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I can be whatever you want. ;D

Coolio, you're a hermaphrodite with me.

Anyways, I need to get started on that OC. I'll be lurking.

10/20/2010 #31
Imagination Domination

Sorry, had to finish Spanish homework~

Yeppers, Puff! I guess my female-ness wasn't really knowable before. I never said so on Grey Hat, so I understand. :D

I'll be awaiting your charries~

@ Happy: Glad that you liked it! It's a bit complicated, as you can see. Chaptah one could be out in more than a week as a result~

@ KK: I thought it was whatever you like?


10/20/2010 #32
Korona Karyuudo're right about that ID.

My mistake.


10/20/2010 #33
Imagination Domination

It's all good, KK. You can say whatever you like~ XD

And I'll put a list on my first post of the characters that are submitted. That way, you'll know I've got them even if I forget to reply. XD

10/20/2010 #34

Here it is. Let me know if I need to change anything.

Name: Gerty

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Hometown: Goldenrod

Appearance: Reddish brown hair done up in two very sloppy pigtails. Her left eye is green and her right eye is blue. Her skin is pale and freckly. She's small and skinny. And she always has patches of dirt on her skin.

Clothing: A patchwork dress. It is literally pieces from several dresses and other types of clothing sown together into what could vaguely pass as a dress. She also wears and old wore pair of roller skates, with a wheel missing from the left skate.

Occupation: Hobo

Personality: She is a kleptomaniac, if she sees it, it's hers. More often than not, when a situation starts going south she'll have a panic attack, but these happen so frequently it is more of a force of habit than anything else. She's a Paranoid Schizophrenic, meaning she tend to say random words that rhyme, talks to herself and is not all there in the head, but then again most homeless people aren't. She never lies, she equivocates, and that is to say she tells the truth but not the whole truth in a way that is beneficial to her. She is very hyper, bordering on ADHD a quarter of the time.

Family: Herself

History: Orphaned at a young age (Nothing too tragic, just her parents dieing when the magnet train malfunctioned and crashed) she grew up on the streets, scrapping by on what ever she could find.

Greatest Fear: Wide open spaces and large crowds of people. (What are they most afraid of? VERY IMPORTANT to mah fic. I would really love creativity here. As long as it isn't as cliché as "watched parents get killed by Team ____ member," I'll allow some drama. And, if you can, please refrain from doing one of those "was attacked by a certain pokémon and is now afraid of that species." It's been done a lot)

Pokémon: Grimer

Obtained: Found in the city sewers system.

Nickname: 'Pliss

Gender: Female

10/20/2010 #35
Korona Karyuudo

You went with Gerty!


10/20/2010 #36
Imagination Domination

It really is a hobo~! Thank you, NMS! Nice and creative.

Gerty the Hobo is an epic win~

10/21/2010 #37
Gweniveve Skyes

So I decided I would finally get off of my butt and type out this OC submission...I know :)

Name: Gweneth Hylar (her name came around way before my penname did lol)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: She is lanky, like a runner, about 5'4. She has little curves too. Her hair is a dirty blonde, borderline brown and it goes just past the bottom of her shoulder blades. A couple of bangs frame her face, but is otherwise kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are the shade of slate grey and she is fair skinned, despite spending most of her days outdoors. She has a scar running down her back from a accident during a tournament. She was celebrating a victory and she managed to fall off the platform she was standing on. Not pretty sight. Because of it, she's shy about being in anything like a swimsuit.

Clothing: She wears a blue tank top with a pair of cargo pants, with lots of pockets. She also has a hoodie, a black and silver one with a stylized Lugia pattern on the back and sleeves. It was a gift from her older sister Meredith. She rarely takes it off. She also carries a shoulder bag, a golden brown with a Noctowl done in brass studs. Her pokeballs are attached to the strap. Lastly, she wears two feathers: one is a black and grey wing feather almost constantly weaved into her hair. The second is a downy tuft kept away in a heart shaped locket.

Occupation: She is a trainer, though she is becoming interested in taking college courses in Poke-biology and is considering a career in the science of Poke-evolution (the Darwinian kind, not the stage kind, if that makes any sense).

Hometown: Born in Ecruteak, lived in Sunyshore for her life.

