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Rei Sagara

Rei: Hey, welcome to the karaoke bar! Here we'll karaoke various songs from anime and regular songs from the radio, ect. There is only one rule, no gay songs, please! And by "gay" I mean crappy Disney Channel songs, Jonas Brothers songs, Miley Cyrus songs, Paramore, ect. They all suck and I want to try and avoid them on Fanfiction. Other than that, enjoy karaoke-ing! And yes, this is a bar so you can get drunk. (Q+A drunk only!) We also have pop for minors, like myself. *sips Mt. Dew can*

ooc: Enjoy, I'll be back later because I'm very tired. ^^"

10/15/2010 . Edited 2/3/2011 #1
seconda etapa

Seconda: Hehe, looks like you´re a little late for the opening. Everyone´s already gone for the night! Maybe tomorrow you´ll have more luck! But is a nice bar. * drinking some Vodka * And you should add a second rule. No bar-fights.

10/15/2010 . Edited 10/15/2010 #2
Rei Sagara

Rei: Okay, thanks for the suggestion, Seconda-san. Second rule, "No bar fights!". And since I can, I'm going to karaoke with Sayo-chan! We'll sing 1000% Sparkling, the English version! *music starts playing* There's a longing deep inside of my heart, so filled with passion yet it keeps us apart. That's the irony of how I've learned to love~.

Sayo: Opportunities they come and they go, uncertainties can make it hard to know~. We can take a chance and choose to rise above~!

Both: You give me strength, you shine in my affections, you light the darkness that's in my life~ Though there are times that I feel like giving up, I know there's reason for living today~! Are lives are sparkling now, we're growing up, our hearts are getting strong.

Sayo: If we wanted to, we have the power to change the world~!

Both: Sparkling now, search within, you're soul to find the answer~ Push yourself to the edge~ Give 1000%~!

Sayo: Endlessly searching, I am still alone in this darkness.

Rei: I tried to hold on, but I lost you. (You slipped through my fingers...)

Both: Please, I need you. I need you to light my way.

Sayo: Maybe their right, maybe I'll never know where I'm going.

Rei: A warmth trails down my cheeks and I am comforted.

Both: But my sorrow turns them cold.

Rei: What if I forget you? What if I lose the memory? Will I ever be able to escape this hollowness that binds me?

Both: Is this my fate? Is this love forbidden by destiny?

Sayo: No, our lives can be our own design, together we can light the fire, and when the darkness fades away the only thing toward my sight, will be you.

Both: So take this burning heart, light the fire, let the passion burn~

Rei: If we light the path, to help create a better world~

Both: Burning hearts, light the way, help us find the answer~! Push yourself to the edge~! Give 1000%! *music ends*

Rei: Heehee, first one on the karaoke machine! *peace sign*

10/16/2010 . Edited by seconda etapa, 10/16/2010 #3
seconda etapa

Seconda/Pandora: * applaude *

Pandora: You two did great!!

Seconda: Yep.

10/16/2010 #4
Rei Sagara
Rei: Thanks, do any of you want to try?
10/16/2010 #5
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, I think I´ll give it a try. Song is: A cruel angel´s thesis ( Neon Genesis Evangelion opening. full japanese version ) * music starts *

Pandora: Zankoku na tenshi no you ni Shonen yo, shinwa ni nare...

Aoi kaze ga ima mune no doa wo tataitemo, Watashi dake wo tada mitsumete Hohoenderu Anata Sotto Fureru mono Motomeru koto ni muchuu de, Unmei sae mada shiranai itaikena hitom

Dakedo itsuka kizuku deshou Sono senaka ni wa Haruka mirai mezasu tame no Hane ga aru koto...

Zankoku na tenshi no te-ze Madobe kara yagate tobitatsu Hotobashiru atsui patosu de Omoide wo uragiru nara O-zora wo daite kagayaku Shonen yo, shinwa ni nare

Zutto nemutteru watashi no ai no yurikago Anata dake ga yume no shisha ni Yobareru asa ga kuru Hosoi kubisuji wo tsukiakari ga utsushiteru Sekai-ju- no toki wo tomete Tojikometai kedo...

