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Imagination Domination

The long-anticipated (XD) story from yours truly has, under hours of consideration, finally been decided to be OC-submission. I'm only taking charries here, so you, mah clubberz, are lucky in that you get first dibs. There is no set amount of characters I'm accepting, but I'll allow two from each person (one pokemon-user, one regular-ish person that is not a trainer/coordinator/breeder/ranger/etc.). So take your time, think it out, and send meh some awesomesauce people for my upcoming fic, Spirits of the Shattered!

Name: (First, last, and a nickname if he/she has one)

Gender: (Not much to elaborate on here)

Age: (Ranges from ten to sixty. Go crazy)

Hometown: (Name the city/town and region. Anywhere from the main games. No Isshu)

Appearance: (As much detail as possible. Hair color and style, eye color, skin tone, body type, height, blemishes, scars, etc. Be reasonable about scars, though. Hair color should be natural unless specifically stated that it is dyed. No color-changing eyes or whatever the crap that is)

Clothing: (What do they wear? There isn't really anything I can limit this on except for practicality. If the clothing makes sense with the character's occupation, then I'll be perfectly happy)

Occupation: (Trainer? Ranger? Coordinator? Businessman? Hobo? Random ice cream vendor? I'd like a variety of people. And if somebody really does give me a hobo, that would be a totally epic win)

Personality: (Who is this character? How do they act around different people? What sorts of responses do they have to different situations? This all depends on where they're from and how they were raised and what they do for a living. Please be realistic. At least five sentences)

Family: (Pretty self-explanatory, yes?)

History: (How they grew up, any important things from the past, etc. Drama is only allowed if it is related to their greatest fear)

Greatest Fear: (What are they most afraid of? VERY IMPORTANT to mah fic. I would really love creativity here. As long as it isn't as cliché as "watched parents get killed by Team ____ member," I'll allow some drama. And, if you can, please refrain from doing one of those "was attacked by a certain pokémon and is now afraid of that species." It's been done a lot)

Pokémon:(If any. Every character is permitted to have one, regardless of their occupation—as long as it makes sense. i.e. a bicycle salesmen would not have a flygon just for the heck of it. Trainers/other traditional users of pokémon are allowed to have up to five. Give mepersonality,how it was obtained,any nicknames, andgender. Illegals: legendaries, pseudo-legendaries, lucario/riolu, eevee/lutions, Isshus. Remember, uncommon pokémon are loved~ EDIT: And you can have one reserved pokemon if you're a pokemon-user. Though I don't know what to do with reserved pokemon yet... XD)

Other: (Anything else I may have forgotten)

Please note that it may take a long time to put your OC in because there's a place farther along that I wanted to fit him/her into. And it depends on what occupation as well--I might decide to put that beloved hobo in Lilycove or in Mauville, so it's all up to chance. :)

OTHER NOTE: If the format is screwy, it's because I copy/pasted it onto here. I'll probably have to edit this after posting...

EDIT: Ah, crap, it deleted all the spaces after the periods again. *tries to fix them all*

DOUBLE EDIT: I'll start listing my current characters right here. That way, you'll know I've got them, even if I don't reply~

This is the format for which I will edit in charries:

+number+.) +character name+ - +author name+ +a or b depending on if it is the first/second OC from that author+

Let's begin:

1.) Calisto Mendez - ZuluBlacky (Character A)

2.) Gerty - NightmareSyndrom (Character A)

3.) Gweneth Hylar - Gweniveve Skyes (Character A)

4.) Armin Kolinsky - WereDragon EX (Character A)

5.) Jaden Anderson - jackinafrickinbox (Character A)

6.) Kaitlin "Kitti" Hawke - Jigglypuff's Pillow (Character A)

7.) Larissa "Rissa" Murdock - iflip4dolphins (Character A)

8.) Camryn Ilex - ZuluBlacky (Character B)

9.) Penelope "Penny" Theleia - Jigglypuff's Pillow (Character B)

10.) Lena Bryer - FirebirdXoX (Character A)

11.) Jacob Smiths - Creation of Pokerus (Character A)

12.) Owen Sikes - FirebirdXoX (Character B)

10/19/2010 . Edited by Korona Karyuudo, 5/14/2011 #1
Korona Karyuudo

Will this be PMed to you or just posting the bios here?

