys now what happened to my friend Jigsaw?

Jigsaw: I'm right here hanging! *he replaced Felix*

Author: Okay who the hell did that!?

Mary: I did for making me bi!

Author: You are bi!

Mary: He said it on the Spanish way!

Author: Well chaos here and there I will be taking my rest. Goodnight everybody! *the crowd applauses as he leaves*

Jigsaw: What about me! *poor Jigsaw :D*

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #62
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, I could have untied you, but you poisoned me. So hang tight! * leaves laughing *

9/15/2010 #63

Inu: *sweatdrops* Um what the hell happened to your original idea Seconda?

Setsuna: More importantly you have news Inu.

Inu: Oh yeah. Gomen about not being around. Been really busy with school work. Also i'll be gone this weekend. I'll let you all know when I return. Till then take care.

9/16/2010 #64
seconda etapa

Seconda: Um, what idea exactly?

9/16/2010 #65
seconda etapa

And back to business.

Pandora: Um, Mary, you said earlier that you´re bi and I should be careful next time I let my guard down. * playfully * Took a liking on me?

9/17/2010 #66
Alewar Warinot

Mary: Something like that. *grins* I am reach and can do anything I want to my patients.

Emma: *shivers from the thought*

Mary: But I don't take advantage to married people. I'll get sued.

*okay now to the others oh and Seconda activate the traps so that we know*

Sean: So far no traps.

Abintra: Hey guys look at this skeleton! *points at a skeleton trap at a bear trap*

Sean: Well I guess he did our job for us. *sweatdrop*

Folk: Abintra collect the skeleton and the bear trap. It might come in handy.

Abintra: I am already on it! *collects the trap and the skeleton*

Sean: Bamboo swing! *knockouts a wild boar* It's a good thing in real life there aren't any huge wild boars *grins*

*hey what a great idea let's get with the huge wild boar everyone!*

Abintra/Folk: *shivering and pointing at the wild boar that is behind Sean*

Sean: It's right behind me isn't it?

(H)Boar: *growls*

Sean: Hah! *throws his bo Staff at the boar*

(H)Boar: *in pain and starts to attack*

Abintra: You idiot! Now it's going to attack us!

Sean: 1st combo! Drunken God Lu! *he does a series of attacks and finishes with a powerful head-butt*

(H)Boar: *growls and falls defeated and dead*

Sean: Well we are having raw meat tonight. *carries the dead Boar*

Abintra: W-what a monster!

Folk: I am beginning to think that Sean is more of a monster than the island. *nervous laughter*

Sean: Hey hurry up guys!

9/17/2010 #67
Arrancar open account

*Activates a mine field with poison dart launchers and seven trip wire guilotines* Have fun! X} *Evil laugh* *Releases poisonous snakes everywhere*

9/17/2010 . Edited 9/17/2010 #68
seconda etapa

Pandora: Oh, don´t worry. I´m single. * smile *

9/17/2010 #69
Alewar Warinot

Abintra: *senses the deadly aura up-ahead* Umm... guys I got a bad feeling about this. Sean you should improvise your Bo staff now.

Sean: Into what a spear?

Abintra: Here give me that I will turn it into a mace. *inplants needles at the Bo staff turning it into a mace*

Sean: Now what?

Abintra: Try attacking the front.

Sean: Okay. *does so and the mace got hit with poison darts*

Folk: What the hell!

Abintra: Just as I thought. A mine field of poisons. Also look around you poisonous snakes everywhere.

Folk: Wha! *notices them*

Sean: Hmm.... Hey Abintra can I use the trap to my advantage?

Abintra: Yeah you can but it will be suicide.

Sean: What should I do then?

Abintra: If you want to use it to your advantage then you have to make them recognize your scent. A simple factor of using blood. Then you run into the poison dart field to let the snakes follow you and takin both the bite and the hits you wou-*he has done it already and went to the poisonous field*

Snakes: *goes after him but almost 75% of them died from getting hit by darts while Sean got beaten by the rest and disasembling the remaining traps with the last bit of energy he has left*

Sean: You guys go ahead. I will take care of this snakes. *he shakes them off while his blood and venom starts to drip*

Abintra: Got it. Folk stay here and help him out.

Sean: No need, I have been trained to withstand any kind of earthly poison. *this is a big hint on the third* Go ahead and save the psychologist. *he sends some of the snakes a head bash*

Folk: Very well. But be alive when we return!

Abintra: Good luck Sean. *leaves with Folk*

Sean: I said eartly poison but this poison seems one of a kind. Damn that Jigsaw! *smashing some more heads*

9/17/2010 #70
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: Take five guys!

Sean: Hey what is this poison made off? It isn't made from any earthly DNA at all.

Alewar: It's a substance from the DNA of Deoxys. AOA suggested it and so there you go.

Sean: It's a good thing I am resistant to universal substances too.

Abintra: Lucky bastard.

Folk: Settle down Abintra you can kill him at the arc.

Mary: So far so good. Also will this story be M rated because I wanna take it on the bed with Pandora.

