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Urahara: Oh wow!!! Who knew there was SUCH a huge room under this ordinary-looking SHOP!!!??? *Echoes echoes echoes*

Ignisha: Oh shut up Urahara-san... I just want a room where people can fight freely... *Marks the ground with a huge Magical Seal, then applies Fuinjutsu, then etches a D.U. Sealing Spell, protecting the whole area* There, done...

Urahara: Interesting seals... care to share?

Ignisha: No...

Urahara: Sharing is caring, it could be fun~...!

Ingisha; Don't you start with me, Urahara-san...

Urahara: Hai, hai *Fans himself*

Ignisha: Anyway, whoever wants to fight people, come in here and duke it out... Authors, Already-Made Characters, and OC's are aloud. Anything is able to use since I used every single Seals I know from every Author's personal worlds and applied it here. Have fun *Leaves in a flash*

Urahara: Yare, yare... He is always such a pointer...

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/1/2010 #1
seconda etapa

Seconda: He got that right. Sharing IS caring.

11/1/2010 #2

Ignisha: Oh not you too, Seconda!

11/1/2010 #3
seconda etapa

Seconda: Yep, me too!

11/1/2010 #4

Ignisha: Groans

11/1/2010 #5
seconda etapa

Pandora: Come on, who wants a fight?

11/1/2010 #6

Ignisha: *Points at Hikaru*

Hikaru: No, no way!

Alex: I like to take that as a challenge *Grinning sadistically, licking his lips*

Ignisha: Eh, he works too.

11/1/2010 #7
seconda etapa

Pandora: it´s simple. I have to knock you out or make you give up, you have to kill me.

11/1/2010 #8

Alex: GOing with the simple rules, eh? Very well. En garde! *Rushes to Pandora* Nox Noctis Fio Unus Per Meus Animus! Ruina Manuum!! *Arms turn pitch black and sharp with claws* *Alex swipes*

11/1/2010 #9
seconda etapa

Pandora: * grins, ducks under it and kicks Alex in the face *

11/1/2010 #10

Alex; *Narrowly dodges it* Heh... Duos Dos Dor Dos!Veniant Spiritus Glaciales Obscurantes! Cum Obscuratione Flet Tempestas Nivalis! Nivis Tempestas Obscurans! *Snow and Darkness erupts from hands*

11/1/2010 #11
seconda etapa

Pandora: * dodges * Sagitta magicca! Series elementalis! * houndreds of elemental arrows are fired towards Alex *

11/1/2010 #12

Alex: Tch... Contego Obscurum! *Shield of Darkness arrives and deflects arrows* Ruina Telum!! *Arms turns pitch black and transforms into a sword-like blade* Raah! *Charges at hyper speed*

11/1/2010 #13
seconda etapa

Pandora: * draws Excalibur and blocks * Light against darkness, lets see what will win. * kicks Alex away and activeates her armor and shield *

11/1/2010 #14

Alex: Keh... very well... *Closes eyes* Stagnet. Complexio. Supplementum pro Armationem... Actus Noctis Erebeae... *Darkness covers him as a white tattoo surrounds both his arms* Magia Erebea... Expletus Versio... *Eyes turn black and yellow, slitted. hair becomes pure white and longer.* Darkness against Light indeed... *Roars and attacks* Ruina Manuum!!! *Arms and legs covers with Darkness*

11/1/2010 #15
seconda etapa

Pandora: * spreads angel-wings and dodges while slicing at Alex *

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/1/2010 #16

Alex: *Grabs the sword and pulls* Got ya... *Waves a hand over Pandora's face* Fulguratio Atrum... *Black lightning strikes*

11/1/2010 #17
seconda etapa

Pandora: * ducks under it and cuts Alexs hand that was holding Excalibur *

11/1/2010 #18

Alex: Keh... *Licks the wounds before regenerating the arm* Quite the feisty one, aren't you? I like that *Grins* Ensis Exsequens... Obscurans Versio *Black energy sword sprouts form hand* Let us fight! Sword with sword! En garde!! *Strikes*

11/1/2010 #19
seconda etapa

Pandora: * blocks withher shield and slashes at Alexs chest * Looks like fun.

11/1/2010 #20

Alex: *Jumps back before being hit* Heh... *Strikes again*

11/1/2010 #21
seconda etapa

Pandora: * blocks and impales Alex *

11/1/2010 #22

Alex: *Gasps and coughs up blood* Gah...!

11/1/2010 #23
seconda etapa

Pandora: * pulls out her sword and kicks Alex away * Is that all?

11/1/2010 #24

Alex: *Impales Pandora from behind* Now who said that was me...?

Fake Alex: *Bursts into hundreds of bats, smirking*

Alex: Tempestas Obscurans... *Slams hand on Pandora's back, surrounding her by darkness and compressing her with gravity before exploding*

11/1/2010 #25
seconda etapa

Pandora: * relatively unharmed * Good thing that armor protected me. * holy light falls on Alex and Pandora slashes at him *

11/1/2010 #26

Fake Alex: *Bursts into bats*

Alex: *Appears behind Pandora* Take this! Τὸ συμβόλαιον διακονῆτω μοί, ἡ κρυστάλλινη βασίλεια! Ἐπιγενηθήτω, ταἰώνιον ἔρεβος, αἱώνιε κρύσταλλε! Πάσαις ζωαῖς τὸν ἴσον θάνατον, ὃς ἀταραξία! Κοσμικὴ Καταστροφή! *Freezes Pandora in a huge ice below -270 degrees Calcius*

11/1/2010 #27
seconda etapa

Pandora: * ice-statue *

11/1/2010 #28

Alex: ... Oh wow... ice statue for a high ice-level spell...

11/1/2010 #29
seconda etapa

Seconda: Um, you can unfreeze her now.

11/1/2010 #30
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