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Wrote a fanfiction that nobody's liking? Got no reviews? Got plenty, just greedy for more?

Well, in an effort to boost my review count, I'm reviewing whatever I have to! Providing concrit services and all-around life coaching.

Just gimme a link, and you got your review. One per post, fellas.

KK's EDIT: Chill has a good idea here.

On second thought, this place will become a place where you can advertise your own stories or someone elses, or ask others for reviews as well.


12/21/2010 . Edited by Korona Karyuudo, 12/23/2010 #1

A review for this chap? Please?

12/21/2010 #2
Zulu the Vampire Slayer

This one.

12/21/2010 #3

I personally dislike this story. Everyone else seems to love it though, so I'm caught between discontinuing it or putting it on a hiatus for a while. Give me your honest opinion, please. :)

12/21/2010 #4

Damn it, Chilltown, I need pictures.

Pictures of Spiderman.

12/21/2010 #5

Reviews wanted for this chapter of Crown. Nothing against the people who've already reviewed it, but I like to have input from people who aren't regular reviewers. Stolloss did his part; now it's your turn! XD

12/22/2010 #6
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin

Please review this compleated fanfiction: Thank you!

Edit (12/28/10): I got one review! Yay! Keep it up!

12/24/2010 . Edited 12/28/2010 #7

Perhaps a review for this chapter?

Maybe even this story? Or this one?

Please and thank you, everyone. :)

12/25/2010 #8
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin

Please review and give me ideas for this fanfiction:

12/25/2010 #9
Creation of Pokerus

Any reviews for this fic would be nice, please. XD


12/26/2010 #10
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin

I need reviews/ideas for this fanfic right here:

12/26/2010 #11
Charley Bates

blearg. Okay so I posted this yesterday, and it only has 12 hits reviews or even reads would be lovely :)

12/31/2010 #12
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin

Can somebody review my sequel to Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, please?

12/31/2010 #13
S. Flame Eve

Please review this Crossover of Pokemon and Naruto, this twist of turns of events will have you laughing and asking for more. One reivew will sufice. :)

5/24/2012 #14
Quilava Flare

This is my first one, and it's still developing, but I would really like to know what others think about this. Especially the things I'm doing wrong.

5/24/2012 #15
The Imaginatrix

I have just published a Pokemon oneshot set pre-Magina. It should be on my profile by the time you see this post. It is called "Carrie," and was suggested by Fear the Pika after I spontaneously created the main Pokemon character. Kind reviews are welcome!

6/19/2012 #16

Reviews for Pokemon: Lost Brothers?

7/12/2012 #17
The Imaginatrix

I have published a story in the Yu-Gi-Oh! archive. It's been there for a couple of weeks now. It is called Wild Swans of Domino, and is an AU fic based on a favourite fairytale of mine with a cast of characters from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series. There is not much to it yet, but I would like to know more than three people have read it. You don't have to review until the next chapter is published, but please check it out if your interested!

7/21/2012 #18

Hey guys Mind if you review my newest story The White Eidolon?

It's my take on what happens after the events of Pokemon Black/White. So far I got one review from day one (which is....actually a surprise to me o_o) and I hope to receive more

6/13/2013 #19

Dammit forgot to link . dolon

6/13/2013 #20
Luster Tolasi

My 'get me in the mood to write' story needs to get me in the mood to write more. Criticism would be appreciated as most reviews I've had so far are demands for another chapter. Come-to-Those-Who-Wait

Title irony was not lost on me.

9/25/2013 #21
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