Le petit Prince
For those who loved this most beautiful tale of innocence!
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For me, le Petit Prince, has an unique atmosphere and the writing style makes it unique and intimate, but it doesn't lessen the depth of the dialogues to the least. Besides, the action and characters illustrates our society in a very attractive and nice optic. For this story, Antoine De Saint-Exupéry is one of my favorite writers (if not the first).

What about you?

8/30/2010 . Edited 8/30/2010 #1

I wuv the writing style, and the usage of extended metaphors. The little prince and aviator's point of views are so intriguing. I also gotta say I love the snake.

I'll keep it at that for fear of running on... and on...

2/22/2011 #2

But please, do! ^^ I'd love to read about your opinion.

5/31/2011 #3

Ooh, you responded!

I've been waiting. :D


Hm. How to start...

Well, How about this. I'll say a little something, and then you can add on to it. What do you think...?

The prince is so... innocent. And you don't read about many of those kinds of people. It's refreshing. He's so young (right...?) yet so loyal to the rose. I think, if I were the price, I wouldn't be able to be so selfless. :S

Poor guy... sacrificing his body to be by the side of the rose...

6/1/2011 #4

Oh, you have hit on one of my favourite stories ever. The book is so rich with analogy and symbolic Christology. You have made me want to go off and read it now!

1/6/2013 #5

Not trying to make a big drama out of anything, but I cried when I first read it. I grew up with a mindset of "I don't want to be a grown-up, they're weird" which, of course, was something weird for my family and relatives ' but it's not a choice, everyone has to grow up somehow and so little by little I endured growing up. There's this kind of liberating feeling when I first read Le Petit Prince, it was like all my feelings that I had been keeping inside for myself is poured out in the form of Msr. De Saint-Exupéry's writings.

Well, aside from the emotional value for me, Le Petit Prince is interesting because you can see how Antoine De-Saint Exupéry criticized our society by portraying it from the point of view of the little prince who looks at things in its innocent perspective. The last bits of the little prince's adventure was the most sad to me I don't know why, perhaps the goodbye, but perhaps the emptiness that Antoine De-Saint Exupéry emphasized as the little prince had gone by putting an illustration of the little prince and a great star in the sky, and an illustration on the next page of the same scene without him. It's like we've been brought to know him little by little throughout the book, and all of a sudden poof! he's just.. gone

I guess that was a bit long.... but Le Petit Prince has always been my favorite, and I daresay that it would always be my favorite. :)

9/28/2013 #6

Wow, it sounds...that touching to hear. I kind of identified as well, when I was about 16, but then I realized that I was neurodivergent and asexual, so it surprised me less.

Yes the ending is sad, namelly because it's hinting that tPrice has died (as a child, if we think rationnally, like a grown up) or at least he is gone from our world forever to go back to his rose (from the narrative point of view). After all it's because of the snake's bite. :/

4/18 #7
The Princess Maker

I do think about the philosophical things Saint-Exupery was trying to get across (especially with the Fox), but I focus more on the fact that the narrator (whoever he is) comes to care for the Prince, kinda of like he's his dad or something (especially the ending note!) :D

5/6 #8
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