PJO: Desperation
Eight years, eight long years. Humanity is at its brink and horrors run rampant across the globe. Only a select few can stand and fight now. Only they can take the place of those who have fallen.
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For RPing in the Chicagoland area.

Chicago is a war torn wasteland of deserted skyscrapers and consistent fighting. With skirmishes between Mortals and Monsters taking place on a daily basis, this is a less than ideal place to be. Yet however, this is where Olympus now stands, atop the Sears Tower in the center of the conflict. It remains to be the only structure with power in the entire city, everywhere else being dead and forgotten. In truth, the entire city is dead and forgotten for the most part. Aside from the packs of monsters and roving Military operations, there is nothing here. The streets are deserted at all times, if anyone is still living there you couldn't tell. Many structures are crumbling from the brutality of the conflict and fires burn regularly throughout the city. The surrounding landscape is dead and gray, all plants within several miles of the city limits dead and decaying from the sheer evil the radiates from the center of the once thriving city.

If you have a Titan sided OC, you would probably start them here at Mt. Olympus.

1/3/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #1

As per usual, the main lobby of the once famous Sears Tower was home to a much different cast. The majority of the large room had been cleared out save for the elevator up to the Skybox. One other item stood out among the scattered couches and barricades, a large throne. Stolen from the nearby museum, it was once used by a King in some distant time. It's inhabitant found the legacy suiting. The wild haired man who sat in the throne drummed his fingers against the wooden armrest. A rather crude looking sword rest at his feet, discarded and still sitting in a small pool of dried blood.

Mugen stretched and stood from his chair. He yawned, scratching the back of his head as he looked up with disdain. Things had become rather boring around the "clubhouse". It had been nearly two weeks since Hades last sent him out on an assignment. The demigod began to worry he might be getting rusty.

1/5/2012 #2
The Beautiful Tyrant

The elevator began to hum, and descend from a higher level, and before long there was a ding. The doors slid open, and there emerged a girl, with a nightdress of black velvet and white lace on. She looked as if she were very young and she was short indeed, but a child she was not. From her back hung a scabbard, holding in it a katana of Stygian iron. It was very long, about half the woman's own length, as long as her hair. She looked around from under half-lidded eyes, and looked as if she'd only just woken up. Her eyes settled on Mugen.

"Son of Hades. Tell me, how far past the dawn is it?" She inquired, looking towards the doors to the outside as she came out of the elevator.

1/5/2012 #3

Mugen shot the woman a disgruntled look. "Bitch, look for yourself." He replied gruffly, cracking his neck both directions.

It was a common game that he played. There was not a single soul that had yet earned Mugen's respect. Even someone wielding as much power as the Half-blood he now spoke to was worthless to him. These people were nothing more than pawns for the big guys upstairs. Even Mugen wasn't on their radar. Not yet at least.

1/5/2012 #4
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn heaved a light, exasperated sigh. His ways sometimes bored her. "It doesn't matter. I've been cooped in this tower for weeks now, and you as well, Mugen. I've really a mind to go out and kill something, but my father keeps me here, with the Son of Hades for company." She went and lounged on one of the couches with her legs drawn up and her sheath balanced on her knees. "And what fine company you create," she said in her usual graceful monotone.

1/5/2012 #5

"What are you trying to say?" Mugen snarled in reply. He brandished his blade towards Gwendolyn threateningly. "You want to fight or something, bitch?"

It was a solution to their boredom and one of two that Mugen could readily think of. The other was much less likely and wasn't as preferable. Though she would likely be slow to provoke, it would be fun to attempt getting a rise out of the small figure before him. He towered over the much smaller daughter of Phobos, but he knew she was strong. She was like him, his father had told him.

1/5/2012 #6
The Beautiful Tyrant

"Hm?" Gwynne replied lazily, casting her eyes over at him. "Do you propose a workout, Son of Hades?" Gwendolyn sat there for a moment, her eyes boring into him. And then, for the first time she had ever done this in front of Mugen, she smiled. She rose to her feet and brandished her own blade, tilting to the side. The crimson lion that had been scrolled into the Stygian iron roared its nightmarish teeth at the Son of Hades.