Alewar: Of course.

Sean: I'm leaving before I get involve in your affairs. *leaves*

Alewar: Hey what happened to Jigsaw?

Jigsaw: I'm still hanging here!

Alewar: *grabs him* Nobody came for you huh?

Jigsaw: I only had Jason to talk to.

Jason: *nods*

Alewar: Okay I have decided for the 3rd chapter everyone!

Everyone: What is it?

Alewar: After the devious encounter with the pirates we will head course to Sean's home. Of course Sean as a unique Martial Artist is from the blood of the Chinese Mafia!

Folk: *sweatdrop* You serious!?

Abintra: He will get killed!

Jigsaw: Don't worry I have arranged the Chinese government to evacuate the citizens.

Alewar: So that concludes it. The fourth chapter will be a cliphanger!.

9/17/2010 #71
seconda etapa

Pandora: * with cat-ears * Wanna practice before the filming, Mary? * licks her cheek *

9/17/2010 . Edited 9/17/2010 #72
Alewar Warinot

Mary: Do I ever. Too bad Sean isn't going in.

Alewar: Don't worry I will FORCE him to do it. *evil intent and a laugh of the devil can be heard from him*

Folk: Not my student! *he was being restrained by Abintra*

Abintra: Sorry man but orders are orders.

Alewar: Of course it will be Pandora and Sean alone. Then we move to a threesome. *major nosebleed*

Sean: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY! *out of nowhere he kick the door open causing Alewar to hit the wall and leave a hole in it*

Abintra: Oh great now the writer in knocked out. It will be in just a few seconds unti-*yup times up, gotta go man*

9/17/2010 #73
seconda etapa

Pandora: Oh, don´t worry cutie. We will be very gentle with you. * cute smile * Right Mary? * turns to her so that Sean can´t see a sadistic smile *

9/17/2010 #74
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: Okay guys I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is I am ready to finish this story today and make it worthwhile. The bad news is Sean called his lawyer and sued me for attempted rape. SO guys this is very bad for my side.

Sean: *pissed* That's what you get for making me do such things.

Alewar: Okay Seconda you start things up. Let's keep rolling people.

9/18/2010 #75
seconda etapa

Seconda: Um, considering Pa-chan is in the base with Emma and Mary, and she already said something with no respnse from Mary, I think we should contine with that for a little.

Pandora: ( to Mary ) Oh, don´t worry. I´m single. * smile *

9/18/2010 #76
Alewar Warinot

Mary: Really now? *licks lips*

Emma: Umm... sorry to break the moment but I just ate so please don't make me barf what I just ate. *pale*

Mary: Sorry, let's talk about this island then. All I remember is that I was at my office when suddenly there was a blackout and someone stuffed my face it medicine and I was knocked out. The next thing I remember is that I was at that house and that someone was watching me. Too creepy isn't it?

Emma: I'm lucky I wasn't even at your position. *sighs in relief*

Alewar: Okay cut good job girls. Alright next scene to the others. Take a coffee brake guys I will be back at 5 mins. Oh and give Sean some make up this is the brutal part. *goes to get some coffee*

9/18/2010 #77
seconda etapa

You got any traps?

ooc: Pandora: And who needs guys if you have a futanary? * smiles at Mary *

9/18/2010 . Edited 9/18/2010 #78
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: Okay guys I got the Megaconda!

Sean: WTF!

Alewar: This will be your opponent Sean. Good luck oh and this doesn't cover your insurance.

Sean: This is payback isn't it?

Alewar: *whistles like he doesn't know anything*

Sean: Damn you!

Alewar: Alright let's start rolling!

*okay we go to the scene of Sean vs. Megaconda*

Sean: *examines his snake meat* I guess this will do just fine. *eats it*

*from out of nowhere a Megaconda launches itself from the bushes and attacks from above while Sean just smacks it with his Mace*

Sean: Hey I'm eating! *pissed*

Megaconda: *hisses and continues to attack Sean*

Sean: Oh yeah! Well for your information i can take care of you with one hand behind my back! Let's get it on! *and the two powerhouses collide*

*now let's go the scene of Folk and Abintra*

Folk: Why would Jigsaw take us here anyway? Doesn't he mostly choose targets who are bad?

Abintra: Well truth be told I have a lot of companions who are jealous of me. I am not sure why but maybe it's because of that.

Folk: Hey Abintra I think that's the cliff!

Abintra: *examines and confirms an injured person at the edge of the cliff* Yup it's the guy.

Folk: Here I already readied the rope for you. Just in case I will be helping you too.

Abintra: Thanks. *he ties it to his waist and starts climbing down*

Alewar: Kids take note this stunt isn't supervise for kids to do. Only stunt performers like our OCs can.

Abintra: *the rope snaps and falls into a demise, he then gracefully uses his nodachi from out of nowhere and lands safely at the bottom*

Alewar: Cut! Okay who played with the rope!?

9/18/2010 #79
seconda etapa

Seconda: No idea. * generates a new rope * 100% indestructable. Uses it.

