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seconda etapa

Here is where everything during the mortal kombat event happens.

5/1/2011 #1

ooc: I forgot to read your last post. Sorry.

Kurayami: I'm bored. Someone find Shang Tsung so I can talk to him.

Kijin: I'll do it! I'm extremely good at tracking!

Kurayami: Of course you are.

Kijin: I'll be able to get him in no time. See ya! *vanishes, with a crater appearing where he was just a second ago*

Kurayami: And now we wait.

5/1/2011 #2
seconda etapa

Riko: Um, who´s gonna repair all those craters he leaves behind?

5/1/2011 #3
Arrancar open account

Noob: *Comes back* I'm back.

Onitentei: I'm bored.

5/1/2011 #4
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yeah! When´s the next fight??

5/1/2011 #5

Kurayami: It's Kahn's castle, so he should do it. Although, I don't think he should be carrying that much weight on his person at any one given time.

Masurao: You should know by now why he does it, though. Remember, he doesn't have the same abilities the rest of us do. In particular, he doesn't have any of your abilities.

Kurayami: Stop telling me what I already know.

5/1/2011 #6

Kurayami: Who's fighting first, actually?

5/1/2011 #7
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, me, Riko-chan and Noob fought already.

5/1/2011 #8
Arrancar open account

Noob: Well-

Shao Khan: *Next to him* The next fight is Onitentei vs Sub-Zero(Cyber Sub-zero to be exact)!

Noob: ...

5/1/2011 #9
seconda etapa

Pandora: Time to heat things up, Oni-chan!

5/1/2011 #10

Kurayami: When am I fighting and who am I fighting against first? Oh, and where's Kijin?

Kijin: Right here! *lands on the ground and creates a large crater*

Kurayami: Dude, lose some weight!

Kijin: I'll lose it after you gain it!

5/1/2011 #11
seconda etapa

Riko: * giggles *

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/1/2011 #12

Masurao: *To Riko* I see you like those two. Don't worry, you'll see more of them in the future, though I probably don't have to tell you that.

5/1/2011 #13
seconda etapa

Riko: Well, they´re funny when they argue.

5/1/2011 #14
Arrancar open account

Shao Khan: All your questions will be answered in due time. Except the last one which was just answered.

Sub-zero: *Gets into fighting position*

Onitentei: *Stands up*

Shao Khan: FIGHT!

Sub-zero: *Cloaks himself in ice*

Onitentei: Wonder what happens if I do this. *Touches him and his hand freezes* Interesting. *Smashes the ice on his arm against Sub-zero, breaking his cloak* *Grabs Sub-zero's head and heats his hand, melting off his armor*

Sub-zero: *Screaming in pain*

5/1/2011 #15
seconda etapa

Pandora: Guess it´s kinda hard for him to keep his "cool head". * laughs *

5/1/2011 #16

Kurayami: Your puns are worse than Tonoshin's.

Kijin: Though a lot more relevant.

Masurao: Depending on the situation, it doesn't matter much.

5/1/2011 #17
seconda etapa

Pandora: Aww... * cat-ears hanging down *

5/1/2011 #18

Kurayami: So, is Zero down or what? Does that mean the next fight will start? Who's fighting next?

Kurenai: Don't be so impatient.

Nisemono: Patience is a virtue.

Kurayami: That I do not have.

5/1/2011 #19
seconda etapa

Pandora: Trust me, with AOAs group, you obtain it...

5/1/2011 #20
Arrancar open account

ooc: Sorry, I'm trying to be artisticly creative.

Onitentei: *Throws Sub-zero out the window*

Shao Khan: O-kay...Onitentei wins!

5/1/2011 #21

Kurayami: Next match then. Who's up?

5/1/2011 #22
seconda etapa

Riko: * looks outside the window and sees Sub-Zero impaled on a rock *


Riko: Yup, he´s dead.

5/1/2011 #23
Arrancar open account

Shao Khan: And now, you can choose whoever the hell you want to fight. They'll show up.

5/1/2011 #24

Kurayami: Weakest first so either Shang Tsung or Quan Chi. Take your pick.

5/1/2011 #25
Arrancar open account

Shang Tsung: *Appears*

5/1/2011 #26

Kurayami: Excellent. Before we start, Shang Tsung, I heard you know who's participating in this tournament. Are Onaga, Shinnok, Blaze, Liu Kang and Kung Lao here as well?

5/1/2011 #27
seconda etapa

Pandora: If he´s here, I´ll pick Onaga as my next opponent!

5/1/2011 #28

Kurayami: Fine, but just Onaga! I'm getting Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Blaze, and especially Shinnok!

5/1/2011 #29
Arrancar open account

Shang Tsung: Blaze isn't here, but the rest are.

Shao Khan: One fight at a time!

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/1/2011 #30
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