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A post for prompt requests.

So I've recently got into drabbles and am looking for prompts.

Anyone got some?

9/2/2010 #1
Auburn Waves

Er...I don't know really. My Cat Royal one-shot: Strange Happenings came to me in a moment of madness.

What can I say? Hmm...

I'll get back to you :)

9/6/2010 #2
Auburn Waves

How about a Pedro and Jenny fic? That could work.

Oh and if you feel like Cat Royal roleplaying, hop on over to my forum the Cat Royal Roleplay one. ;)

9/6/2010 #3

I think you or someone should do the scene of Cat's Cradle when Frank comes back and see Cat through the carriage ride in Franks POV and make is kind of romancy!!!

4/28/2011 #4

Possible Prompts:





12/13/2011 #5
Auburn Waves

You could always try some random titles and go from there.

By the way if anyone is thinking of writing a real, full length (more than 10,000 word) story about a proper Cat Royal adventure then I promise to read and review it.

12/18/2011 #6

Any of the following:

  • Cat Royal looks at the men in her life. (Doesn't have to be romance. Friendship, Enemyship, whatever you prefer)
  • When Cat Royal dies, the world doesn't end. This surprises [Insert character here]. Angst.
  • In which Cat flirts with the new boy in town, and no one is happy about it. - Overprotective!Frank, Syd, Rabbie, etc.
1/15/2013 #7
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