9/18/2010 #80
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: It's you wasn't it Jigsaw?

Jigsaw: Sorry wanted revenge.

Alewar: Okay guys reenact of the same scene take 2 action!

Abintra: *jumps down and with the support of Folk he made it to the 3rd victim and checks for a pulse* He's still alive! *supports him and cuts the rope using his Nodachi* Okay get us up now!

Folk: Sure! *pulls them up*

Felix: *still unconscious*

Abintra: Thanks Folk.

Folk: Don't mention it.

Alewar: Okay cut! Okay you two take a break, next scene is Sean vs. Megaconda in two minutes everyone!

Sean: Okay.

9/18/2010 #81
Arrancar open account

Shinigami: It wasn't me. Though, I like messing with things that could possibly bring people to their doom. *Evil smile behind his mask*

9/18/2010 . Edited 9/18/2010 #82
seconda etapa

Seconda: Um, Jigsaw, you know that you should have " attacked " the girls, cause they kept you tied up, right?

9/18/2010 #83
Alewar Warinot

Jigsaw: Never said I was going to choose them now would i?

Alewar: Okay no more fooling around guys. *his been make-up into a clown*


Alewar: Okay what's the funny business?

Everyone: *laughs*

Jigsaw: Look at a mirror.

Alewar: *looks at the mirror and shock* Okay who the hell would to do this to me!

Abintra: Me of course. *holding his gut*

Alewar: I promise to make your scene more brutal than Sean at chapter 2.

Jigsaw: Laughs aside let's roll the tape.

*back to the scene of Sean vs. Megaconda*

Sean: Hyaa! *kicks the Megaconda at his tail*

Megaconda: *counters with a flail*

Sean: *goes to the air and prepares to strike* Eagle Strike! *hits the Megaconda at the head*

Megaconda: *got hit but quickly counters with bind*

Sean: *screaming in pain*

Megaconda: *slowly begins to consume his victim*

Sean: *puts his hand on the Megaconda neck and snaps it slicing its head off*

Megaconda: *he let go of Sean and is now dead*

Sean: Ha ha ha... I got to say...*pants* You quite the troublesome opponent. *he lies down as his gut is bleeding badly* To be able to bite my lower section too. *he goes unconscious with a lot of bleeding*

*okay cue the two*

Abintra: Sean!

Folk: He fought a huge snake by himself and is bleeding but look at that snakes head! It's sliced off!

Abintra: *grabs a needle from his hidden bag and uses acupuncture to Sean* This will temporarily stop the bleeding but we need to go quickly! *grabs Sean and goes*

Alewar: Cut! Okay girls you on next. Seconda do the honers.

9/18/2010 #84
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, I was going home and was hit on the back of my head and knocked unconsious. When I woke up I was chanined to a wall like a dog. With a dog-collar! * hears steps outside * Huh? I think the guys are back. * openes the door and sees the bloody Sean * * screams *

9/18/2010 #85
Alewar Warinot

Sean: I'm not dead yet you know. *he regained consciousness some time after the treatment*

Abintra: You looked dead and really injured!

Folk: Enough talking! Doc hurry up and patch his wounds!

Mary: Okay everybody out! *kicks them out*

Abintra: This again.

9/18/2010 #86
seconda etapa

Pandora: Sorry, but if you open the door and see someone so bloody, it is normal to get scared. Good to see you guys coming back safe.

9/18/2010 #87
Arrancar open account

(Shinigami) I would have liked him to die.

Of course you would.

(Shinigami) Yup. That's me.

9/18/2010 #88
Alewar Warinot

*after 2 hours of treatment*

Mary: *wipes her hands* The operation is done.

Sean: *he is sleeping soundly*

Mary: Oh and by the way that kid has very sexy abs. *blushing*

Folk: Come to think of it Sean didn't tell you that he is a martial artist.

Mary: No wonder that body has a lot of scars.

Abintra: That must have came from the snake he battled with.

Mary: No I meant his old scars. He has a lot of them covered at the inside of his clothes.

Emma: The kid must have had it harsh.

Mary: Oh yeah the psychologist is sleeping as well. I kinda almost forgot about him and gave him the right amount of treatment so he will recover soon enough.

Folk: So 2 people down 2 to go. Which should we go next the top of the mountain or the cave? What do you think Pandora? Our powerhouse is done for a while.

Alewar: Cut! Perfect guys perfect!

Sean: *his at a corner with a dark atmosphere at him*

Alewar: Mary what did you do to Sean while you were treating him?

Mary: Some special service. *makes a cute face*

Alewar: Oh my. *sweatdrop* That will scar him for a while. Okay 5 minute break everyone. Take your time I will be back in a bit.

9/18/2010 . Edited 9/18/2010 #89
seconda etapa

* it´s starting to get dark outside *

Pandora: It´s getting dark. Do you guys think the two will survive the night? Cause it wouldn´t be wise to go search for them at night. Way too risky.

9/18/2010 #90
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