Personality: Gweneth has a interesting sense of humor to say the least. She seems to be perpetually optimistic, but she does know when to be serious. She views her older sister Meredith- a trainer who specializes in bird types- as a role model and strives to be like her, especially since Meredith won some major tournaments. Gwen has been known for being a sore loser and the occasional temper. She sociable and friendly, but is known for making judgments about people rather fast; however, if you become her friend, she's a friend for life. Gwen has a sense of justice and wishes that one day, she could change the world for the better, but isn't sure how. She loves Meredith intensely.

Family: Her parents, Thomas and Renee Hylar and one older sister Meredith Hylar.

History: Her parents were gone a lot, so Meredith was essentially the one that raised Gweneth. When Meredith went to go be a trainer, Gweneth wanted to go as well, but was too young; however, when she turned ten, she left and never looked back. but tragedy struck just before the Sinnoh League competition, when one of her pokemon, Markus her Staraptor, caught a deadly flu and died, which is why she has the feathers. Grieving, she withdrew from the competition and didn't compete for nearly two years, but eventually eased herself into the competition circuit again, where she was dubbed the 'Comeback Queen', for she swept three tournaments in a row. She hasn't won a League competition yet, but has placed in the finals and semi-finals.

Greatest fear: Hospitals/Pokecenters. When Markus the Staraptor was in the hospital, she literally watched him wither away, hooked up to machines. She did unhook him from the machines and took him outside, to let him die in peace. She's less frightened about Pokecenters than hospitals, but she still gets extremely agitated whenever she's in one. It's the antiseptic smell that gets to her.

Pokemon: Her team is a mix of Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh:

Gus: Male Torterra. He is her first pokemon. He is loyal and steady, acting as a mediator to the otherwise dysfunctional team. He does have his own 'strategy', though, which does occasionally place him in clash with Gweneth. Knows: Leaf Storm, Synthesis, Giga Drain, and Protect

Trydan: Male Luxray. Is very imperious. He likes to show his strength and always wants attention, aka, pets and scratches from Gwen. He sees himself as 'nobility', even though he was a scrawny Shinx Gwen caught by accident in the beginning. Knows: Crunch, Thunder Fang, Charge, and Charge Beam.

Cheyenne: Female Flygon. She is very calm and sedate, rarely getting flustered. Her actions always seem delicate and deliberate, and while she cares for Gwen, she doesn't show it overtly. Knows: Sandstorm, Dragon Claw, flamethrower and Dragon Breath. Note: A popular strategy Gwen uses is for Cheyenne to use Sandstorm, then hide in it, while shhot out Flamethrower and Dragon breath attacks.

Layla: Nidoqueen. The mother hen of the group. She is very protective of everybody, but has a habit of bossing the other team members around. She is Gwen's back up in battle, due to her versatility and ability to take hits. Knows: Earthquake, Ice Beam, Crunch and toxic spikes

Hephaestus: Male Blaziken: Loves to fight. He has a habit of taunting his opponent during battle and he'll laugh when he manages to throw them off. He is a very psychical pokemon and he competes with Trydan the Luxray, a lot.

Other: 'Trydan' means lightning/thunder in Welsh.

Question: Can a trainer keep Pokemon in reserve, or must they stick with the five?

Ta-Dah! OC submission finished! Night!

10/21/2010 #38
Imagination Domination

Thankyousomuch! I lurve her~

Yes, I understand what you meant by Darwinian evolution instead of stage-by-stage. I'll be sure to mention it when I write her. That's very interesting. *nodnod*

Answer to the Question: I was leaning towards just these five because I let people have all six last time, but I was majorly confused after that... I'll allow one reserved pokemon, then. I've never done reserves, so I'm not really sure what to do with them... XD

10/22/2010 #39
WereDragon EX

Ah alright, here's my OC. Hope you like and accept him, and good luck with the story.

Name: Armin Kolinsky

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Hometown: Lavaridge Town, Hoenn

Appearance: Armin is 5'7, has brown eyes, a hispanic skin tone, and is quite well built after years of moving around and being on the run. He also has black hair which he keeps in a Caesar cut. Clothes: Across his forehead, he wears a black headband with gold trim. He also wears a blue shirt with white lining underneath an open floor-length white jacket. Pinned to the left chest area of his jacket is a button badge shaped like a Pokeball. He wears a green glove on his left hand and a red glove on his right hand. He also has baggy, beige colored pants, with the legs tucked into black combat boots with light blue laces.

