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seconda etapa

Pandora: Okay, that was unexpected. Yes, it is forbidden.

7/15/2011 #31
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: *sighs* Sucks to be you right now huh Simon?

Simon: *depressed* It sure does...*realization* Wait a minute! You want me to go and fight at that insane tournament!?

Folk: Hold on their Author! You can't just put a 10 year old in a fight! It's illegal and child abuse!

Alewar: Then let's skip his time for 8 yrs then. *snaps his fingers*

Simon: W-what the hell! *turned into a teen*

Alewar: Alright anymore complaints?

Simon: Yeah just one. WHY ME!?

Alewar: Because currently you are the only one I have completely have the basics for. Also you can use dual wielding and fencing techniques.

Simon: But my only weapon so far is a freaking broadsword!

Alewar: A highlander broadsword to be exact. Nothing special just a good looking sword is all.

Simon: You mean to tell me to use only my first and my 4th mastered weapons!?

Alewar: Apparently you can use your little lance but you have to choose a another sword for the time being.

Simon: Miss Pandora is a Buster Sword even legal in this battle?

7/15/2011 #32
seconda etapa

Pandora: Any kind of weapon that´s not energy, element, chakra, reiatsu or KI-based are allowed. And no need to use Miss. It´s either Buki Megami(Weapon-Goddess) Pandora, Megami(Goddess) Pandora, or just Pandora.

7/15/2011 . Edited 7/15/2011 #33
Alewar Warinot

Simon: Then as long as I have a really big broadsword with a little weight and doesn't have any powers I can use it! But I can detach the weapon into 2 right?

Alewar: Seconda already knows where this idea came from.

Simon: Oh and from today onward I call Miss Pandora Onee-chan instead since she seems quite nice. *happy*

Alewar: If you mean a slut-like manner nice then yes it is.

Simon: Don't talk to Onee-chan that way!*furious*

7/15/2011 #34
seconda etapa

Pandora: What was that???? * literally glares daggers at Alewar * As for detach the weapon... They´ll still count as one weapon, but if you lose one of them, both are counted as lost.

7/15/2011 #35
Alewar Warinot

Simon: Fair enough Onee-chan! Here's my list.

Weapons: A highlander Broadsword(just appearances)

A lance(nothing much, ordinary)

Twin Cutlass(nothing special)

A detachable Buster Blade(in terms with Pandora)

Alewar: Oh come on everybody knows a Goddess loves to have sex with anyone they like. *roles eyes*

Simon: You know author you are getting across the line this time.

Alewar: I forgot to mention that I don't specifically do this for the fun of it. Anyways your God representative will be Folk since he is already a god.

7/15/2011 #36
seconda etapa

Pandora: Since when is a god-representative needed? Also, Alewar, you, Abintra and the others are free to join as well. There´s no limit per group. Hi-kun is sending 4 contestants, while us and AOA only have one each. And BTW, the detachable-weapon-rule applies for everyone and every kind of detachable weapon.

7/15/2011 . Edited 7/15/2011 #37
Alewar Warinot

Alewar: I thought it might be good to know as a setup story that Simon is to be the Champion of Folk. After all most of them are from different dimensions.

Simon: I don't even know who they are yet.

Alewar: That's because I have been gone for more than 3 months or so.

Folk: Also Abintra doesn't want to join if there is no money involve and the fact he can't even use super-speed sucks ass. I don't want to join since I kind of wanted to rekindle with my wife.

Alewar: I would rather have my most develop so far character go than me.

7/15/2011 #38
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, since the tournament is to find a "champion" for me, this could be problematic. And Alewar, you have so many chars, you could easily send more of them, like your sadistic futa-char...What´s her name again? * has a bad feeling for asking it *

7/15/2011 #39
Alewar Warinot

Folk: *suddenly turns pale and runs away at amazing speed but returns to tell this* Let's just put him in the stock pile and pretend he isn't a champion! *he then runs away in time for the same girl who was forgotten*

Mary: How can you forget me Mistress! *wearing a maid outfit*

Alewar: Ah yes the outfit I was planning to add on later chapter's of God's Best Friend.