10/19/2010 #2
Imagination Domination

I would prefer that the bios are posted here. That way I won't have two trainers with the same pokemon, or a bajillion trainers and one breeder, or seven people that are severely afraid of heights as their fear. You know, so people can change it up and keep the similarities with others to a minimum.

Thanks for asking, KK~

10/19/2010 #3
Korona Karyuudo

No problem, just making it all clearer.

I was just curious since I thought maybe you'd like to keep the surprise of a character an actual surprise until you reveal the surprise in the story.

Anyways, good luck with the story!

10/19/2010 #4
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

I have a feeling my character's fear will be unique.

ID, can my character have unnatural hair color if it's dyed? It works with the character.

10/19/2010 . Edited 10/19/2010 #5
Imagination Domination


Nah, I'm not dynamic enough to keep the characters a surprise like Shade can. I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I'd screw it up with an AN that said "GUESS WHAT KK YOUR CHARRIE IS IN HERE OH WAIT CRAP I RUINED THE EFFECT" XD

Thank you~ *accepts the possible good luck with a formal bow/curtsy*

@ ZB: Yes, that's fine. I just meant to say that having pink hair without saying it's artificial is the sort of not-allowed thing to do. Thank you for asking that. *goes to change that*

10/19/2010 . Edited 10/19/2010 #6

I want one of my own points.


10/20/2010 #7
Imagination Domination


I'm holding one of your Formerly ponts (who I have named "Chlltwn" to keep from getting sued for copyright issues) hostage, and the only way to get him back is to make an OC.

You better hurry before I draw on his face. XD

10/20/2010 #8

Do you want Pengause?

Or somebody useful?

10/20/2010 #9
Imagination Domination

Pengause would be awesome. XD I don't know how many comedic characters I may get for this serious-sounding fic, but having a good-ol' Pengause around will definitely lighten the mood. :D

Unless you'd like to send another beast OC, Mr. Chill. XD

10/20/2010 #10
Zulu the Vampire Slayer


Name: Calisto Mendez

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto

Appearance: His hair is naturally light brown, but he's dyed it half-orange and half blue. It reaches about his neck straight and awkwardly curls up there. He has pretty boring dark brown eyes and a light Hispanic skin tone. Body type-wise, he's not very muscular or fatty, but kinda broad, and is rather short, around 5'3", and weighs around 115. He has a thin scar on his left bicep that is generally hidden by his sleeves.

Clothing: He generally wears a bright yellow hoodie with a Poké Ball logo on the back over a similarly squintingly bright green T-shirt with purple lettering on it. As for pants, he wears red, purple and yellow tie-dye capris and teal flip flops.

Occupation: Artist

Personality: He is extremely fascinated with colors of all kinds and tries to use as many as he can in whatever situation possible. Despite the appearance, he is generally quite soft-spoken and really adds little to most conversations. When he does talk, it's generally more macho than expected, as well. He tends to hang around girls more than guys-no real reason, he just prefers their company. He has a very poor sense of humor, and pretty much never laughs at much of anything. Most of his humor comes from bitter sarcasm. He has a strong hatred for graffiti "artists."

Family: Reanna Mendez, Italian model, Julio Mendez, Hispanic businessman.

History: As a kid, an eye operation gave his eyes an oversensitiveness to color, leading to his obsession with it. He was generally the quiet kid throughout elementary and middle school, where he discovered his talent: art. He spent a lot of his time painting, especially alongside his Smeargle. He developed an eccentric style to himself involving the colors he loved so much. Throughout elementary school and middle school, he pretty much didn't talk to anyone, but that changed when he joined an art club freshman year. He stayed pretty reserved, but actually talked, dispelling rumors that he was mute.

Greatest Fear: Being trapped in a complete grayscale with no color at all.


Smeargle, Male.

He's psycho-protective of everything he cares about-namely, good art and Calisto. Everything else, he couldn't care less.

Other: Nothing specific, but Calisto is an Italian name, just clearing things up.

