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Arrancar open account

Aremi K.: Now...I just need some more members of the cast and we can start the movie!

12/19/2010 #1
Arrancar open account

Aremi K.: Now that we've got our cast, time to figure out the roles...

12/22/2010 #2
seconda etapa

Pandora: Sure.

12/22/2010 #3
Arrancar open account

Aremi K.: Okay...I think I got it.


Soto - Hero/Excutive Producer

Pandora - Hero

Kabuto - Scientist

Szayel - Scientist

Mayuri - Scientist

Lily - Survivor/Excutive Producer

Okkuu - Survivor

Awaiouja - Survivor

Shiroyami - Survivor

Necros: Plane Pilot/Survivor

(Dinosaurs provided by Kabuto)


Shiroyami: Um...Plane?

Awaiouja: A later scene is everyone on a plane headed to the island. Long story short, it crashes.

Shiroyami: Good to know.

12/22/2010 #4
seconda etapa

Pandora: Fine by me.

12/22/2010 #5
Arrancar open account

Aremi K.: Okay, first scene! The scientist working in their lab, trying to recreate dinosaurs, finally scucced. They believe that these new clones are better than the originals and decide to re-open Jurrasic Park.

Kabuto: Very well.

Mayuri: *Doesn't have all that weird stuff* Let's get started.

Szayel: Indeed.

(Begin Scene)

Kabuto: Hmm...Just a few more adjustments...

Szayel: Are you sure about this?

Kabuto: Of course I am. The genetic structure for the dinosaurs used in Jurrasic Park was polluted. By doing this, we can clean it up and re-open Jurrasic Park!

Mayuri: Hmm...Are your sure there isn't better uses for this DNA? We could make super soliders for war, we'd be unstoppable!

Kabuto: No. I don't want our hard work being used for war...How about we continue this tommarow?

Szayel: Agreed.

Mayuri: I'll stay back and clean up.

Kabuto: Sure. *Leaves with Szayel*

Mayuri: *Walks over to the place Kabuto was working and tampers with a few things then leaves*

(Scene end)

Aremi: Good job guys!

All three: Thanks.

12/22/2010 #6
seconda etapa

Pandora: * watching the scene * Interesting idea.

12/22/2010 #7
Arrancar open account

Aremi: Now! For the next scene we are going to be at an airport! The airport is holding an event for the grand re-opening of Jurrasic Park and our survivors and Pandora board the plane along with the scientists who worked on the park. And action!

(Scene Begin)

Announcer: We are proud to say that "Jurrasic Park" is having it's grand re-opening today! This would not be possible if it weren't for the renouned scientists, Kabuto Yakushi, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and Szayel Aporro Grantz! *Hands Kabuto the mic*

Kabuto: Thank you. Anyway, I could not have done this without all the support of my assista-...No, my partners!

Szayel: *Smiles*

Mayuri: *Rolls his eyes*

Shiroyami: Wow. I can't believe Jurrasic Park is finally reopening!

Awaiouja: Meh...

Okkuu: Come on big bro! Cheer up!

Awaiouja: *Sighs*

Lily: *Next to Pandora* Isn't this exciting, Pandora?

ooc: They're supposed to already be friends while everyone else meets up on the plane.

12/22/2010 #8
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yup! Can´t wait to visit it!!

12/22/2010 #9
Arrancar open account

Announcer: Okay! Everyone who's boarding the plane should hurry up, it's leaving in 15 minutes!

Lily: Oh! We'd better hurry!

12/22/2010 #10
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yup! Last one there is a rotten egg!! * all run to board the plane *

12/22/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #11
Arrancar open account

Lily: Ah! *Runs with Pandora*

Kabuto/Szayel/Mayuri: *Board the plane after everyone else and sit down in the first seats*

(Scene end)

Aremi: Perfect! The next scene is just you guys on the plane until it crashes.

12/22/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #12
seconda etapa

Pandora: Guess it´s time to crash the action!

12/22/2010 #13
Arrancar open account

Aremi: Okay.

(Scene Begin)

Lily: Aww man...I lost...

12/22/2010 #14
seconda etapa

Pandora: Don´t worry! There´s always next time!

12/22/2010 #15
Arrancar open account

Kabuto: *Gets out of his seat and walks around talking to people until he stops at Pandora and Lily's chair* And what brings you lovely ladies to my park?

Lily: *Giggles*

12/22/2010 #16
seconda etapa

Pandora: * slight blush * Well, we to see some dinos!

12/22/2010 #17
Arrancar open account

Kabuto: *Smiles* Of course. Well, have fun! *Walks away*

12/22/2010 #18
seconda etapa

Pandora: * still a little red * Um, thanks!

12/22/2010 #19
Arrancar open account

Lily: What? You look someone just walked up to and said, "Someone call heaven, an angel has come down to earth!".

12/22/2010 #20
seconda etapa

Pandora: * not red anymore * Nah, must be your immagination. And where did you hear that line?

12/22/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #21
Arrancar open account

LIly: Some sappy romantic comedy.

12/22/2010 #22
seconda etapa

Pandora: Makes sense. That line is a real old-timer.

12/22/2010 #23
Arrancar open account

Lily: Yeah. It's, excuse the pun, a fossil!

12/22/2010 #24
seconda etapa

Pandora: Guess that´s why it kinda fitted now. * laughs *

ooc: Guess it´s about time for the crash.

12/22/2010 #25
Arrancar open account

*Over the speaker*

Speaker: This is your pilot Necros. We are having some technical difficulties. Please fasten your seat belts and put on the oxygen masks.

*The oxygen masks come down*

Lily: I wonder what's going on...*Puts the mask on*

12/22/2010 #26
seconda etapa

Pandora: * puts mask on * Propably some minor problem, I hope...

12/22/2010 #27
Arrancar open account

Lily: Me too.

Shiroyami: *Sitting across form them with the mask on* I think it is. We're gonna land safely on the island and have a good time in the park. Oh, sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Shiroyami Ren.

Lily: Nice to meet you Shiroyami! I'm Lily! And you're probably right, stuff like this happens all the time.

12/22/2010 #28
seconda etapa

pandora: Nice to meet ya! I´m Pandora.

12/22/2010 #29
Arrancar open account

Shiroyami: Nice to meet you both. This is my brother, Awaiouja, and my sister, Okkuu.

Awaiouja: Hello...

Okkuu: Hi! And big bother is right! Everything is perfectly sa-

Speaker: Brace yourselves! We are going down! I repeat, we are going down!

Okkuu: ...Okay maybe he was wrong.

Shiroyami: This is really bad...

Kabuto: *Gets up and runs into the cockpit*

Mayuri/Szayel: *Follow*

12/22/2010 #30
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