Mary: This is all your fault Alewar! Since you have been putting us all aside we are almost nearly forgotten!

Alewar: Then do you want to battle to the death then? *a serious question*

Mary: Does it involve raping my opponents after I win? *unexpectedly serious*

Alewar: ... Ask Pandora*passes Mary to her*

7/15/2011 #40
seconda etapa

Pandora: No raping... * Riko, Setsuna and Rikos-girlfriend/Ignishas-daughter participate *

7/15/2011 #41
Alewar Warinot

Mary: Not even a small foreplay is allowed?

Alewar: You would get seriously banned. Like the last job you lost due to raping a child.

Mary: Hey he was asking for it!

7/15/2011 #42
seconda etapa

Pandora: NO! Hmm, if you wanna rape the guys, go ahead. I don´t care.

7/15/2011 #43
Alewar Warinot

Mary: Hurray! I get to have a fun blow job/Orgy style raping!

Alewar: *pale* Note number 12 make sure Mary keeps her thoughts to herself.

Mary: You have a problem with me Author!!!

Alewar: Silence you futanari-bishoujo! *makes her shut up* Okay I will tie her up on the up-coming event.

7/15/2011 #44
seconda etapa

Pandora: Actually, no. Let her. I could use a good laughter, if you take her to the topic.

7/15/2011 #45
Alewar Warinot

Mary: *sighs in relief* Nothing has changed much even if we didn't showed up for a while. It really feels so... nostalgic.

Alewar: ...Yeah I agree. *smiles*

7/15/2011 #46
seconda etapa

Pandora: Trust me, a few things HAVE changed. But if we´re no longer talking about the event, lets go to the One Big Q A topic.

7/15/2011 #47

Ignisha: My weapons - a katana, two automatics, and an arm-cannon-rifle.

Alex: My weapons - a saber, pair of gauntlets, a metallic fan, and a broad sword

Hikaru: My weapons... - two katanas, a pair of light-weight gauntlets, and a buster sword (similar to Cloud from FF7)

Mata: My weapons - a katana, a shoto, and two automatics

7/15/2011 . Edited 7/15/2011 #48
seconda etapa

Pandora: * writes them down * Got it!

7/15/2011 #49

Syndro: Good news everyone!

Kurayami: I don't think they care.

Syndro: Then good news everyone!

Kurayami: What's wrong with you?

Syndro: I'm trying to hide my frustration so I can give proper instructions.

Kurayami: Fine, go ahead.

Syndro: Okay, so good news. I just uploaded The Great Union onto Now, I have some instructions for you guys to follow if you want to read it. First, go to Fictionpress and create an account; this step is crucial so you never have to go looking for it ever again. Next, if you're not logged in, you may want to do that first. If you are, go to the main page and find Manga, once you do, click on it. After that, make sure you put the right input commands: search for the following: Genre: Adventure, Rated M, Language: English, Status: in-progress. There are around eight pages for the search, so if it's not the first one there, just keep going down until you find The Great Union by pwndulquiorra. There, I said what I wanted to, so do with it what you want.

7/16/2011 #50
seconda etapa

Seconda: Or simply click here:

7/17/2011 #51
Arrancar open account

AOA: I will now be using this topic to announce when my new Episodes are up. So just so all of you know, Episode 4 of YGZTAS is up. Also please read Episode 3 if you didn't.

8/17/2011 #52
seconda etapa

Seconda: You know that this is completely pointless, right?

8/17/2011 #53
Arrancar open account

AOA: Yes. But I am a sad person with no life. I'm going to go cry in my corner now. *Walks away*

8/17/2011 #54
seconda etapa

Important announcement from Inu! He´ll most likely be back after christmas!

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #55

where was he all this time??

11/3/2011 #56
seconda etapa

He said: " I've been too busy to get on a computer. Finally got a job and after christmas I should have internet. "

11/3/2011 #57

oh~~ so~~ he has his own house or something??

11/3/2011 #58
seconda etapa

That´s all I know.

11/3/2011 #59
Arrancar open account

Yay! Inu's (almost) back, bitches!!!!!!!!!

11/3/2011 #60
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