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Ignisha: You saw the title, you're gonna see it! Right here in this Forum!!

Alex: W-wait, I never agreed to this, you idiot!!

Ignisha: Jokes aside, this will show you gusy the life of Alex that he has long since tried to forget!

Alex: That's because I wanted to forget it!! And what do you mean by "Jokes aside"!!??

Ignisha: Anyway, the movie will start in a few weeks, give or take.

Alex: HEY!! You still gotta have my permi-...! *BOOM*

Ignisha: Until then, please wait!! *Smiles brightly*

Alex: *Charred and burned in many ways* You are despicable...

Ignisha: I try...

Alex: ... I'm going to kill you later...

Ignisha: Ok!

Alex: That's not something to be happy about!!

Ignisha: But I am happy...!

Alex: UGH!!! Why do I even BOTHER!!?? *Stomps out*

Ignisha: Ooh... Temper...

2/28/2011 #1

Ignisha: You know you guys can talk in here if you want, right? At least comment on what you guys think of the idea!!

3/1/2011 #2
Rei Sagara

Rei: Ah, well I didn't know we could, sorry about that. Anyway, it sounds like a nice idea since I don't really know much about Alex yet.

3/2/2011 #3

Ignisha: I totally agree!! When I created Alex, I never really thought about his past until last week!! Though I gotta say, it's pretty gruesome...

Alex: ...

3/2/2011 #4
Rei Sagara

Rei: That's probably true since Alex went silent.

ooc: By the way Ignisha, welcome to the SKJ 13! Also, I'm debating over whether or not to upgrade you to "niisan". Is it okay with you if I do?

3/2/2011 #5

AOA: A movie is happening...WITHALEXANDIT'SABOUTHISLIFESTORYOMFGwadbjds,fjhsdabhqdkhursihkdshjyabskh,jhjbsjdbfhsj! Not really. Cool that you're doing this though, Ignisha.

3/2/2011 #6

Alex: My past isn't that great...

Ignisha: In the beginning it was...

Alex: I don't wanna talk about it, and I don't want others talking about it until we show it, so zip it, Ignisha!!

3/2/2011 #7

AOA: Must I bombard you with random words? Cuz I will! Don't fucking tempt me!

Regiamaru: Dude, you're overreacting.


Regiamaru: ...

3/3/2011 #8

Ignisha: Is something wrong, AOA???

Alex: No fuckin' shit...

3/3/2011 #9
seconda etapa

Seconda: Nah, it´s his usual crazyness... And good idea by the way.

3/3/2011 #10

Ignisha: Alright guys, the 1st chapter to this movie is gonna appear on a different Topic, you got that!?

Alex: I don't see why we have to do this...

Ignisha: Just go with it.

Alex: Fine...

Ignisha: Oh, and any reviews made have to be placed in this Topic.

3/5/2011 . Edited 3/5/2011 #11
seconda etapa

Seconda: Why don´t you simply make it a normal fic?

3/5/2011 #12

Ignisha: Don't feel like it XP

3/5/2011 #13
seconda etapa

Seconda: * sweatdrop * And what will you do about our dead Pa-chan?

3/5/2011 #14
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