When doing his vigilante work: Organization XIII cloak/uniform

Occupation: Vigilante and Drifter

Personality: A suave, dapper, professional, and debonair individual, Armin is a person that is a great taskmaster, and knows how to keep his priorities straightened out, but he's also quite eccentric. His eccentricity has made him prone to unusual behavior in public, screaming in triumph when something goes his way, spontaneously dancing when he feel like it, etc. He can be impulsive at times, doing things without a second thought, but he is also quite pacifistic, being not particularly violent and only fights if he has to. Notably, he trains his Pokemon to attack in a planned out way when he releases them from their Pokeballs, so he can observe the opponent's reactions (to his Pokemon seemingly attacking without orders) and then adapt his strategy accordingly. He also likes to plans things out well in advance to prevent setbacks, yet is very good at improvising if things go awry, making him someone who isn't easily surprised, caught off-guard, and difficult to faze. Armin is someone that doesn't enjoy the torment of others, and will step in to stop if he can. Otherwise, may very well look the other way if he cannot do anything about it. To survive during his life on the move initially, he became a thief and frequently stole food to feed himself and his Pokemon. Though he says he is not proud of stealing after that, he still gets urges he has to resist sometimes. He is jealous and very envious of people who are wealthier or better off than himself, especially since he had quite a demeaning past, and had to really work hard to get by. While it is generally good, his moral compass tends to tilt a bit on the dark side at times, evidenced by his vigilante activities, using questionable means to obtain "justice" for those who have been wronged. Armin also has an interest in criminal psychology and enjoys jelly beans and breakfast cereal, which he will consume for just about any meal if he could.

Family: Zeke Kolinsky (father, deceased), Maureen Kolinsky (mother, deceased)

History: Born in Lavaridge Town, Armin is the son of an a very alcoholic father who abused him after his mother died giving birth to him, causing Armin's father to see him as an unnecessary burden and one whose existence was pointless. His father also wouldn't let him go on his own Pokemon journey when he became of age. After one drunken episode by his father when he was 14, Armin committed patricide and murdered his father. He fled the scene, knowing that a neighbor heard the noise and probably called the police on him. Armin quickly changed his appearance and want under a slew of false names (you can invent aliases for him). He acquired his Pokemon early on within his first year, stealing food, clothes and other essentials to survive. He had a moment of intervention when he was 16, and realized his wrongs, yet he was too ashamed to go to the cops. As a way of trying to find redemption in society, he stopped stealing, and took up a role as a vigilante in whatever area he currently stayed, traveling around the Pokemon world and doing odd jobs here and there for some income. As a vigilante, he could be the one that steals back a purse from a robber he catches in the act and return it to the lady it was stolen from. Or he could prosecute a criminal for a crime he was acquitted for but actually committed.

Greatest Fear: Getting arrested by the police, being deceived by anyone he holds dear, succumbing to his past criminal urges

Pokemon (Listed in the order he obtained them, all Pokemon have been captured in their base forms. He has stolen all of them except Crawdaunt. All of his Pokemon are also very highly resistant to all forms of taunting by opponents, a trait Armin instilled very well in them.):

Crawdaunt (Female)

Ability: Shell Armor

Moves: Crabhammer, Dig, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace Crawdaunt,

Armin's first Pokemon, Crawdaunt is a Pokemon that knows what he's doing and does it well, sharing her Trainer's interest in being prepared. She enjoys frequently putting on displays of ability for other Pokemon, especially the rest of her team, to watch. This is not for her own personal gratification, but as an encouragement for them to get stronger. Abandoned by her original trainer, Crawdaunt was hastily adopted by Armin under a false name at the first Pokemon Centre he went to, since he was desperate for a Pokemon and the Corphish was the only one they had at the time.

Swalot (Female)

Ability: Liquid Ooze

Moves: Sludge Bomb, Gunk Shot, Destiny Bond, Body Slam

Swalot is quite carefree, easygoing, and lazy, to the point that nothing would please her more than to snooze off under a tree. This is a big source of irritation for the rest of her team, who see her as a weak link. She is still eager to prove them wrong though, and will readily show it on the battlefield. Swalot was being used by a garbage company to get rid of trash, Armin stole her because the owners were treating her abusively.

Forretress (Male)

Ability: Sturdy

Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Mirror Shot, Explosion

Forretress is a peaceful Pokemon in general, and enjoys relaxing when she isn't training. However, she has a nasty side if successfully irritated enough, which is a great feat in itself, and will explode with great force when that happens. Armin uses that to his benefit in battles and his vigilante work to mess up his target's routine. Forretress was stolen from a daycare when Armin needed a Pokemon to explode and cause a diversion when he was stealing something, to make it easier for him to escape and harder for his pursuers to chase him.