10/20/2010 #11
Imagination Domination


I love him, ZB! Very original, my good man. I was definitely not expecting an artist. And his fear... *flails* genius!

Mr. Calisto is a masterpiece. *pardon the pun* XD

Oh, just noting this for you guys, the first section of my fic takes place in Hoenn. It doesn't matter what the OCs' hometowns are since I can transport them to different regions during their travels/trips/vacations/etc., but they may pop up in different regions. Just so you know that I'm not prejudiced against hometowns. XD

10/20/2010 #12

Can I submit Zubatman?

10/20/2010 #13

Yes, I has a great idea! I'm definately going to umbit an OC, so expect her... probably sometime tommorrow. May I ask what this fic will sort of be about? It helps to know when writing an OC. :3

10/20/2010 #14
Imagination Domination

I have no idea who Zubatman is yet, but I don't mind any character. I'm thinking he has...a zubat?! XD

Oh, wait... *understands the Batman pun* I get it.

*epic flail*

Yes, I believe Zubatman would be awesome. XD Actually, he might be perfect for this story. You just don't know it yet...

10/20/2010 #15

Hey, it's a new person!

Alright, I'm gonna work on Zubatman's form now. xD

10/20/2010 #16
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

Hey, new person! Or is it just someone I don't recognize?

If you're new, the introduce yourself thread is above.

10/20/2010 #17

I came from another forum Dom (Or whatever you call him) goes to. But yeah, I'll go introduce myself~

10/20/2010 #18
Korona Karyuudo

CHILL: I wanted to write a oneshot about Zubatman, but I guess not anymore eh? That's why I was asking about calling a town Chilltown.


10/20/2010 #19
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

ID's a he?

10/20/2010 #20

I guess, as long as I can also write a Zubatman story.

Maybe we can host a Zubatman Halloween contest at the forum? xD

10/20/2010 #21
Zulu the Vampire Slayer


10/20/2010 #22


I want to submit an OC because you are awesome. Give me a little bit of time to think of something.

EDIT: And your story summary sounds fantastic. lohsdfjkh I really can't wait to see it.

10/20/2010 . Edited 10/20/2010 #23
Imagination Domination

OH, hey there, Puff! :D Great to see you here.

This fic is...hum...I'll try to summarize it.

A Rough Draft Summary: The mechanics of a poke ball are very intricate and complicated, and few people understand how they work. Decades of research were put into creating these wonders of technology, and even more dedication was put into making them durable yet fragile.

Everyone knows that a pokemon can release itself from a poke ball during capture. But sometimes, a pokemon will severely damage their ball, but not enough to free itself...and something goes quite wrong.

And if that pokemon dies within the ball, they don't truly die. They are stuck in this world, unkowningly trapped in the flow of electromagnetic waves as their body once was inside the ball. They are the Shattered Spirits.

They hold power, but even they don't know how to use it. One man dedicated his life to understanding them, yet he didn't live to see the day when his research was fulfilled. And one madman has gotten his hands on that research, a desperate man who wishes to breach the line of mortality to save a friend.

And his plans go wrong.

The Shattered are freed.

And they have the power to possess the bodies of the living.

--The end. That's all the info I can give out without ruining things~

I hope to see your OCs soon, mah peeps!

@ Puff: Oh, and if you can, please go over to the Introductions thread so everyone knows who you are, okay? :D Thank you!

10/20/2010 #24
Imagination Domination

Oh, wow, I missed stuff.

@ Happy: Take all the time you need, mah peep.

@ Puff: Good for you, introducin' yoself!

And, um, I'm a female... :D


Yay, people are noticing this thread now~!

10/20/2010 #25
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

That's what I thought.

10/20/2010 #26

Holy crap you're a girl!? :O

Oh yeah, and I introduced myself~

10/20/2010 . Edited 10/20/2010 #27
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

Yes she is.

And in case you were wondering, I'm not. Ignore the profile picture.

10/20/2010 #28

I can be whatever you want. ;D

10/20/2010 #29
Korona Karyuudo

Chill: I said that in my head to the tune of 'You can have whatever you want'~ from that one song..


10/20/2010 #30
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