"I accept."

1/5/2012 #7

Mugen didn't hesitate. He charged forwards, his bare feet thumping against the ground as his heavy yet limber form tromped across the room. His blade trailed freely behind him before he raised it over his head and swung down with one arm. No sense crushing the girl, he thought to himself. A loud battle-cry echoed through the room, announcing the battle that was soon to take place.

1/5/2012 #8
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn was already ready for him. At his approach, she spun her form, the shortness of her nightdress causing her to flash him as she rose her blade to meet his. She stood her ground and flicked her wrist to his side, the blade moving with lightning speed around to his shoulder, though it was hard to tell whether she would cut his shoulder or slice his neck at this point. Still, she was holding back, as her parry was a simple one, and easily blocked, though not so easily retaliated.

1/5/2012 #9

Mugen twisted his own body in response. With his sword arm he pushed at the much smaller woman, torquing his arm in an attempt to push her back. And if that wasn't enough to suffice he twisted his leg around to kick her aside. It was fast, the non-lethal kick allowing him to cut loose on Gwendolyn for a moment. It was where he was most comfortable after all. No weapons, just his hands and feet, and the earth beneath him. It was all he really needed in the long run.

1/5/2012 #10
The Beautiful Tyrant

The Daughter of Phobos was not so easily beaten. Her own offensive was broken, though, and she quickly jumped out of his reach. She was aware that if Mugen got his hands on her, it would probably be over quickly. But she was still much faster then him and, before Mugen could react, she brought her blade down on his own, flicking her wrist expertly and quickly disarming him, a bold and daring move on her part, but she had confidence in her own reflexes.

1/5/2012 #11

Mugen snarled as his blade was flicked from his hand. Without a second thought he twisted his body again, pumping both legs towards his opponent. Each kick was followed by a forceful huff and though they were bare, his feet were no less forgiving than steel. As he spun towards her, his body followed the motion of his legs. The movement was erratic and admittedly fast for a man of his size. Where most would hesitate in attacking an armed opponent without even boots on their feet, the Son of Hades wasted no time in countering Gwenny.

1/5/2012 #12
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn's response was quick, though close. She moved her body away for the first kick, and the second kick nearly had her as she again, as before, hopped away from the much-bigger fellow. As she regained herself, she looked mildly startled, but then she smirked and came at him again, confident he would find a sufficient way to respond. Mugen, she had gathered, was resourceful, and she had no doubt that he would find a way through this. She brought her blade down upon him, forcing him to either move away or block the attack, two options that no average person, nor even an average demi-god, would have time to go through with before being chopped into pieces by the lightning-fast Gwynne. But then again, Mugen was anything but average.

1/5/2012 #13

Mugen shot towards Gwendolyn, pushing forwards as she did the same. As she slashed down on him he dodged do the side, thrusting a palm forwards. It was a risky move and left his opponent with an tough choice. Either she could use her no doubt exceptional reflexes to pull herself away from the blow. Or, she could test her resilience against his strength and see if she could still land her own attack on his exposed legs.

1/5/2012 #14
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn chose neither, or, more accurately, both. She pulled her body down, out of the way of his blow, and the blade connected, slicing him neatly, though it was not as deep as she intended, barely harsh enough to draw blood, but definitely enough to leave her another opening. With his now outstretched arm, she quickly slipped through it and past his reach, and, now behind him, gave a quick slice to his unprotected back. Looking at the blood that answered her sword, she wondered at how defenseless she was. If Mugen's aim was true, and he was quick enough to realize what was going on, he could merely spin about her and slam her down. She did not hesitate to use her powers, and suddenly an image of Gwynne appeared in front of Mugen, jumping back away from him as if to avoid his blow. The image quickly approached, blade raised and face set as the real Gwendolyn moved back, but not with her usual sprightliness, focusing her mind on the trick.