Omastar (Female)

Ability: Shell Armor

Moves: Hydro Pump, Mud Shot, Stone Edge, Ice Beam

Omastar is a very withdrawn Pokemon that usually shies away from human contact, but can become very savage and aggressive if provoked enough. This is sometimes encouraged by her Trainer in battle, so the opponent gets surprised by her quick and sudden shift in demeanor. The sight of an opponent with a type advantage is enough to get her fighting even harder.

Kabutops (Male)

Ability: Battle Armor

Moves: Mud Shot, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge

Kabutops exudes an air of authority and professionalism around himself, which makes him a Pokemon that others look up in attention to when he enters a room. He is proud of his arm blades and the victories they brought him, and doesn't hesitate to let others know of that fact, though he's not overly vain. Omastar and Kabutops were stolen out the research centre at the Pewter City Museum by Armin the night after he went on a tour. He saw them and thought confining them for research was wrong, and thus he took them.

10/22/2010 . Edited 10/22/2010 #40
Gweniveve Skyes

Well, what I meant by reserves was that in the games, the trainer will have a couple of pokemon that while they may not have constantly with them, but they're important for them to be switched out, aka, reserves. Sorry if I confused you :(

Now, for the reserve pokemon

Aria: Female Milotic. Notoriously vain about her looks and when she has the free time, she will always be preening herself. She loves to show off her looks, even in battle, forcing Gwen to wonder if Milotic should have been in contests; ironically, Aria has never shown any interest in Contests. Despite her temperament, Aria is a tenacious battler.

Knows: Rain dance, Aqua tail, Aqua Ring and Hydro Pump

10/22/2010 #41

I'm not sure if you still need some, but here's one I guess. He's pretty crappy, but eh.

Name: Jaden Anderson

Gender: Gender

Age: Twenty-six

Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh

Appearance: Jaden is a young adult, a bit on the short side. His brown hair is cut extremely short, due to the fact that his younger sister tried to give him a good hair cut and failed. His eyes are brown and deep-set, and are usually rimmed with red due to bad allergies. His skin is olive and mostly untouched, except for the occasional pimple on his back and the two scars on his shoulder from an incident involving a pachirisu in his younger days. (Height: Five foot eight inches. Weight: 154 pounds.)

Clothing: Jaden usually wears short-sleeves and shorts, due to growing up in Floaroma and its moderate temperature. However, when he is conducting a seminar, he wears a long-sleeved white shirt, argyle-patterned sweater-vest, and black dress pants.

Occupation: Scientist, of sorts. He got a major in Biology and is now studying the sexual dimorphism of pokémon, being paid to discover anything that can help people understand what causes it.

Personality: Jaden is a slightly pessimistic young man who tries to keep a positive outlook on life. He tends to be awkward and jerky around people he doesn't know well. Around people he is friends with, he is brutally blunt, snarky, and spouts off random trivia nobody really wants to hear. When faced with a problem, he will analyze it and different solutions to it. As a result, he takes a long time to do anything in an urgent situation. He likes flowers, even if he is allergic to them, and dislikes anything involving peanut butter.

Family: Parents, who are now divorced, and a younger sister (eighteen years old) makes up his immediate family. He has a good, albeit distant, relationship with both of his parents and adores his little sister to death.

History: Jaden Anderson is the elder of two siblings birthed by his parents. He grew up around flowers and a friendly family, which would be good if it wasn't for his allergies. He is allergic to pollen, some grasses, and nearly all flowers. Since his town was infested with them, Jaden grew up isolated in his room and studied more as a result. His favourite topic as a teen was biology and anatomy, which carried through into his career. Only one dramatic thing really happened to his family, with his mother having two stillbirths.

Greatest Fear: Being unable to make his mark on the world and be forgotten.


1.)Mothim (Male): Named Cyrus and is Jaden's first pokémon. Caught as a Burmy when on a field trip to the Valley Windworks, where it was trying to bite all the female students. Interested in this pokémon due to its evolutionary line, Jaden caught it. Cyrus is a perverted bug, immediately gravitating towards anything female in his presence. His favourite move is Camouflage.

2.)Wormadam (Female): Named Cornelia, Wormadam is Jaden's second pokémon. She is a grass-form Wormadam and was caught as a Burmy not too long after Cyrus evolved. She was mainly caught so Jaden could evolve her and study the differences between her species and Mothim. She is a bossy bug type, making sure to keep Cyrus on a short leash. Her favourite move is Protect.

