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Syndro: Hello, is everyone listening? I have an announcement. I don't know how relevant this is anymore due to who I've told already and how the ones I've told may or may not be extreme loud mouths, but I have something to tell everyone. First, I would like to say that, due to the removal of all the extra series in Alternate Ending, it is now an original work. This also means that any character that I had that wasn't an OC is now up for grabs, so take them while you can.

Kurayami: Get on with it!!

Syndro: Anyway, I've already got a basis for the logic and the design for many of the main characters. Also, due to the removal of the extra series, Alternate Ending is no longer called Alternate Ending. The reason it was called Alternate Ending in the first place was because it was supposed to act as an alternative ending to the series it incorporated and, since those series aren't part of it anymore, keeping the title would be as pointless as it is confusing. So, as of a few weeks ago, the story was renamed The Great Union, due to the combination of 5 and more separate universes. The OC's will still be there and the overall plot remains the same. The only real differences are character roles and reference placement. So, yeah, there's my announcement.

Kurayami: Are you done?

Syndro: I have one more announcement, though it may not be entirely relevant anymore. I'll try to come here more often in the near future because my life on the computer is rather boring since I have nothing to do when I've finished working on the Great Union and finished reading my ten chapters of One piece. So, expect to see more of me most likely at night, since that's when I start appearing. Now, I have to edit my character list, so I'm going to go do that now. So either discuss or ignore this announcement, memorize it or forget it, do whatever with it you choose, just don't bitch about it.

4/29/2011 #1
seconda etapa

Seconda: Well, it´s great to have you here more often.

4/30/2011 #2
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