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seconda etapa

* in a car driving through a spanish landscape *

Pandora: Hard to believe it´s only been 6 years since the outbreak in Racoon city.

2/21/2011 . Edited 3/1/2011 #1

Marik: Indeed.

3/1/2011 #2
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, at least this mission sounds simple. We got to rescue the presidents daughter. * gives Marik a pic of Okkuu *

3/1/2011 #3

Marik: *Takes it* Huh. Yeah, it does sound pretty simple, but let's not get too cocky.

3/1/2011 #4
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yeah. You never know what might happen.

3/1/2011 #5

Marik: Of course not. No one truely can.

3/1/2011 #6
seconda etapa

Driver: We´re getting close to the village.

Pandora: Good.

3/1/2011 #7

Marik: *Nods*

3/1/2011 #8
seconda etapa

* they cross a bridge over a cliff *

Driver: We´re here.

Pandora: * gets off * Thanks for the ride.

Driver: I´ll wait here.

ooc: Seriously, a little more talk from Marik. That´s too serious...

3/1/2011 #9

Marik: *Jumps off and bows to the driver* Your kindness is appreciated.

ooc: Well, this is canon Marik. He's used to being in solitude, so he doesn't talk much and is very respectful.

3/1/2011 #10
seconda etapa

Pandora: I think we should start asking in that house over ther. * goes towards it *

ooc: Then use some canon-abridge Marik or something like that.

3/1/2011 #11

Marik: Okay then, away we go! *Runs past Pandora to the house*

ooc: Got it. Question, which one should know Spanish?

3/1/2011 #12
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yup! * runs after him *

ooc: No need actually. We simply assume that the 5 locals who actually talk know english.

3/1/2011 . Edited 3/1/2011 #13

Marik: *When he reaches the house, he knocks on the door* Hellooo? Anyone there?

ooc: Okay.

3/1/2011 #14
seconda etapa

Pandora: Hm, it´s unlocked. * opens the door and they enter *

ooc: There´s one guy in there. BTW, Pandora and Marik have each a handgun, a combat-knife and ammo for the handgun.

3/1/2011 #15

Marik: Um...Hi? We're sorry for the intrusion(SP?), but could you possibly give us some directions?

ooc: That is what they're asking right?

3/1/2011 . Edited 3/1/2011 #16
seconda etapa

Pandora: We are looking for this girl. Have you seen her somewhere? * shows him the picture of Okkuu *

Villager: * takes out a handaxe and moves slowly towards them *

3/1/2011 #17

Marik: *Puts his hand on his gun so that villager can see it* We don't want any trouble, we just want an answer.

3/1/2011 #18
seconda etapa

Pandora: * points her gun at him as well *

Villager: * raises the axe and before he can hit them gets shot down by them *

3/1/2011 #19

Marik: *Sighs* Great...You now it's a bad sign when the first guy you see tries to send you off to hell. *Shoots him in the head again* Double tap.

ooc: I know he wasn't a zombie...Sorta...But I couldn't resist having Marik say that.

3/1/2011 #20
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yeah... * sound of a car being pushed it heard outside * I have a bad feeling about this...* looks out of the window and sees two more villagers, one with an axe out *

ooc: Fact: When you examine his corpse, Leon comments " He´s no zombie..."

3/1/2011 #21

Marik: Shit. *Pulls out his knife* Well, Spain is obviously not somewhere I'll be visiting again...Not that Raccon City was that great either.

ooc: But isn't being controlled by "The Plague"? Or is he just crazy...?

3/1/2011 #22
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yeah. Lets go to the upper floor first.

ooc: The " las plagas " first appear in RE4, so he doesn´t know about them yet. The first time they show themselves are in the second or third chapter.

3/1/2011 #23

Marik: Or we could stay here and finish this quickly. I do intend to see my family after this.

ooc: Yeah, I didn't mean he knows...But I do, so I was curious.

3/1/2011 #24
seconda etapa

Pandora: Taking a look won´t hurt. And we can shoot them better from above. * goes up and finds two ammo-boxes for handguns * Or we find ammo. * tosses Marik one of the boxes *

3/1/2011 #25

Marik: Thanks! *Stares at the box* You know what be really cool? Finding a gun! I would totally wanna handle a shotgun!

3/1/2011 #26
seconda etapa

Pandora: * looks around * Nope, nothing. Just some spanish money. * takes it *

3/1/2011 #27

Marik: That'll come in handy.

3/1/2011 #28
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yeah. Lets go see what that sound was. * goes down again and the two shoot the two villagers down *

3/1/2011 #29

Marik: *Takes the axe* I like this. I think I'll keep it.

3/1/2011 #30
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