3.)Ditto (prefers to be known as male): Named Vertumnus. Ditto was Jaden's newest capture, though he didn't actually catch it. He bought it online and has loved it ever since. Vertumnus seems to have no emotions or goals of his own, except for when he is called asexual or female and tries to suffocate the offender. He is usually out of his pokéball and on Jaden's person, be it as a watch or glove or any accessory. He has a knack for turning into items, but has a harder time with Pokemon.

Other: Is completely inept at both battles and contests.

10/23/2010 #42

Welcome to Corneria!

10/23/2010 #43

Hmm, Corneria? What is that?

10/23/2010 #44

Hmm, Corneria? What is that?

10/23/2010 #45

It's a trope. I also say it a lot in this place.

And one of the mon's names reminded me of it.

10/23/2010 #46

I feel ashamed that I forgot that trope.

10/23/2010 #47

I is done! Tell me if you need any changes~ Also, I won't be on a lot, since I'm grounded for a month.

Name: Kaitlin "Kitti" Hawke (She desperately wants to change her last name to 'Cat', so her name will be Kitti-Cat)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Hometown: Slateport City

Appearance: Her hair is bright blond (As in, blindingly bright blond. Staring at it for too long can cause blindness [jk, but your eyes will still hurt]). It's wave and cascades to her mid-back. Her eyes are bright green, and distinctively cat-like. She has a lithe and agile build, but appears about eleven because of her short-ness. Her skin is somewhere between fair and tan. She's drawn kitty-whiskers on her face. There's usually a couple of healing scratches from if Felicia got irritated. Her canine-teeth are longer than her others, and her nails are also rather long, and sharp.

Clothing: She wears a black tank-top with silver pawprints sprinkled all over it, and a poofy black short-skirt. A black head-band is in her hair with furry black kitty ears on them. She also keeps a sapphire-blue bow with silver bells on one "ear". Her ears are each pierced twice, with silver bells dangling from them. Around her neck is a sapphire-blue choker that looks like a collar, with a silver bell on it, and her name on a silver tag. Her furry black gloves and boots are designed to look like paws. She even has a curled black tail clipped to the back of her skirt.

Occupation: Cat Pokémon Trainer/Traveller

Personality: Kitti can be described as nothing but cat-like. In fact, it's her greatest dream to become as close to a cat as possible.She likes fish and milk, but also adores sweets of all kinds. She can also purr and hiss, which she will do when the time is appropriate. She also has an affinity for climbing, and chasing after things. Her hair even poofs up and bristles if she gets scared.

She's very naïve, fun-loving, and out-going. She's constantly beings distracted by things (Usually something shiny), and could be in the middle of an important battle, then be distracted because she saw something shiny. She's rather peppy and optimistic, to the point of being annoying. She has boundless energy, so she's always bouncing around or doing something, because she can't stand to sit still. She's also very mischeivious, and loves to play tricks on people. She absolutely hates boredom, and would probably rather barge straight into enemy territory, just because that would be more fun and interesting. Because of her mother's overprotective nature, she's very rebellious, and tends to go against the flow as much as possible.

However, like most cats, she also has a temper. If you insult her or annoy her (Particularly for teasing her about being short), she would probably attack you with fangs and claws. She's also been known to hiss. She's a huge kleptomaniac. If she finds something she likes, she'll take it without thinking. She always wants things to go her way, and is very manipulative. She'll get her way even if it means cheating, stealing, lying, or flirting.

She's unusually superstitious. If she sees a Murkrow or Absol, she'll freak out, then plead to Arceus to have mercy on her. She also inheirited some of her mother's paranoid nature, and is suspicious of most everybody, often looking behind her and beings distrustful of random things, like trees.

Family: A paranoid, insane mother named Annalise Leyder. She's divorced to Kitti's dad, a laid-back and uncaring man named Jacob Hawke. She also has a very annoying and arrogant twin brother named Richard, who happens to train Dog-like Pokemon his team is (Male Mighteyena [Fang], Male Manectric [Volt], Female Houndoom [Sin], Female Arcanine [Lava])

