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you fell a sleep,in my arms. *smiles*

10/12/2010 #301
Alice Cullen's best friend x

i meant food seth

10/12/2010 #302

(brb tea :D)

10/12/2010 #303

what....... i need to see Carlisle am i warm as well

10/12/2010 #304


Garrett: *dry sobs to Jasper*

Jasper: *feels uncomfortable*

10/12/2010 #305

O, um, I'll have 2 large pizzas and 2 burgers, o and a coke! and don't forget the chips!!

10/12/2010 #306
Alice Cullen's best friend x

got it! (watching vampires suck online, its OK but not worth paying to see it inthe cinema. Bella's like: Charlie doesnt understand me, he still sees me as his little girl. Then they go outside to meet billy and jacob with the truck and she's in one of those baby carriers that strap to th parent :/)

10/12/2010 #307

(sorry, wronge RP, he he.) Thanx!

10/12/2010 . Edited 10/12/2010 #308

(yeah) *taps foot and looks at Aro* This is why I tried to ignore you.

10/12/2010 #309

(yeah I know, me and my friend watched it online too and she booked us cinema tickets to go see it... :/)

Garrett: Why Jasper!

Jasper: *pats his back awkwardly* There.....there.....

10/12/2010 #310

*Dances in in cheer uniform, stops dead when seeing Jasper hugging a dude and laughs at his face*

10/12/2010 #311

(I love the movie! it was funny, he he.)

Okay, be honest, are you gay!?! *To Garett*

10/12/2010 #312

Garrett: Oh My Gawd Little Renesmee's all grown up! *Hugs her tightly*

Jasper: *escapes*

10/12/2010 #313

Seth: Hi Nessie, wow, I'm like the same age as you, I think. *rubs chin in thinking way.*

10/12/2010 #314

uh? Hi? m*glares at Jaspers minimising form* uh, who are you?

10/12/2010 #315

*walks away from aro and walks towards Nessie and hus her* Hey Ness.

10/12/2010 #316

Garrett: You don't remember me? Oh Yeah, you were like tiny....*laughs to himself* I'm Garrett!

Jasper: *IDK where he is*

10/12/2010 #317

(Back :D)

10/12/2010 #318

Uhhuh *turns and hugs Jane* how is Angel???

10/12/2010 #319

*sits down and puts her head back, closing her eyes* *sighs*

10/12/2010 #320

Garrett: Ok people, what have I done! Why does EVERYONE ignore me?

Jasper: *gets a flight to South Africa*

10/12/2010 #321

*looks up and smiles* she's good.

10/12/2010 #322

*walks up to garrett and hugs him* there, I didn't ignore you.

10/12/2010 #323

Hey, smelly Belly, You daughter is here!

10/12/2010 #324

*Yawns and walks over to Nessie* Hey Baby how's cheerleading ....

10/12/2010 #325

Garrett: *hugs Jane* Your obviously the only kind one in the room...*scowls at Resnesmee and Aro*

Jasper: *has a had tome controlling his thirst on the plane and texts Bella to let he know where he is* Going to South Africa- J

10/12/2010 #326

*smiles* thank you. so how is everyone in the nomad coven?

10/12/2010 #327

*Feels phone* Ok what me to tell Alice oh anyone Bx

10/12/2010 #328

Seth: Hey Garett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/12/2010 #329

Garrett: *shrugs* Ok I guess...haven't seen Kate in a while........*To Seth* Hey person I don't know

Jasper: *Picks up Bella's Text and texts back* Yes please, tell anyone you feel like, not sure when I'm coming back, I would text Alice myself, not sure she has her phone though :/ thanks! -J

10/12/2010 #330
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