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seconda etapa

FA: I see... What´s your price?

6/5/2011 #91
Arrancar open account

???: ...I'm usually the one doing the paying.

ooc: If you know what he means. Wink-wink-nudge-nudge-whit-whoo-click-click.

6/5/2011 #92
seconda etapa

FA: Whatever...WIll you take the job, or no?

6/5/2011 #93
Arrancar open account
???: Sure. You can call me, Brain Teaser.
6/5/2011 #94

Kurogane: *snoring*

Kyokudo: *appears behind Kurogane and puts bunny ears on his head* *In a whisper: Nice*

Kurogane: *wakes up and yawns* Hello douchebags and pricks.

Kyokudo: Hello. Why are you so jumpy?

Kurogane: You put bunny ears on me again, didn't you?

Kyokudo: Yup!

Kurogane: *takes off the bunny ears and throws them at FA*

Kyokudo: Awesome!

6/5/2011 #95
seconda etapa

FA: * catches them in midair and throws them down * Excelent. Here´s the building * gives him the adress * and make sure that after you´re done, any intruder ends up dead. * goes back to the bar *

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #96
Arrancar open account
BT: *Checks out the address* Got it.
6/5/2011 #97
seconda etapa

FA: Okay, the trap is set. Now we only need that bait. * evil grin * Who wants to kidnap Pandoras daughters?

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #98

Kurogane: I'll do it! Not like anyone can stop me anyway. *gets up*

Kyokudo: But wait. Isn't Kurayami your equal?

Kurogane: At least I could put up a fight against him.

Kyokudo: And what do you call what I did where I nearly murdered him?

Kurogane: Mostly cheap shots and sneak attacks.

Kyokudo: You have no logic.

Kurogane: And you have no balls.

Kyokudo: You say that as if you do.

Kurogane: I do, they're just made of steel. Anyway, I'd better get going. *vanishes, then comes back* Where are Pandora's daughters exactly?

6/5/2011 #99
seconda etapa

FA: I think at the Ishtar familys house. And try to keep them alive. If they accidently die... Doesn´t matter.

6/5/2011 #100

Kurogane: Can I torture them at least? Actually, hold that thought. *vanishes, then reappears with Pandora's daughters whose names I've either forgotten or don't care to put (Riko being the latter)* Okay, so what do we do with them now?

Kyokudo: I just know Kurayami's gonna come in here and save those kids. He always does.

Kurogane: Who cares? I wanna know what happens next!

6/5/2011 #101
seconda etapa

Riko: What the heck! Let me go!!

Veronica: Yeah, what is this shit!

FA: You can have your fun with them if you want. Hmm, I think we can already take them to their new "home", and most likely their grave.

Riko: W-What!! O-Our grave?? W-What are you planning to do with us??

Veronica: * tries to break free * Let me go, you son-of-a-bitch!!

FA: * sigh * Let´s go...

6/5/2011 #102

Kurogane: Veronica, right? *punches her in the nose five times with spaces between each punch*

Kyokudo: Ha!

6/5/2011 #103
seconda etapa

FA: Well, next step might sound very clichee, but we´ll send a hostage-video to that bitch Pandora. * sets up a camera * You can have fun with the two of them. Do whatever you want.

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #104
Arrancar open account
Veronica: OW! What the fuck?!
6/5/2011 #105

Kurogane: *punches her in the nose again*

6/5/2011 #106
Arrancar open account

Veronica: *Bleeding from her nose* I think you broke it...

BT: * Walks in* Done. And I'm not gonna even comment on the girls.

6/5/2011 . Edited by seconda etapa, 6/5/2011 #107

Kurogane: Hey, are you gonna dodge any of these? *punches Veronica in the nose again*

ooc: Kurogane did not tie her up or anything before bringing her here, he merely restrained them by grabbing them and dragging them at high speed to this place*

6/5/2011 #108
seconda etapa

Riko: V-Vero-chan! * starts healing Veronicas nose and turns to FA * W-Why are you doing this??

FA: Simple. Revenge. Your mothers are the reason I was sealed away for so long. Now it´s time for payback. And you two, you are the bait.

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #109

Kyokudo: Oh, so that's why you're evil!

Kurogane: Not evil, just bitchy. *punches Riko in the nose*

6/5/2011 #110
Arrancar open account
Veronica: *Dodges the last one*
6/5/2011 #111
seconda etapa

Riko: Ouch! That hurt... * healing her nose *

FA: To be precise, I´m evil cause I´m the... "corrupted" verion of Pandoras angel-mode. I´m literally, a Fallen Angel.

Riko: * done healing * So that´s why you look like mom... And where all this darkness comes from...

6/5/2011 #112

Kurogane: Good. Now. *judo flips Veronica then stomps on her ovaries*

Kyokudo: Why'd you do that?

Kurogane: Because I wanted to.

Kyokudo: But you didn't even say bumble-faggot yet.

Kurogane: I know.

6/5/2011 #113
Arrancar open account
Veronica: FUCK THAT HURT!!
6/5/2011 #114
seconda etapa

Riko: * teary * P-Please, let my sister go...

FA: Hmm...Nope! * kicks Riko in the guts *

Riko: * coughs some blood * D-Damn it...

6/5/2011 #115

Kurogane: That's the idea. *Punches Veronica in the nose again, only this time, at the speed of light*

6/5/2011 #116
seconda etapa

Riko: * crying * P-Please stop!

FA: You´re getting annoying... * kicks Riko again *

6/5/2011 #117
Arrancar open account
Veronica: *Clutches her nose* What did I ever do to you? Yeah, my mom can be bitch, but me and Riko are innocent!
6/5/2011 #118

Kurogane: Hey, any idea when Pandora or Kurayami or someone is gonna get here to save these kids? Sitting here torturing people is boring when all they do is complain about it.

Kyokudo: Seriously?

Kurogane: Yeah. The ones with strong wills that don't mind being hurt and put up a strong front are the fun ones to torture. Damn it, now I need Taira! She's so much more fun than this. *punches Veronica and Riko in the nose*

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #119
seconda etapa

FA: You´re part of her family. That´s reason enough for me to kill you. And the only reason you´re not dead yet, is cause you´re excelent bait.

Riko: W--We´re j-just bait?

FA: * grabs Riko from the throat * Exactly. And if you don´t shut up, I´ll use your corpse instead.

Riko: * shuts up *

FA: * turns to the camera * Hey bitch. As you see, we´re having a good time with your daughters. Come and save them, if you dare. * takes out the tape, writes the adress on it and sends it to Pandora * Just a matter of time, just a matter of time. * evil grin *

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #120
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