History: Annalise Leyder had been hopelessly in love with Jacob Hawke, who, back then, was quite attractive. However, after they had gotten married and had Richard and Kitti, Jacob ditched Annalise when she needed him most. Annalise was left to care for two children by herself, when she didn't even have a job. Through hard-work and love for her children, she pulled through, though barely, and they lived in the poorer part of the town. Annalise became terrified of her own children leaving her, like her husband did, so she locked them in the house, working several jobs when she wasn't homeschooling her children. However, Richard and Kitti were both of curious nature, and they eventually broke out. It wasn't long before they each met their partners. Kitti found Skittles and Richard found Fang. Annalise was at first fretful, afraid of them, but then gradually accepted them into the family. Now both armed with Pokemon of their own, Kitti and Richard began to grow furthur apart, rivalry sparking between them. They competed about everything, but unfortunately, Richard usually won. When they turned ten, they both got the same idea and ran away from their mother, to start their journey. Annalise, heartbroken that her children also abandoned her, began to become crazy. Richard and Kitti haven't seen their mother since.

Greatest Fear: Dog-like Pokémon, partially because they're naturally enemy to the cat, and because Richard trains them. If she sees one she'll climb up the nearest tree and hiss at them. Her other fears include superstitions, like breaking a mirror, or seeing a Murkrow or Absol.


Skittles: Female Skitty. She's very hyper and loves sweets. She loves Kitti, and thinks of her as her mother. Therefore, she does whatever Kitti does,likes whatever Kitti does, and hates whatever Kitti does. Which means that she would rip of Richard and Fang's faces if she could. Back then, she had a rivalry with Fang, and they were found locked in battle. Kitti and Richard caught them, and they've been rivals since.

Twizler: Female Glameow. Vain and tempermental. She hates Kitti for "Imprisoning something as beautiful as me in that wretched ball". She constantly scratches Kitti everytime she comes out of her ball, and won't listen to anything she says, even in a battle. She hates battles, as they get her fur dirty, and if you do soil her fur, she'll attack you full-on. She was the pet of a rich little girl, who constantly fussed over her. Annoyed, Twizler ran away, only to be caught by Kitti, to her dismay.

Nut: Female Persian. Extremely lazy. She hates moving, and is perfectly content to just sleep the day away. She doesn't battle, and will only battle if she's going up against a female Pokemon, as she hates other females. Kitti won her in at a Game Corner.

Lollipop: Male Luxray. Very loyal towards Kitti. He's extremely serious, and hates people who joke around. He growls at anyone who even looks at Kitti the wrong way. He was the leader of a gang of Shinx and Luxio, when they met, and Kitti challenged him to a battle, which he lost. Because of a code of honor, he is forever loyal to Kitti.

10/23/2010 #48
Imagination Domination

OHMAHGOODNESS Three OCs while I was gone~ I feel so honored by mah peeps~



@ Were: *nodnod* That's a very different twist on the usual good-but-bad character. That teensy-seeming change from the norm makes it easier to use him in this story. I've already got a place planned out for him... *plots more*

@ Gwen: Okay then. Oh, uhm, this reminded me of something... IMPORTANT NOTE EVERYBODY READ THIS: This story will be rated T for violence and such, and the violence will most likely include death. Pokemon may die, and humans may die. This is just a warning, so don't go berserk if part of your team doesn't make it all the way through/your character is fatally wounded... :) (that smiley face was very unfitting to that announcement XD)

@ Jack: YESH A DITTO. I'm glad Jaden has a ditto; those little goobers need more love. Being a scientist, it fits him well. And so do the other two. And I do think I know what sexual dimorphism is...that's when the traits change depending on gender? As with burmy and combee and the nidorans?

@ Puff: WAHAHAHA It's Catgirl! XD She made me laugh. It kind of scares me how she sharpens her nails like claws, though...ah, well, it fits her. I've already got a very good idea of what to do with this Kitti. *smiles evilly* Her brother may make an appearance, but the reason for it is a bit classified... *shifty eyes* (you story-alerted mah old story, Obligated! Woo!)

I lurve these characters. :D

10/24/2010 #49

ID! Hi! So, I hope this is okay... It was hard to write. XD

Name: Larissa "Rissa" Murdock

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen

Hometown: Here, there, and everywhere.

Appearance: Rissa is your typical gyspy girl; tall, slender, and dark. She has long black hair with a natural wave that she tends to keep loose, confined only by a plain band of golden cloth tied around her head. Her skin is a lovely shade of bronze, partially because she spends much of her time outdoors, but it's mostly due to her heritage. Dark brown eyes, clear skin, and a diagonal scar on her right thumb from getting her hand caught in a floorboard crack and torn open on a nail complete her appearance.