Moshi mo futari aeta koto ni imi ga aru nara, Watashi wa, sou, jiyu- wo shiru Tame no Baiburu

Zankoku na tenshi no te-ze Kanashimi ga soshite hajimaru Dakishimeta inochi no katachi Sono yume ni mezameta toki Dare yori mo hikari wo hanatsu Shonen yo, shinwa ni nare

Hito wa ai wo tsumugi nagara rekishi wo tsukuru Megami nante narenai mama Watashi wa ikiru...

Zankoku na tenshi no te-ze Madobe kara yagate tobitatsu Hotobashiru atsui patosu de Omoide wo uragiru nara O-zora wo daite kagayaku Shonen yo, shinwa ni nare * music ends *

Seconda: Good singing, Pa-chan.

Pandora: Thanks!!

10/16/2010 . Edited 10/16/2010 #6
Rei Sagara

Rei: *claps* Great job, Pandora-chan!

occ: Sorry for the late reply! I was watching Chrono Crusade. ^^"

10/16/2010 . Edited 10/16/2010 #7
seconda etapa

Pandora: THANKS!! ^^

ooc: No problem!

10/16/2010 . Edited 10/16/2010 #8

V: *suddenly in the Karaoke place* i'm not really into Evangleon

Kaz: Vast, stop being rude

DP: oooh i wanna sing next!

10/16/2010 #9
seconda etapa

Pandora: Then give it a try!

10/16/2010 #10

Kaz: Hey!

V: uhm Rei...i think you should consider Banning Paramore songs...Kaz is a Fan of them

DP: let me Sing!

V: it's not your turn yet Deadpool!

10/16/2010 . Edited 10/16/2010 #11
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hey V and Kaz, why don´t you sing a duet?

10/16/2010 #12

Kaz: What should we sing?

V: about our current Fav song

Kaz: Alright then

"Love the way you lie" plays

(Kaz sings Rihana's part & V sings Eminem's part)

10/16/2010 #13
seconda etapa

Seconda/Pandora: * applaude *

Pandora: You were awesome!!

10/16/2010 #14
Rei Sagara

Rei: Nice. ^^ Oh, and I hate Paramore with every fiber of my being so I don't find banning that rule happening anytime soon.

Rena: Wow, it's surprising you actually hate something that much.

Rei: Well, it's just Hayley Williams. I'm perfectly fine with the other band members though.

10/16/2010 . Edited by seconda etapa, 1/5/2011 #15
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hehe. And don´t forget the worst case of songs. Justin Bieder! * shivers at the thought * Seriously, his " songs " are used for torture.

10/16/2010 #16
Rei Sagara
Rei: I agree. I can't listen to anything pop-related without hearing one of his songs. -_-" I saw one of his "music videos" with my older sister and it had about 300,000,000 views in a few months. Seriously, what the f*** is wrong with the "popular" music of today? *Note: I'm a metal and rock fan so... yeah...*
10/16/2010 #17
seconda etapa

Pandora: Guess stupidity makes popular...

Seconda: Quess I´ll try a song. Linkin Park, tha catalyst.

10/16/2010 . Edited 10/16/2010 #18

V: YEAH! Linkin Park!

Kaz: Vast is a BIG fan of Linkin Park

DP: when do I get to sing?

10/17/2010 #19
seconda etapa

Pandora: Obviously whenever you want.

10/17/2010 #20
Rei Sagara

Rei: *pushes Rena on the stage*

Rena: B-baka! What the hell are you doing?!

Rei: What's it look like? I'm forcing you to sing.

Rena: B-but I-!

Rei: Music's starting. *music plays*

Rena: Gah! Well at least tell me what I'm supposed to be singing!

Rei: It's "Sore Ga, Ai Deshou", the opening to Full Metal Panic Fumoffu.

Rena: *sweatdrops and mumbles* You haven't even watched that series yet...

Rei: *anime vein* I heard that! I'm working on it so leave me alone, Rena-teme!

Rena: *sighs* Hai, hai... *starts singing* Tatoeba ne namida ga koboreru hi ni ka Sono senako wo hitorijime shitai kedo Yasashisa ha tokidoki zankoku dakara

Motomeru hodo kotao wo miushinau Amegari no machi niji ga mieru nara Ima arukidasou nani ka ga hajimaru

Kimi ga iru kara asu ga aru kara Hitorikiri ja ikite yukenai kara Konno ni chikaku ni kanjiru sore ga ai deshou Namida no kazu no itami wo kimi ha shittiru kara Sukitooru sono me no naka ni tashika na imi wo sagashite Egao mitsuketai *ends* Happy?

