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vip fan

just wondering if it's possible to find out who the author was of deleated stories?

when you have the name of the story, the chapters names and the story id number.

it could be all kind of reasons for a story to disappear/get removed but would be nice to actually be able to pm the author

12/19/2011 #1
seconda etapa

I´m afraid that it´s not possible.

12/19/2011 #2
vip fan

Oh well, guess there's nothing to do but hope the original poster post it again, be it with changes or not.

12/21/2011 #3

Hi there! I didn't find any other place to post this so I'm just gonna ask for help here.

Here the thing: I read a fic about three or four years ago and I can't seem to find it anymore. :'(

Where the hell on those thousands of topics should I go explain what happened in that story in hope that someone will know what I'm talking about? :D

7/9/2013 #4
seconda etapa

It might have been deleted. There was a massive purge almost 3 years ago.

7/9/2013 #5

Why would you even want to do that? :'(

Well anyways, thanks for the answer :)

7/9/2013 #6
seconda etapa

Dunno why they did it. A ton of good stories were lost...

7/9/2013 #7

No wonder I can't find anything I loved reading around that time!

7/9/2013 #8
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