Clothing: Aside from the golden cloth that holds back her hair, Rissa doesn't much look like a gypsy. She tends to forego her traditional gypsy wear in favor of flared jeans, a black formfitting T-shirt that shows some of her not-so-ample cleavage, and plain black sneakers worn gray from travel. However, she does indulge in some makeup, generally just a touch of gold eyeshadow and blush, and she wears several silver rings on her hands, two on her left and one on her right. The ones on her left are a design of twining leaves and a plain band with her name engraved on it in lovely cursive, while the one on her right depicts a carved Espeon. Rissa always wears simple gold chain necklace, fine, with a psychic symbol pendant attached.

Occupation: Gypsy/Fortuneteller

Personality: Rissa doesn't like being called her real name. Only people who are very, very close to her can call her Larissa without subsequently fearing for their lives, as Rissa is very good at giving evil looks. Haley is one such person (the fact that she never utilises this privilege unless something's terribly wrong means absolutely nothing). Other than that, Rissa is generally a calm, kind person. She loves dancing, has plenty of patience, and enjoys history, particularly ancient languages and cultures. The outdoors is home to her, and she dislikes being inside for a long period of time, and she especially hates small, enclosed spaces.

Family: The entire gyspy caravan, if you count her personal feelings on the matter. Technically, her strict, overbearing father (Nathaniel Murdock, deceased), her timid mother (Sarah Murdock, 37), and her sweet, adorable little sister (Haley "Hals" Murdock, 9). Due to circumstances, the only one she has contact with is Haley.

History: Rissa was born on a gypsy caravan somewhere between Johto and Kanto. She grew up on the caravan, moving from place to place and having the entirety of the caravan work together to raise her and the fifteen other children there. When she was five, Rissa had a vision of her father dying, and when it came true two years later, the caravan leader took her aside and told her that she was psychic. Over the next few years, Rissa learned several different meditation techniques and psychic exercises to help her gain control over her ability. It didn't work very well. When Rissa was fourteen, she saw a terrible vision, a vision that showed her the destruction of the entire caravan if she stayed. Rather than see that vision come true, Rissa left, leaving only a note for her little sister. Since leaving the caravan, Rissa's visions have become more and more frequent. She keeps in contact with Haley via letters, but other than that, speaks to no one from the caravan.

Greatest Fear: Her visions coming true. (See other for this to make sense.)

Pokémon: Claydol, a very intelligent, calm Pokemon that, though genderless, is usually referred to as 'he'. He is even calmer than his trainer, and only gets angry when Rissa is threatened or when Rissa herself gets furious (a feat hard to manage). He also tends to be very, very still whenever out of his pokeball (which is fairly often) and likes to stare at people.

Other: Rissa is a psychic who gets visions from the future. They are generally fairly short, and they never predict anything pleasant. Death, destruction, and chaos are the most common themes. Her visions don't always come true; they simply predict what may happen if the present continues the way it is at that exact moment in time. The visions come pretty often now, and when they do come, Rissa sees images and hears sounds (voices, whatever), but to the general public, she simply freezes and her eyes go blank. Because of the visions, Rissa suffers from headaches.

10/24/2010 #50
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

Number 2 is done.

Name: Camryn Ilex

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Hometown: Oldale Town, Hoenn. (formerly of Mauville City)

Appearance: He has light brown hair cut into a crew cut along the top, but once it reaches the neck, it gets thicker. His eyes are cobalt. He has a really bad acne problem, especially on his forehead. He's quire short and built slightly muscularly, but not much. He has a thick burn mark on the back of his leg that stretches from his knee to his Achilles, as well as other small burn marks across his body.

Clothing: He wears a black t-shirt with a very ornate hard rock logo on it under a blue cotton hooded jacket that he never takes off. Ever. (he keeps his matches in the pockets, 2 300-pack boxes). For the lower body, he wears camoflague shorts cut off just above his long burn mark, and a pair of thick hiking books that are clearly burnt in many places. He has a chain around his neck that holds a silver Zippo lighter on a keyring at the front.

Occupation: Trainer

Personality: He's a pyro at its finest: he loves starting fires and watching anything and everything burn, but most of all he enjoys burning old, unused buildings and watching them explode. He's not exactly psychopathic, but he has no qualms about killing people whenever, and whoever necessary, and enjoys watching the dead burn. He doesn't form close bonds with people, because he may have to burn them later. Despite this, he is often upbeat and rather cheery when talking to people, though when they annoy him, he secretly opens and closes his match box, deciding whether it would be for the best to burn them. He has a vicious streak of hazing new, young trainers and forcing them to do crazy things, his favorite being ruining the footstep guy's "new" footsteps and having them buy hundreds of antidotes for no apparent reason. He also enjoys greatly ruining people's high-and-might moments with observations.

