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seconda etapa

RikoFs: * increase the power-output and keep up the barriers till the burst fades *

2/14/2011 #1
Arrancar open account

Odion: Thank you, but that was not nesscesary.

*In Marik's mind*

Shadi: As expected. His mind is split in two. One chamber looks like a maze of tombs and hallways, while the other looks like a torture room. Hmmm...Which one belongs to the gypsie boy?

2/14/2011 #2
seconda etapa

9th: Mom would have done the same, and since I´m here to replace her till my lil sis is born, I do it for her.

2/14/2011 #3
Arrancar open account

*Jeopardy music playing*

Shadi: Hmm...Which one?

2/14/2011 #4
seconda etapa

9th: Hurry up in there already!

2/14/2011 #5
Arrancar open account

Shadi: Hmm...*Walks over to Marik's chamber* I have a feeling in my khram that this room belongs to the gypsie.

Melvin: You're going to leave my head, right now!

Shadi: Wah wah wee wah! *Takes the millenium key out and turns invisible*

Melvin: Rgh!

2/14/2011 #6
seconda etapa

9th: At least the chicken stopped attacking...

2/14/2011 #7
Arrancar open account

Ra: *Starts sparking* *Wings set on fire* *Starts glowing*

ooc: By the way, khram refers to his penis.

2/14/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #8
seconda etapa

9th: Me and my big mouth...

ooc: Oh...

2/14/2011 #9
Arrancar open account

Ra: *Super Divine Flare Burst of Destriction!* *All the energy concentrates in it's mouth*

*Marik's mind*

Shadi: *Running though the maze* Why must this gypsie have such a complex mind?

2/14/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #10
seconda etapa

* the other 8 RikoFs join the 9th and create a MASSIVE barrier *

2/14/2011 #11
Arrancar open account

Ra: *Launches it into the sky*

2/14/2011 #12
seconda etapa

* the shield now forms an umbrella above them *

2/14/2011 #13
Arrancar open account

*The attack becomes a small sun, and starts growing*

2/14/2011 #14
seconda etapa

RikoFs: Brace for impact!

2/14/2011 #15
Arrancar open account

*The sun keeps growing*

Yami Yugi: *Runs in* I sensed a disturbance! *Notices Ra* Good gods! I summon Slifer the Executive Producer and Obleisk the Tormentor! Both of you, attack!

Slifer: *Shoots energy blasts at the sun*

Obelisk: *His fists spark and he punches Ra (Toooooooormeeeeeeennnt!)*

Ra: *Shakes off the attack and slashes at Obelisk with his claws*

*In Marik's mind*

Shadi: Continues to run*

Melvin: *Walking as his theme song plays* Oh Shadi! I have a great big hug for you!

Shadi: Where are you gypsie boy?!

*Whipping sounds can be heard*

Shadi: Huh?

2/14/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #16
seconda etapa

* more RikoFs appear and strenghten the barrier *

2/14/2011 #17
Arrancar open account

Ra: *Sets itself completely on fire and reduces it's ATK to 0*

Yami: Oh no!

2/15/2011 #18
seconda etapa

RikoF: Oh no?

2/15/2011 #19
Arrancar open account

Yami: That's Ra's phoenix(sp?) mode! It plans to destroy the other gods and make it's attack imune to your barrier!

Ra(PM): Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *Sends a fire shockwave out, just from it's roar*

2/15/2011 #20
seconda etapa

RikoFs: * use elemental control to keep the fire away *

RikoF: Good thing mom taught me that.

2/15/2011 #21
Arrancar open account

Yami: One problem, what Ra has covering his body righ now is not fire. It's pure energy. Pretty much his ATK points made real.

*The entire area around them becomes cloaked in darkness*

2/15/2011 #22
seconda etapa

RikoFs: * create a barrier of light, pushing away the darkness *

2/15/2011 #23
Arrancar open account

ooc: You can't push away a shadow game...

2/15/2011 #24
seconda etapa

ooc: But you can kinda keep an area clear. See ya later, gotta go.

2/15/2011 #25
Arrancar open account

ooc: Okay, see ya!

2/15/2011 #26
seconda etapa
* the barrier keeps the darkness out, but the rules are still in effect *
2/15/2011 #27
Arrancar open account

Ra(PM): *Just brushes against the barrier and it shatters* Skreeeeeeeeee! *Tackles Slifer, destroying it in one shot, then does the same to Obelisk*

2/15/2011 #28
seconda etapa

Riko: Damn... We have to stall him somehow.

2/15/2011 #29
Arrancar open account

Ra(PM): Skreeeeeeeeeeeee!

*In Marik's mind*

Shadi: *To RikoF tlepathically while running through the maze of tombs* Get Millenium Eye from fluffy jew. If he objects, kick him in khram.

2/15/2011 #30
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