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seconda etapa

Pandora: It´s all up to you. If you don´t sleep while you´re here, nothing will happen.

10/13/2010 #2,911
Arrancar open account

AOA: Now, I read earlier you were talking about instruments. And, you were wondering if me or Inu had one...Well, I do. I play a little bit of the keyboard, but I'm not that good. I need a solid amout of time...And a stand.

Ryuzaki: If you wanted to punish me you could take away my sweets I guess. But losing hair? That's a little harsh, don't ya think?

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,912

Akuma: Hahah awesomeness....

Yoruichi: Fine.

10/13/2010 #2,913
seconda etapa

Seconda: Interesting. Guess we only have to find out if our dead man plays an instrument. And Ryuzaki, all is fair in love, war and punishment. * chuckles *

Pandora: Now now, don´t be so sad Yoru-chan. And besides, this collar suits you!

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,914

Yoruichi: ...

Akuma: *sweatdrop*

Hihime: *sitting in corner with dark aura/chakra/reiatsu pouring out* When he gets back i'm gunna pound his face in so hard he's gunna be staring behind him for the rest of his life....

10/13/2010 #2,915
Arrancar open account

Ryuzaki: I'll say. *Staring at the collar*

10/13/2010 #2,916
seconda etapa

Pandora: No perverted thoughts, Ryuzaki.

Seconda: I think Inu will get beaten into coma by a girl, again. And that´s the best scenario.

10/13/2010 #2,917
Arrancar open account

Ryuzaki: I wasn't thinking about anything like that. *Sips his overly sugared coffee*

10/13/2010 #2,918

Yoruichi: * Rearranges Ryuzaki's face*

Hihime: Oh a coma's gunna be the best thing that happened to him... he's gunna wish he's in a coma....

Akuma: *sweatdrop*

10/13/2010 #2,919
seconda etapa

Pandora: Your subconsious did.

Seconda: And the bad thing is that he can´t be turned into a vampire to wake up, again.

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,920
Arrancar open account

Ryuzaki: (To Yrouichi) Hey, what'd I do?

10/13/2010 #2,921

Yoruichi: Don't look at it...

Hihime: ....................................

10/13/2010 #2,922
Arrancar open account

Ryuzaki: Since when is that a reason to attack the world's greatest detective?

BB: I had way better reasons.

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,923
seconda etapa

Pandora: But it´s so cute, Yoru-chan!!

Seconda: And you´re not really that great, Ryuzaki.

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,924
Arrancar open account

Ryuzaki: ...I was...

10/13/2010 #2,925

Yoruichi: Hate it...

10/13/2010 #2,926
seconda etapa

Pandora: Oh, don´t be like that, Yoru-chan! Hey A-kun, doesn´t it suit her?

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,927
Arrancar open account

Ryuzaki: Yeah, Yoruichi. Don't be like that. *Sips his coffee*

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,928
seconda etapa

Pandora(O): * appears naked * Gomen Suiton-sensei. Orders. * grabs him and teleports away *

10/13/2010 #2,929
Arrancar open account

AOA: *Eyes tiwtches* What...The...Hell?

10/13/2010 #2,930
seconda etapa

Pandora: O-kay, that was wierd. Why did the original just abduct Suiton?

10/13/2010 #2,931

Akuma: It's cute!

Yoruichi: Don't say that....

10/13/2010 #2,932
seconda etapa

Pandora: there you have it! And it goes great with your cat-ears! * plays a little with them *

10/13/2010 #2,933
Arrancar open account

AOA: I don't know...

Shinigami: *Sigh* Jinsei...

Ryuzaki: I agree with Akuma.

10/13/2010 #2,934
seconda etapa

Seconda: You having a bad feeling about this, Shinigami?

10/13/2010 #2,935

Akuma: .......

Yoruichi: *blushes*

10/13/2010 #2,936
Arrancar open account

Shinigami: With Jinsei involved, it's more like a gut feeling.

10/13/2010 #2,937
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hehe, you´re cute when you blush.

Seconda: And with Pa-chan involved it becomes a rape-feeling.

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,938
Arrancar open account

AOA: ...

Ryuzaki: Also agreed, Pandora.

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #2,939
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hehe.

10/13/2010 #2,940
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