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seconda etapa

Seconda: Dude, she fucked at least one person from each group. Do you think I mind if she flirts with someone?

Pandora: Can´t it be with Mary? She´s much cuter!

9/27/2010 #121
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: Sorry Pandora-chi but I am the fucking the director so whatever I say goes. I just ask Seconda because I'm a gentleman.

Mary: Aww~!

Alewar: But don't worry there will be an S&M scene just for you two later on!

Mary: Yay!

Sean: So I'm forced to do this?

Alewar: Even made sure to feed Folk strong sleeping pills. Now action! Pandora you will be on your gown and notice the boy okay!

*camera rolling*

Sean: I'm back... not like anyone would greet me anyway. *puts the bear down as he gets ready to cook it*

9/27/2010 #122
seconda etapa

Pandora: Welcome back! * notices the bear * You were hunting?

9/27/2010 #123
Alewar Warinot

Sean: *looks at her and was blushing a bit* Yeah, i woke up and was hungry. You better look away if yo don't stomach blood of animals because i won't be gentle to this one. *he cracks his hands* Oh and also i just demolished his joints, he will yelp in pain but it will die sooner or later.

9/27/2010 #124
seconda etapa

Pandora: Um, wouldn´t it be better to kill it first, Seany? * close to him *

9/27/2010 #125
Alewar Warinot

Sean:? Seany? They usually call me Shanen but that will do. Oh and your question Earlier, I just like my meat raw to the core that's all. *he forgot he was bleeding and his been gasping for a while now*

9/27/2010 #126
seconda etapa

Pandora: * notices the wound * How can you go hunting with such a wound! Come on, let´s go to bed. * leads Sean to his bed and sits next to him *

9/27/2010 #127
Alewar Warinot

Sean: *sees the wound and didn't notice he was bleeding* Great I'm the powerhouse of the group and I was the one who has the most severe of injuries. *he pants a bit more* I feel so useless!

9/27/2010 #128
seconda etapa

Pandora: * puts Sean in on his bed * Calm down. You are not useless. You managed to defeat a bear with such a wound! If there is someone who is useless, then it´s me. I mean seriously, the only thing I did was getting poisoned.

9/27/2010 #129
Alewar Warinot

Sean: *flicks her forehead* Heh speaking of which you specialized in guns right? Well I found this Caliber gun when I rescued that Doc from earlier. Our next will be the blacksmith, this gun is a bit old but if any of you were to die I would gradually regret it. There's ammo at the briefcase that I accidentally opened earlier. Good thing they didn't go bang or I would have gotten myself holes at my body. *laughs weakly*

Mary: *behind the door listening to them*

Sean: Well looks like food will have to wait for a while. Listen Pandora, protect our comrades. They are our only key to winning this game of "his". I know because Jigsaw lied on making coconut oil alternative fuel. After you get the Blacksmith get the mechanic. Tell that person to build an alternative way for an engine. Once I regain my strength I will make our path to safety. *his bleeding is getting a bit worse now*

Mary: My oh my what a lovely sight, worrying about others than yourself. I never expected this from a Child of the Mafia Boss. *she enters as she readies a syringe*

Sean: I knew that you would have known me, Mary of the highest Spanish Noble family. i would expect no less from a protégé like yourself. Are you here to dealt the finishing blow?

Mary: Don't be ridiculous. *strikes the needle at the gut of Sean making him wince* If I dealt the finishing blow to you right now and not make it out alive then it is meaningless. *she smiles* But for a guy your age you have the most interesting wounds. To have some many scars beneath that cloth.

Sean: *he was slowly going to lose consciousness* Heh a compliment from the enemy, how ironic. But this wounds that I accepted before my fresh ones are the ones I am not proud of. Pandora and Mary.... Good luck... I.... shall... rest...*he loses consciousness*

Mary: Geez to give me this much trouble. *makes a new patch for his opened wounds* i would think no less from the enemy.

9/27/2010 #130
seconda etapa

Pandora: Don´t worry. We will make it out of here, together. * turns to Mary * You called him the son of the mafia boss? Care to explain?

9/27/2010 #131
Alewar Warinot

*it was already morning and everyone woke up*

Abintra: Hey guys what are you doing?

Emma: Hey we got ourselves a dead bear and it's still fresh!

Folk: Good I'm a bit in need of good bear meat for a while.

Mary: hey guys the meat belongs to Sean so leave some for him okay.

Folk: Sean? Did he sneak out at night and sought out food?

Abintra: Thought as much since his a bit reckless.

Mary: *turns to Pandora gripping her shoulder a bit* All in due time my friend, all in due time. *she goes and helps Emma out with the meat*

Abintra: ??? Is it me or is the blood Sean left too much? And look at this Bear! It's joints are broken!

Folk: Who cares it will die here anyway.

Emma: Alright time for cooking!

9/27/2010 #132
seconda etapa

Pandora: * goes to help Emma and Mary *

9/27/2010 #133
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: Alright cut! That's all for today everyone-*gets hit with 500 punches from Sean*

Sean: Heh you got lucky on thinking twice messing with me.

Alewar: Hey I though if I am going to do some romance I will do it when your wounds are done healing.

Folk: ??? what's the director talking about?

