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Has anyone else forgotten the title or author of a certain fic that they've enjoyed, and are dying to read it again but can't remember where to find it? Post your descriptions of the fic here, of what you can remember, and anyone who has the answer can post a response. Let's help each other to remember the fics we liked. People can also post suggestions for fics here.

Here's my help request --

Fic Description:

The fic I am looking for is a Yugioh fic, with a Yami Bakura/Anzu pairing. The plot goes something like this: All the Yami's must find a new body to inhabit. Yami Bakura, secretly manages to escape into the body of Anzu Mazaki and, while occupying her body, he is at first rude and callous (going as far as to touch Anzu's body in the mirror so that it will rile her up since she can still see all that goes on through her eyes). Further on down the road, they fall in love, and Bakura protects Anzu during certain situations using his shadow magic. Also, Bakura can meet up with Anzu in her mind's room. This fic is a mature fic, due to the fact that there are lemons. If anyone knows the title or author of this fic, please let me know. Thank you for your help minna-san!

- Failisse

10/8/2011 #1
seconda etapa

It´s either this or this

10/9/2011 #2

Yes! That's it! Thank you so much! I guess the reason why I couldn't find it was because I was looking at the completed fics. Thank you, that was really helpful!

10/9/2011 #3
seconda etapa

Glad to help.

10/9/2011 #4
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