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Ignisha: Ok, since none of us wants to waste time explaining our original techniques and abilities (or any that are already explained before in different media, but don't wanna re-explain it) (Which I'm sure most of you guys don't wanna), I thought of a place where we can explain ALL of our techniques and abilities. This should be an easy way for us to show off our moves, wouldn't it? I think it will. The rules are simple:

~Name the technique (add translation if possible)

~Grade how strong it is from E (Lowest) to S (Super High), or SS, or SSS, or however high or low you wanna make it, just don't make it too high please...

~Reveal the Element or Affinity it is

~Say the incantations if needed

~Explain what it looks like and how one uses it


~Trivia (if there is)

~References (where you got the idea from, did you copy it and rename it? give credit to the creator if there is)

and the most important rule: PLACE ONE TECHNIQUE/ABILITY AT A TIME!!!! I don't want people to get confused with all the techniques and abilities all mushed up together in one posting.

PS: Zanpaktou, Transformations, Forbidden Techniques, summonings (with the respected animal/creature), Dark Powers, Armory (if they have special abilities) and other weapons are included.

9/23/2011 . Edited 9/23/2011 #1


~Ensis Emundatio (Cleansing Blade)

~Grade: S

~Type: Pactio (Weapon Type)

~Description: A Pactio of a large cleaver sword with no hilt guard. Etched on the blade is "ENSIS EMUNDATIO" and the hilt is wrapped in bindings. At the end of the hilt, a talisman is tied to it. It's sealed form is that of a harisen with the Kanji for "Yakuhitsu no Yaiba" which means the same as Ensis Emundatio. There is a "Final Form" for Ensis Emundatio, but so far, nothing is known about it (I didn't create it yet). Using Ensis Emundatio is the same as using every other sword, besides it's special ability to nullify any special attacks and convert it into the user's energy or into an energy that will be dispelled later on. Once the user has "cleansed" the energy, he then can use it as an attack and send it back to his enemies.

~User: Hikaru Fujikawa (OC)

~Trivia: Ensis Emundatio is a cross between Ichigo's Zangetsu and Asuna's Ensis Exorcizans by appearance. The ability itself is similar to taking another's energy and using it to strengthen the user's attack power and use it.

~Reference: I admit, I borrowed the sword and ability a bit from Negima and changed a bit. The name is mine, but the ability is similar to Asuna's Ensis Exorcizans, so I'll give credit to Akametsu-sensei for it.

9/23/2011 #2
seconda etapa

~Olympian hammer

~Grade: A

~Type: Pactio (Weapon Type)

~Description: The hammer has 12 different modi, one for each of the 12 olympians, but only one mode can be active at any given time. Heres the list of currently shown abilities and their appearences:

Normal: It looks like a huge toy-hammer. No special ability

Artemis: The sides of the hammer's head become engraved with a bow. Greatly increased damage to animals.

Poseidon: The head of the hammer turns into water. Element of the weapon changes to water.

Hephaistus: The hammer turns into a smiths hammer, with the head on fire. Element of the weapon changes to fire.

Zeus: The head of the hammer surges with electricity. Element of the weapon changes to lightning.

Apollo: The head of the hammer shines brightly. It can destroy all undead in the area. Element of the weapon changes to light.

Hades: The head of the hammer turns dark. Summons spirits to attack. Element of the weapon changes to darkness.

Hermes: Two wings appear on the hammer. Allows the opening of portals.

Aphrodite: The hammer turns pink and the head is covered with hearts. People hit with it fall deeply/madly in love with the first person they see. (accidental use leads to unwanted consiquences)

Hera: Emits a high-pitches screech with each swing. Allows the damaging of divine beings.

Athena: The head has two owls engraved on it. Transfers knowledge. The user chooses what knowledge is transfered.

Ares: A massive warhammer.

~User: Riko Sakurazaki (OC)

9/23/2011 . Edited 11/11/2016 #3
Arrancar open account

~Soul Steal

~Grade C

~Pyschopomp Ability

~Description: Can only be done if the user has a Death Artifact in their possesion. The user preforms an action that varies on the artifact being used, but always requires contact(Ex. Anubis touches his Ankh to the target's head, Thanatos slashes the target with his scythe, etc.).

~User(S): Thanatos, Anubis, Hermes(Pyshopompos), Hel, and a few others.

~Trivia: This move is only Grade C because the target has to have expired their life-span.

9/23/2011 . Edited 9/23/2011 #4

~Libro Incantamentum (Book of Spell)

~Grade: S

~Type: Pactio (Supplement)

~Description: A book with spells inside. The book is pale blue in color and has the picture of a Magical Rune on the front and a total of 12 circles in the back. Inside the book are pages of different spells in each page or 2 pages. When the book is being used, the book glows in its respective color.

~User: Matama Shinchuu

~Trivia: This book is a similarity to the Konjiki no Gash Bell! manga and how they used spells by using books.

~Reference: Like above, this book is based off of Makoto Raiku's manga series, Konjiki no Gash Bell!, as such, the idea is solely his idea.

