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Arrancar open account

Marik: *Nods*

5/1/2011 #181
seconda etapa

* They solve the puzzle and take the gem *

Pandora: Hmm, way too small for the door... Lets look around some more. * they come to some hanging planks, with the remaining medals hanging from them * Guess we have to go through there...

ooc: Not very talk-active, is he?

5/1/2011 #182
Arrancar open account

Marik: Yeah...

ooc: Not much to say.

5/1/2011 #183
seconda etapa

* some shooting and one empty room later, in front of the merchant *

Merchant: Ohhh, you have destroyed all medalions. You´ll get a special price. * gives Pandora and Marik a "punisher" handgun each * ( shoots through up to two opponents )

Pandora: Awesome!

5/1/2011 #184
Arrancar open account

Marik: Hmm...This could really come in handy.

5/1/2011 #185
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yup! * sales her old handgun *

5/1/2011 #186
Arrancar open account

Marik: *Does the same*

5/1/2011 #187
seconda etapa

* the go back out the door and take the door next to them this time * * after some shooting and another boulder-dodge, they come to a lake *

5/1/2011 #188
Arrancar open account

ooc: :3

Marik: Why do I have a bad feeling about this place?

5/1/2011 #189
seconda etapa

Pandora: * goes up a little path, overlooking the lake, and notices three boats, close together * Hey, come here.

5/1/2011 #190
Arrancar open account

Marik: *Goes over to her* Boats...?

5/1/2011 #191
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yup. * both look at the boats through binoculars, only to see villagers throwing two police-officers into the lake, with Del Lago ( ) coming up and eating them as soon as they fall in the water * WTF!!!

5/1/2011 #192
Arrancar open account

Marik: That is on BIG salamander!

ooc: Not a very well thought out name.

5/1/2011 #193
seconda etapa

Pandora: * sees a path on the far side of the lake * Shit...To continue, we have to get through the lake...

5/1/2011 #194
Arrancar open account

Marik: Damn...*Pulls out his punisher*

5/1/2011 #195
seconda etapa

Pandora: I think we´ll need something bigger... * both go down the other path aand reach a boat with harpoons stored in it *...That´s more like it.

5/1/2011 #196
Arrancar open account

ooc: Just need to spear him ten times, right? Or twelve?

Marik: *gets on and grabs 5 or 6 harpoons*

5/1/2011 . Edited by seconda etapa, 5/1/2011 #197
seconda etapa

ooc: let´s say it´s on normal mode. 10.

Pandora: * gets on the boat * Let´s hope we won´t need to fight.

5/1/2011 #198
Arrancar open account

Marik: Yeah, avoiding conflict is better.

5/1/2011 #199
seconda etapa

Pandora: * starts the engine and all seems okay, but halfway across the lake, Del Lago attacks them and the anker gets caught on his back, causing him to pull the boat with him * Shit! * throws a harpoon but narrowly misses *

ooc: Trust me, it can be a bitch to hit it...

5/1/2011 #200
Arrancar open account

Marik: *Focuses and then throws the harpoon, hitting Del Lago*

ooc: I can bet. The bosses are always bitches.

5/1/2011 #201
seconda etapa

Pandora: * throws a second one, but Dal Lago dives down before it can get hit * Shit, where is it? * look around *

ooc: Meh, he´s easy. The only "hard" part is to hit him. dodging is very easy if you´re careful. BTW, here´s a video of the fight on professional.

5/1/2011 #202
Arrancar open account

Marik: *Looking at the water then looks in front of the boat* Uh...Pandora...

ooc: I know, that what I meant. Dodging bosses' attacks is usually easy, but injuring and killing them is hard.

5/1/2011 #203
seconda etapa

* Del Lago swims towards them, but is still a little away *

Pandora: * throws two Harpoons and both hit *

5/1/2011 #204
Arrancar open account

Marik: *Also throws a harpoon at it*

ooc: 4.

5/1/2011 #205
seconda etapa

Del Lago: * dives down moments before it crashes into the boat, shaking it. It then comes back up on the other side and tries to pull the boat into some trash in the water *

Pandora: * manages to maneuver out of the way *

5/1/2011 #206
Arrancar open account

Marik: *Throws another harpoon at Del Lago*

5/1/2011 #207
seconda etapa

Pandora: * throws another one, hitting it just before it dives down *

ooc: 3 more to go.

5/1/2011 #208
Arrancar open account

Marik: When it comes back up, we have to finish it off.

5/1/2011 #209
seconda etapa

Pandora: Sure. * looks around * There it is! * throws a harpoon at it *

5/1/2011 #210
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