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seconda etapa

Seconda: * shoots him in the leg with a pistol *

7/24/2011 #31
Arrancar open account

*Was just an afterimage*

Masked Dragon: *Next to him* Hello. *Cuts his arm off and hits him with his shoulder, stabbing him with blades on it*

7/24/2011 #32
seconda etapa

Seconda: Damn... * grabs him with the other hand and headbuts him *

7/24/2011 #33
Arrancar open account

Masked Dragon: *Knees him in the balls(His knee also happens to have spikes on it)* Hope your nano-machines can fix that. *Slashes at his other arm*

7/24/2011 #34
seconda etapa

Seconda: That...Was cheap... * KO! *

Pandora: MD WINS. See ya next round!

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #35
Arrancar open account

Masked Dragon: Never fight a guy with spiked clothing close range. It's common sense. Had this been a shoot out, this might have been a more interesting fight, but with the same result. *His arm grows back* *Flexes it a bit* Good. Just to test...*Punches the wall, causing that entire part of the colliseum to break* Oops...You might wanna fix that. *Teleports into the stands*

7/24/2011 #36
seconda etapa

Pandora: New rule...DON`T WRECK THE F*CKIN ARENA!!!! * a few knife-clones fix it *

7/24/2011 #37
Arrancar open account

Masked Dragon: I did it before that rule was made. BTW, until my next fight...*Takes his gun, puts it in his mouth, and pulls the trigger* ...Damn immortality...

7/24/2011 #38
seconda etapa

Pandora: I know. And no damn suicides!!

7/24/2011 #39
Arrancar open account

Masked Dragon: I wanted to just linger around in ghost form until my next fight. But since I can't die, I'll just wait normally.

7/24/2011 #40
seconda etapa

Pandora: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

7/24/2011 #41
Arrancar open account

Veronica: *In the Black Luster Solider armor* *Her face is red* Damn it's hot in here...Um, mom? Is there anyone for me to fight?

7/24/2011 #42
seconda etapa

Pandora: Well, from the looks of it...

Riko: I am, sis! * flies down to the arena *

7/24/2011 #43
Arrancar open account

Veronica: Hey sis. *Looks irratated* DAMNIT! *Takes of the helmet* *Pants* I don't remember this outfit being this hot...

AOA: *In the stands* Well last time you wore it, we had fairly cold weather. Now it's so hot people(A.K.A. dumbasses) are scared to go outside for more then thirty minutes without water or stopping somewhere for shade because they're scared that they're gonna get heat stroke. Fucking morons...Then the news has to report that there's gonna be a fucking heatwave of some sort.

Veronica: Can you try not to be so negative?

AOA: I'm in a negative mood. *Holds up a sign that says "Yeah, yeah. I hope you burn in hell, too."*

7/24/2011 #44
seconda etapa

Riko: Then don´t wear it. Or wear only parts of it.

Seconda: * to AOA * Or the classics: Don´t forget your sunglasses! or Don´t go out without a hat!. Seriously, I sometimes walk around 5 kliks from the sea home and it´s hot as hell outside...

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #45
Arrancar open account

AOA: *Shakes his head* It's rediculous isn't it Seconda?

Veronica: Good idea. *Leaves and comes back with only the upper body armor, joint protectors, arm protectors, and metal boots on* Okay, I'm ready.

AOA: This is the lamest fight I've ever seen.

Veronica: It hasn't even started yet!

AOA: *Looks up from his computer, on which he was watching a UFC fight* I wasn't talking about you two. Play nice girls. *Fake smiles*

ooc: Great...My persona's being a dick...

AOA: I thought you loved it when I do that.


7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #46
seconda etapa

Seconda: Yes, it is. Overworried parents...

Riko: * takes out two pistols * Come on, sis! * shoots towards Veronicas arms *

ooc: That doesn´t count as a gay-insult...

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #47
Arrancar open account

Veronica: *Blocks with the arm protectors* Nice try. *Takes out the gun Marik gave her* Um...Like this? *Shoots so badly, when Riko tries to dodge, she gets hit anyway*

AOA: Sometimes I think the news just wants to f*ck with people's heads.

ooc: He insulted me by calling me gay. Basically saying being gay is a bad thing.

ooc: AOA: For once I agree with this moron.

ooc: What the hell?! You can't be in ooc! You're already me! Whcih means you also called yourself a moron.

ooc: AOA: So another wall is broken. Who gives a fuck anyway?

7/24/2011 #48
seconda etapa

ooc: Correction, that was a d*ck-joke, not a gay-insult.

Riko: * small wound on her arm * Pure luck... * holsters her guns and takes out two knifes, then dashes at Veronica *

7/24/2011 #49
Arrancar open account

Veronica: *Blocks with her sword*

ooc: ...Okay, you got me there.

7/24/2011 #50
seconda etapa

Riko: * slashes from various directions *

7/24/2011 #51
Arrancar open account

Veronica: *Blocks the slashes that don't hit armored areas*

7/24/2011 #52
seconda etapa

Riko: * keeps attacking *

7/24/2011 #53
Arrancar open account

Veronica: *Blocks and then tackles Riko, knocking the knifes out of her hand*

7/24/2011 . Edited by seconda etapa, 7/24/2011 #54
seconda etapa

Riko: * tries to get Veronica off her *

7/24/2011 #55
Arrancar open account

Veronica: *Gets back up and slashes at the holsters Riko has*

7/24/2011 #56
seconda etapa

Riko: * grabs the guns before Veronica can ccut off the holsters and goes in the air *

7/24/2011 #57
Arrancar open account

Veronica: Damn...

7/24/2011 #58
seconda etapa

Riko: * starts shooting at Veronica from a safe distance *

7/24/2011 #59
Arrancar open account

Veronica: Ah! *Blocks with the shield, which she had on her back*

7/24/2011 #60
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