1/5/2012 #15

Mugen clenched a fist, moving his hand upwards. The ground shook as it cracked under his feet. While he remained still the ground buckled and crumbled in a considerable radiance around him. Before she could likely gain her footing he twisted around, backhanding the woman with his fastest swing yet. He hated bleeding and he hated even more when his clothes were ruined. It was easy to ignore the mirror image in front of him. His feet could feel the vibration of her stepping behind him and his back felt the sting of her blade.

The back of his palm connected with the exposed woman, the weight of his swing combined with her lack of footing was more than enough to throw her light frame into the air. Ignoring the warm sensation of blood running down his back and leg, Mugen turned to face her as she was airborne. He didn't move to attack, only watched her react to the blow.

1/5/2012 #16
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn was easily knocked away by the force of the blow, but she landed on her feet, and rose gracefully, brandishing her blade, though she did not enter a stance yet. She smirked at Mugen, standing on the edge of the hole he had created. She noticed that the couch she had been lounging on not so long ago was teetering on the edge of the abyss, and it fell in. She did not focus on it, but Mugen, and kept him fixed with her gaze for a moment. She flexed her left hand, and the sun drifting into the place caught on the silver of her ring.

"I think I'll pass for a turn. Your move," Gwynne told him, her monotone as graceful and casual as ever, a look of amusement clear on her face, though her cheek was still red where he had hit her.

1/5/2012 #17

Mugen breathed more heavily than he had a moment before. Looking from atop his pillar in the middle of the abyss the son of Hades smiled wildly, his admittedly exposed body glistening from a mixture of sweat and blood. He jumped effortlessly across the chasm that had formed around him and landed a fair distance away from Gwynne. Looking to the girl he smiled once again, a voracious and hungry smile.

"You got spunk, bitch. I like that!" He exhaled in an excited manner. Once again he pounded towards Gwendolyn, only this time he carried no weapon. Once in range he pushed forwards off his heel, throwing his knee in the direction of the small frame that stood before him. It wasn't meant to connect with her, just keep her moving as well.

1/5/2012 #18
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn laughed at his comment, almost cheerfully, and did not bother moving into a stance at his approach, but aimed her body at him, still brandishing the katana at her side, waiting for him to get close. His upraised knee was nothing but a springboard for her, and the quick jump was perfectly timed, and she walked right over his face and jumped off behind him before he could grab her, but did not slice him. She quickly started moving in the other direction, around the hole, away from him, and if he looked back he would see more then a single Gwynne, but several, all moving away from him, but at a speed that was no doubt below her, almost as if she was teasing Mugen for his slowness.

1/5/2012 #19

Mugen spun around with a snarl, now finding himself forced to track multiple targets. He narrowed his eyes, scanning over the fleeing targets. For a moment he considered simply leveling the entire floor out he quickly reconsidered. Hades would not be pleased with the one hole already. Instead he continued watching them flee.

"Are these games all you have?" He spat at no particular Gwynne. "Don't waste my time, bitch. I might just kill you if you aren't careful."

1/5/2012 #20
The Beautiful Tyrant

The girls kept running, and there was a single, delighted laugh among them. "Do I anger you, Son of Hades?" It became apparent that for every sound she made, there was something of a whispering reply among the clones, an echo of what she said, which bore her words home. One of the Gwynnes' jumped over the abyss and onto the pedestal, facing him, though it was unclear whether she was a clone or not. The girls stopped running and started giggling, as did the one on the pedestal, though the sounds seemed to come from one person and echo in whisper from the rest. Suddenly one of the clones jumped into the abyss on her own, committing suicide, it seemed. One after another the girl clones shoved each other into the abyss, until one was left and she made a graceful swan dive into death, leaving only the one on the pedestal. She stared at Mugen and made eye contact, smirking and looking delighted by his anger. She brandished the blade. The lions seemed to roar out at him, as if threatening to jump out of the blade and grow to some monster height to devour him.

"Strange. And here I am thinking we were having such fun." The whisper had not left, despite the disappearance of the clones.