Abintra: Trust me you don't want to know.

Alewar: Okay guys see you tommorow because I have to sleep early to talk with the councilor of my school. I am going to complain on the bad treatment they caused us with giving off metal dusk at our room!

9/27/2010 #134
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well Folk, let´s just say that things will heat up! * lustful look at Mary and Sean *

9/27/2010 . Edited 9/27/2010 #135
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: Okay move your lazy asses except for Sean who is at the Iron maiden!

Sean: Get me the hell out of here! *still stuck*

Folk: Why is it that he looks more pissed off at my student than before?

Alewar: Shut the F*ck up Folk! Now scene were breakfast is done! Pandora you take the stage. *and Action!*

9/29/2010 #136
seconda etapa

Pandora: Seriously, Sean must be really powerful, if he can take out a bear with such a wound.

9/29/2010 #137
Alewar Warinot

Mary: Base on the scars he received before his new wounds he must have gone animal training at the mountains of China. Also there are many resources there so I won't be surprise if he actually fought 3 bears with or without a wound.

Abintra: That boy is easily compared to a monster now.

Folk: I don't even believe he actually dismembered the joints of the bear without problem, much less not caring for his wounds. What a crazy world we live in.

Emma: Indeed.

Felix: *just finished eating* Well I haven't introduce myself yet but my name is Felix and I live from Italy. I was somehow food poisoned that it got me unconscious.

Mary: Luckily we have medicine for food poisons. Well Pandora which person should you go after next?

Felix: So Folk your telling me that the one who sent me here is Jigsaw?

Folk: What surprises me is that your not shock!?

Felix: I'm a psychologist. Nothing surprises me. Well anyway I will help you guys out as well. I might uncover some secrets of Jigsaw at his own game.

9/29/2010 #138
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, since they are both on the same mountain, I´d say we go to the one on the foot first. And since Seany knocked out the bear, we don´t have to worry about getting into the wrong cave.

9/29/2010 #139
Alewar Warinot

Mary: *smirks* Seany... *laughs*

Felix: Well okay. *grabs Sean's mace* I'm not quite the brutal type but I guess it will do.

Folk: Why do I get the feeling that you have an evil purpose?

Felix: Hey I play R*gnarok all the time. So I know the moves.

Abintra: *holding his Machete* Also while in a rampage he must have disassembled the remaining traps at the foot of the mountain. What is that boy really?

Felix: Let's go. We're burning day light. *goes to the forest dragging Folk*

9/29/2010 #140
seconda etapa

Pandora: * readies the gun and follows them *

ooc: You really censored Ragnarok? Wow.

9/29/2010 #141
Alewar Warinot

ooc: Copyright issues get you sued.

Felix: Well look at all the carnage he caused. *an open straight path of mindless destruction. That's the perfect thing he is thinking right now*

Abintra: *pale* it's like a storm passed by last night.

Folk: Well this will be easy for us then. *continues walking*

9/29/2010 #142
seconda etapa

Pandora: We better don´t make him angry. * shivers *

9/29/2010 #143
Alewar Warinot

Abintra: I doubt we can make him angry. If he was then he would have done so since the first day. He must be well disciplined.

Felix: Or he is well trained. By the looks of things he must have been drunk from hunger. *passed a bent 100 year old tree*

Folk: Well we are here. *we have reached the cave*

Felix: Hey there's a tape hanging in front of it?

9/29/2010 #144
seconda etapa

Pandora: Um, one of you guys get it. * has bad expirience with tapes here *

9/29/2010 #145
Alewar Warinot

Abintra: *leaps and cuts down the tape* The work of genius. Good thing Sean's abs are made of steel.

Felix: What a bad pun. *rolls eyes while playing the tape*

Jigsaw: Welcome my guest. It seems that one of you is already dead I presume, but if not then he or she won't be leaving for long. I have sent out one of the most scariest franchise monsters to kill that person on his sleep. But enough of that. In this cave you will find yourselves trap in because the place is electrically wired. Get in and you will be shocked. The girls is safe inside. I gave her a douse of medicine. Now if you want to survive this task you have to play my game. Here's a hint, sometimes it is better to dig up a plan than to make out a plan. That is all. Better hurry or the person will die in his sleep. *a voice laughs*

Felix: I guess he is referring to Sean but what does he mean by dying in his sleep?

9/29/2010 #146
seconda etapa

Pandora: Um, I once heard a myth, that if you die in a dream, you die in real life too. And jigsaw said something about digging. Any ideas?

9/29/2010 #147
Alewar Warinot

Felix: The only monster I know is Freddy because he kills people in dreams. Also that is not a myth Pandora it actually does happen. But as long as the victim hasn't have any disease then he will be fine.

Abintra: Maybe we should start digging? Might find the cables. *everyone starts digging*

9/29/2010 #148
seconda etapa

Pandora: * diggs * Found something!! * some cables *

9/29/2010 #149
Alewar Warinot

Felix: Okay. *puts the Mace at the Ground* May I borrow your Machete and rope?

Abintra: Okay. *gives him both*

Felix: *made the mace into a spear* Okay. *strikes the other end of the pole at the ground* Better get some cover guys.

9/29/2010 #150
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