Rei: Um, that was good but you skipped the rest of the song.

Rena: *blushes* I... um... forgot the rest of the lyrics...

Rei: *rolling on the floor laughing*

Rena: *anime vein* Jackass!

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2010 #21
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hehe, don´t worry Rena-chan! Can happen to everyone. You did great though!!

10/17/2010 #22
Rei Sagara

Koyuki: *holding Rena back from attacking Rei(who is still laughing)* C-calm down, Rena-san!

Rena: *resisting and trying to kill Rei* Let me go! I'll kill that brat!

Rei: *laughs evilly* You can't kill me, I'm immortal!

Rena: *mumbles*What a load of crap...

Rei: Teme! *gets ready to attack Rena*

Tsubasa: *restrains Rei* No fighting, remember?

Rei: *sighs* Okay...

Tsubasa: Now go sit in the corner! *points to a corner with a chair and a sign on top of it that says "Punishment Corner"*

Rei: *sweatdrops* You've gotta be kidding me... I'm not a child!

Tsubasa: Then let's do the "Child Test".

Rei: Eh?

Tsubasa: Sayo-chan, get it, please.

Sayo: Okay, Tsubasa-kun! *leaves to get whatever he's talking about*

Rei: *panics* Uh, what is she getting?

Tsubasa: Nothing bad, I promise.

Rei: *sighs in relief*

Sayo: *back with a small box* Got it! *gives to Tsubasa*

Tsubasa: Thanks. Okay Rei-san,*opens box* see if you can resist this for over a minute.

Rei: C-candy?!

Tsubasa: It chocolate, too.

Rei: *inside thoughs* Damn, my greatest weakness... *grabs candy and eats a piece* Okay, okay, I'll sit in the corner. *goes to the corner with box of chocolate*

Rena: *sarcasm* That's wonderful, she nearly breaks the rules and all she gets is time-out and candy?

Tsubasa: *smiles nervously and sweatdrops* Well, she's still just a child.

Rena: *anime vein* She's 14. Oh, and thanks Pandora-san.

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2010 #23
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hehe, nothing wrong with acting like a child!

Seconda: Um, Rei, maybe you should leave a line between each person talking. Makes it easier to read. Thx! Much better now.

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2010 #24
Rei Sagara

Rei: Yeah, well I'm usually on the phone and it won't let me do that whenever I'm on it. I'm using the computer right now so it's okay.

Tsubasa: No talking during time-out! That adds another 10 minutes!

Rei: Gah! Damn it!

Tsubasa: Cussing, another 10 minutes.

Rei: Ah, b-but I-!

Tsubasa: It's already up to 30 minutes more.

Rei: I'll be quiet now...

Tsubasa: Good. *smiles*

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2010 #25
seconda etapa

Pandora: * giggles * We also have a tickler in the back. ( a machine that tickles like crazy, made by Hihime ) It´s perfect for tickle-torture. Wanna try it out? Guess will be better than time-out.

10/17/2010 #26
Rei Sagara

Rei: *Eyes widen in horror and shakes head vigorously*

Rena: *smiles evily* Sounds perfect.

Rei: *gives Rena a "You better not you teme or I'll kick your a**!" look*

Rena: See? She looks like she even agrees to it.

Rei: *gives a "DAMN YOU, RENA MOTHER****** CIFER!!!" look*

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2010 #27
seconda etapa

Pandora: * bring in the tickler * Here´s the remote. * gives it to Rena * Have fun you two!!

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2010 #28
Rei Sagara

Rena: *evil aura and smiles at Rei* Payback's a bitch, isn't it? *gets ready to press the remote*


Rena: *evil glint in eye* Anything?

Rei: Y-yes! Just don't press it!

Rena: Okay then... *thinks for a moment* You shall be my personal servant for one week!

Rei: EH?! B-but-!

Rena: Two weeks.

Rei: Ah! Uh, fine, fine! I'll do it!

Rena: Then let's go, my servant. We need to get you a maid outfit. *grabs Rei and walks off*

Rei: Eh?! A maid outfit?! This isn't going to end well... *has anime tears while being pulled away*

10/17/2010 #29
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hehe, don´t worry Rei-chan!! I´m sure it´ll look great on ya!

10/17/2010 #30
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