1/5/2012 . Edited 1/5/2012 #21

Mugen faced her down without so much as a flinch. With a purse of his brow he clenched a fist and stared at Gwynne through burning eyes. There was no attacking her head on when she stood on that pedestal. With a playful smirk he took a step forwards, the ground cracking once again. This time he focused on the pedestal, shattering the Daughter of Phobos' footing and forcing her out of the pit.

"Come face me. See how well your attitude pays off." He barked, waiting to see where she would land.

1/6/2012 #22
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwynne laughed once more, but the whispering was gone now. It was only part of her game, and that part was over, and only her delighted tones rang through the room, enticing Mugen. She had jumped back, on the side opposite to the Son of Hades.

"Have it your way. I promise I'll play nice. For now." The girl laughed, and waited for Mugen to arm himself or attack her as he was, intent on fighting him face to face for now. She would not use her powers for the rest of the battle if she could handle it, unless it suited her.

1/6/2012 #23

"Just let me get my hands on you." Mugen snapped as he charged around the edge of the abyss. "You'll regret laughing at me then."

In the process of making his way around the abyss between them he rearmed himself with his blade. This time he sliced down with both arms, using the length of the blade to keep a safe distance between him and the girl. She was faster but not by as much as she thought. There would be another opening and he would strike again. Only this time, he wont hold back.

1/6/2012 #24
The Beautiful Tyrant

There were no tricks waiting for him, and for once, she didn't overpower him with her speed. She held her ground, meeting his blade with her own, and she stopped his blow. She stepped forward, and parried her sword off of his and aimed it at his exposed shoulder, forcing him either to meet the blow or plunge into the abyss. Her body was tense as a bowstring, ready for whatever series of body blows he had in store for her. She had been watching during her earlier play, and now, she would do as the younger man wanted.

She would take him and this fight seriously.

1/6/2012 #25

Mugen brought up his own blade, slamming it into Gwynne's to deflect her katana in a flash of sparks. Once again his back foot jolted forwards in a direct manner to hopefully give him some room to move. While he was now relatively off-balance he also knew that keeping the offensive would keep force her to adapt to him. Rather than force himself to keep up with her swordplay he would force her to keep up with his footwork.

That was the plan at least.

1/6/2012 #26
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn proved to be quick in her own feet, and side-stepped his attack, though she was now awkwardly close to the abyss. Forcing another attack onto Mugen was too risky now, and his blade served mostly as a shield to her own at this point. It was his muscles that she had to watch out for. Swordplay came easily to her, but in taking down larger targets, she was very experienced. Muscles tired, especially when they bled. With a quick slice at his exposed leg, an attack that was not entirely bound to connect, she jumped back again, out of range of his body but not his sword.

1/6/2012 #27

Mugen stumbled away from the abyss, pulling his leg up to avoid Gwendolyn's counter. Before he even regained a solid footing the son of Hades was pushing forwards again. With a haphazard swing of his blade, the sword arched over his head before slamming down towards his opponent. It was a simple tactic, merely crush her under his strength.

1/6/2012 #28
The Beautiful Tyrant

Gwendolyn openly scoffed at the simplicity of it as she moved, darting within his range, too close for him to land a hit, and slammed the hilt against his hard chest, before flicking her wrist and bringing the blade to Mugen's unprotected neck, barely even moving her arms as she did so. She seemed to be an expert with her long blade, the slightest movement on her part translating to almost a foot of difference at the end of the katana. Gwynne made brandishing the sword that was nearly as big as her look easy.

1/6/2012 #29

Mugen chuckled as she charged in toward him. It was a foolish move on her part.

"Stupid bitch..." He muttered under his breath as he released his now grounded sword without a second thought. With a daring swing of his hand the Son of Hades deflected the katana. His fingers bled from hitting the blade in a few points but his hands were tough enough to keep them shallow. Now that she was too close for his blade, she was too close to avoid his feet. His body torqued to the side once again and his leg snapped up, the sole of his foot aimed for Gwendolyn's collar.

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #30
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