Family: Jane Ilex, his mother, an undertaker and crematory worker. Alexander Ilex, his father, a mechanic.

History: He grew up in Mauville with his parents in jobs that required a lot of fire, in which he discovered his love of fire. His father hated visitors and new people coming to his town and taught him the tricks of getting rid of newbies. At age ten, he received his Torchic from Mauville's local professor and promptly set off on a journey. After conquering three Hoenn gyms, he came to Lavaridge and fell in love with its firey customs. He trained under Flannery for a few years, but his ever-growing pyromania eventually led for her to make him leave. He took it in stride and left…after killing her local gym guy for revenge. He finished his journey, though most of the gym leaders didn't like him (being described as a 'monster' by Norman, an 'enemy of humanity' by Winona, and 'just freaking crazy' by Juan.) He finished off in the Top 8 of the Hoenn conference. He continued on his quest around Hoenn, burning unnecessary buildings for money before settling in Oldale two years prior.

Greatest Fear: Damp places-he's fine with all kinds of bodies of water, but damp places like rainforests or caves scare him.


Blaziken, Odysseus, Male

He is extremely clever and often out-strategizes his owner, while retaining his pyromania.

Pelipper, Kalypso, Female.

She is extremely feisty and will even attack her own teammates when she's bored. Camryn captured her soon after his journey began when he stumbled upon her on Route 110.

Torkoal, Polyphemus, Male

He was caught with Telemakhos outside of Lavaridge after Camryn left Flannery. He really is just lazy, and will never do anything without significant provocation.

Koffing, Telemakhos, Male.

He was caught with Polyphemus outside of Lavaridge. He is similar to his capturemate in laziness and lack of motivation.

Other: He has a strong right leg and a lock-on aim to the nads.

10/24/2010 #51
Imagination Domination


@ Mahi: A gypsy! Gypsies are pure kewl. Even though she's psychic, she's still very far from being a Sue-ful character because of all of the different qualities you gave her--not able to control it, only gets mostly inaccurate and terrible visions, and only has that one pokemon. I'm glad you also made her the one-pokemon user. Her fear is relevant, as they all have been, but this one may be the most difficult one for me to work with--no, it's not a bad thing! This will really challenge me, and I hope Rissa is a character that helps me make the story that much more intricate~

@ ZB: A pyro~ BURN BABY BURN~ Yesh! He's almost like a villain, and I DO need those, just for teh lulz. :D He'll be a fun character to work with, but I assure you, he'll probably get chased around by the po-po *coughORZUBATMANcough*. XD And a random koffing! Awesomesauce.

Thank you, mah peeps!

10/24/2010 #52
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

He was meant mainly for boom.

10/24/2010 #53

Gypsies are, will always be, and have always been awesomesauce. XD yeah, I was really trying to make her non-Suish; the visions are accurate, but only at that exact moment, because the present dictates the future and people make decisions that change it all the time. Some of them are very much 'this will happen' though. Not that she can tell the difference between the two. :) Yay for intricate plots! And Claydol be awesome. -nodnod-

10/24/2010 #54
Imagination Domination

@ ZB: And there will be boom. Very much boom. XD *almost a pun*

@ Mahi: I think writing her will be awesomesauce, too, mah peep. 'Cause she gets little voices in her head~! And how often are the visions supposed to occur?

Claydol is marvelous just because he is Claydol~ And because he can spin around whenever he has the urge to twirl on his little toe-thing~ XD

10/24/2010 #55

XD I've always loved Claydol. Where be the Claydol love? DX

Fairly often, but the timing is random. Sometimes it'll happen twice in a day, other times it'll be twice in a week, but at least once a week.

10/24/2010 #56
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

There needs to be more Quaggy and Torkoal love.

10/24/2010 #57

I love both of those Pokemon. :)

10/24/2010 #58

I can't think of Quagsire without thinking Giggity, Giggity.

10/24/2010 #59

@ID: Yup yup, that's essentially what sexual dimorphism is. AND YES. Ditto does need more love, the poor little bugger.

On the topic at hand though: Torkoal needs more love. Quagsire doesn't, but Whiscash does.

10/24/2010 #60
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