9/25/2011 #5

~Nyksi Magica (Black Magic)

~Grade: SS

~Incantation: Compressus et Narrate. Absorbeo. Aliquam et "Armate". (or) Compressus et Apprehéndas. Absorbeo. Aliquam et "Armate".

~Usage: Similarly to Magia Erebea, Nyksi Magica is used by absorbing a spell into oneself. There are two ways for it to be cast: to "Cast" one's own spell and then absorb it, or "Seize" an enemy spell and absorb it.

~Users: Hikaru Fujikawa, Alexander McAfree, Matama Shin, Hishin Shin

~Trivia: The term "Nyksi" actually came from the name "Nyx", who is the Greek deity of the Night.

10/30/2011 #6
seconda etapa


~Grade: C

~Usage: instantly transforms the user into lightning to dodge attacks. Can also be used as a counter, by shooting thourgh the attacker after turning into lightning

~Users: Pandora Sakurazaki

11/12/2011 #7
seconda etapa

Pandoras Box

Grade: B-SSS

Incantation: flamen quod everto phasmatis , patefacio arca archa of chaos (holy spirit and demonic spirit, open the box of chaos)

Usage: Over time, the user stores Reitasu, Chackra, Ki, etc. in a chest. By summoning it and saying the incantation, the user can absorb the total amount of power stored in the box for his own use. The power of this technique depends on the stored energy. For example, if the user stores all his energy every day, for 5 days, by opening it his power is increased 5 times. If he stored all his energy for 40 day, the increase would be 40 times. Any amount not used can be stored back in the box for future use.

User: Pandora Sakurazaki

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #8
Arrancar open account

Pulsar Blast

Grade: SSS

Element: Celestial

Description: The user gathers as much power as a red giant going super nova, and condenses it to a small, magnetic ball. They then may either shoot it at the opponent or use it as a weight. Exporsure to this ball will cause cancer due to it's radioactive nature.

User: Chaos, O Exoristos

2/20/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #9
Arrancar open account

Creation Change

Grade: SS

Element: Celestial

Description: The user breaks down the particles of any object, and rearranges them into any order.

User: Chaos

2/20/2012 #10
Arrancar open account

Reality Distortion

Grade: F**k it...

Element: Celestial

Description: The user bends reality to their will. This has no effect on other Celestial Beings.

Users: Buri, Ameno, Ma'at, Chaos, Yahweh, O Exoristos

2/20/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #11
D the Stampede

Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Kitsune (Art of Summoning:Foxes)


Normal Summoning in Naruto. That is: Your sign the summon's contract scroll in your blood. Then when you want to use the technique to summon a kitsune, you draw a little of your blood, form the nessessary handsigns: boar, dog, rooster,monkey, sheep and place the hand used to sign the contract on the ground.

Uzumaki Naruto (Female)

The Kitsune Summoning Contract is unique in that only an Uzumaki can sign it.

I know it's been done before guys, but I went and did it anyways.

4/7/2013 #12

Basic Soul Manipulation Technique

Grade: A

Description: The user uses their soul to bend the will of their opponents soul, allowing them to control their movements. Can be fought against, and even reversed.

Users: Mathew, Jacob, Wilhelm, Riko, Thanatos, Naberius, Madam Metus

8/27/2013 . Edited 8/27/2013 #13

Black-Hole Burst

Grade: SSS

Description: The user preforms a Pulsar Blast, but condenses the energy until it collapses into itself and creates a singularity. This then begins sucking in matter and growing in size until it is either halted or runs out of matter to consume.

Users: Sarah, Ying

8/27/2013 . Edited 8/27/2013 #14

Spectral Form Technique

Grade: B

Description: The user renders themselves intangible and weightless, allowing them to float and pass through walls.

Users: Spectris, Shinigami, Thanatos

8/27/2013 #15

Soul Release

Grade: E-SSS

Description: The user's soul becomes a physical entity, that then merges with the user. This gives them incredible speed, stamina, strength, and perception. The strength of this technique depends on the user's soul. Using this technique places a great toll on the user's body and will in most cases completely destroy it unless they are strong enough.

Users: Thanatos, Naberius(?), Madam Metus, Mata Sakurazaki

8/27/2013 . Edited by seconda etapa, 3/1/2014 #16
seconda etapa

Fire of the Stars (That's the general name, with the three power-levels being called Solar Flare, True Solar Flare and Supernova)

Grade: S, SS, SSS

Description: Creates an instant burst of heat equal to the heat of a solar flare, the sun's core or of a supernova. It puts a large strain on the body, and can be used a bit more than 20 times, about 10 times and about 4 times respectively.

Users: Riko Sakurazaki

8/11/2015 . Edited 8/12/2015 #17
seconda etapa

Requiem of the Crimson Sky

Grade: B

Description: The sky erupts in flames, and massive fireballs start raining down on the battlefield, which can be aimed by the user.

Users: Riko Sakurazaki

8/21/2015 #18
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