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seconda etapa


8/3/2011 #91
Arrancar open account

Yay! Dey is awesome, correct?

8/3/2011 #92
seconda etapa


8/3/2011 #93


8/3/2011 #94
seconda etapa

Hey Ignisha, why don´t you go to the underground and say hello to the new guy, Neceron?

8/3/2011 #95
seconda etapa

For those who like creepy mangas:

It´s about a village, in which many wierd spiral-related events happen. It has 20 chapters, no anime but a movie, but the movie sucks. Actually, here´s a dare for anyone who wants to give it a look. When you start reading it, read every chapter.

8/9/2011 . Edited 8/9/2011 #96
Rei Sagara

Oh, I remember hearing about Uzumaki! I was trying to look for a manga called Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning but only that manga and a few others showed up... (Note: Uzumaki = Spiral). I think I'll give it a try soon. :)

Also, I just caught up with a kinda new anime recently called Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts or better known as Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. I have no clue if it has a manga but it, as most anime I've seen recently, has a light novel that is being translated on Baka-Tsuki: I only read part of the 1st chapter sadly... *slow reader*

The first season of this show is really good, original and funny. As for the second season, it's not as great as season one but still good! It may be a bit too soon to judge though since it's still ongoing... Anyway, FUNimation just recently dubbed and released the first season and will be releasing the 2nd season and OVAs sometime next year. So far they're simulcasting the both seasons.

And while I'm at it, I also suggest watching ALL of the Key anime. There are currently 3 other Key anime besides Clannad and ~After Story~, that being Angel Beats!, Air (TV) and Kanon (2006). All of these anime will make you laugh and tear up (possibly cry) at the same time. I'm still watching Kanon but only with 8 out of 24 episodes left. It's made me cry more than Clannad, honestly. ^^; I bought the whole DVD set of Air (TV) in the summer but was a bit disappointed. The first few episodes were very "Key-like" but after that I started becoming more and more confused each episode. As such, I wasn't able to cry at the end due to confusion. After reading about the confusing parts, I re-watched it and now it's waaay better than the first time! :) And you all should have an idea of what Angel Beats! is like due to my "fangirlness" over the series. Out of all the Key anime, AB! is the only one that doesn't build up on romance. It was more like a friendship anime to me... Anyway, main point: anything animated that's based off a Key Visual Novel or manga is bound to be good! Just hope that they'll make more soon... Maybe a Little Busters! anime or one for Rewrite. Maybe an OVA series for Tomoyo After. :) By the way, if you've seen Clannad you should read the manga Tomoyo After - Dear Shining Memories on MangaFox. It's the only manga I've read that has lead me to tears. :'(

Anime OPs/EDs:

Angel Beats! OP

Kanon (2006) OP

AIR (TV) OP ----- One of my favorite songs by my favorite Japanese artist

Baka and Test OP

Baka and Test ED ----- One of my favorite ED songs of an anime!

Edit:I haven't read Bleach and Naruto in forever...

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/19/2011 #97
seconda etapa

Well, if you´re still looking for Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, it´s here:

8/20/2011 #98

omg omg omg omfg...

I just started watching Bleach Movie 4, and already I love it...

8/25/2011 #99
Arrancar open account

Damnit, where did you find it! I want to watch it so badly!!

8/26/2011 #100
seconda etapa

Well, I found in on narutowire, but it´s still untraslanted there.

8/26/2011 #101
Arrancar open account

Someone on Youtube has the soundtrack, and it's the best out of all the Bleach movies.

8/26/2011 #102
seconda etapa

And the story will propably be very interesting, too. BTW, did you notice something on Ginjo in the last Bleach-page?

8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #103

i found it on animefushigi(.)com, but the subs are in Chinese. if you want English sub, you'll have to wait for a while.

8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #104
seconda etapa

Well, since the RAWs are out, it´ll be available in a few days at most.

8/26/2011 #105

what the (awesome) dude above me said.

8/26/2011 #106
seconda etapa

BTW, for anyone interested, there is a school-version of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but without the mechas. It´s here:

8/26/2011 #107
seconda etapa

Bleach movie 4: English sub

8/26/2011 #108
Rei Sagara

And I still haven't gotten to read/watch Evangelion... *sigh* I'm gonna watch the Bleach movie though even if I am completely lost/behind in both the anime and manga! Thanks for the link, Seconda-kun! By the way, on a random note, this is a few days late (almost a week) but the newest Negima! chapter was "What the hell!?" to me. It kinda went by to fast to me. Did anyone else get that vibe or am I just over-reacting?

8/26/2011 #109

*shrugs* it's pretty much what happened after the Negi Party victory. I guess it went by pretty fast, but all there was was Asuna restoring everything, then the Negi Party began celebrating with the comebacks of their associates, then the celebration + buffet, and finally the celebration of the victory against the Cosmo group. that pretty much summarizes the new chapter... although the Anime Finale movie is said to be the alternative ending for Negima by Akametsu-sensei. The ending for the Manga is probably something else, we'll just have to find out.

8/26/2011 #110
Rei Sagara

I was actually referring to chapter 334. (the reason I wrote "a few days late (almost a week)") But thanks for reminding me about the next chapter after it, otherwise I'd probably forget about it for another week. ^^; Anyway, I can't wait for the movie since I was a little disappointed at how fast the climax of arc went by! :)

8/27/2011 #111
seconda etapa

Just watched the bleach-movie. One comment: AWESOME!!!!

8/27/2011 #112

like i said, Akametsu-sensei made two different endings for Negima. One for the Manga, one for the Anime.

8/27/2011 #113

Negima!? Neo is hilarious, lol

8/28/2011 #114

A Channel is funny and cute. X3

8/29/2011 #115

Naruto's new set of Rasengans are awesome... but Sasuke's Eien Mangekyou Sharingan looks so awesome!! As well as his Susano'o!! Too bad Itachi didn't give Naruto back Shisui's Sharingan, maybe Naruto would've used it as his own, lol.

8/31/2011 #116
seconda etapa

Couldn´t agree more. Awesome new skillz are awesome! BTW, what´s that thing you have as a profile-pic?

8/31/2011 . Edited 8/31/2011 #117
Rei Sagara

Arg! I still haven't even tried to catch up on the Naruto manga yet... I'm still stuck where they first enter the war because I don't have enough motivation to continue. Curses. I feel like I really need to, though. Gah! *sigh* In due time, I guess. Anyway, that aside, have any of you ever watched/read Puella Magi Madoka Magica yet?

9/1/2011 #118
seconda etapa

Nope. Not yet, at least.

9/1/2011 #119
Rei Sagara

Then you definitely need to soon, Seconda! It's the most unexpected magical girl anime I've seen and I loved it! The manga faithfully follows the anime (since the anime came first) and it's also on MangaFox completed. There's only 12 chapters so you could probably finish it within a day.

9/1/2011 #120
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