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Allie: *Follows behind him*

7/31/2011 #2,971

Ash: *walks back inside, holding the door open for her*

7/31/2011 #2,972

Allie: *Walks in the house*

7/31/2011 #2,973

Ash: *closes the door* How long are you staying here for?

7/31/2011 #2,974

Allie: I can go if you want. *Smiles*

7/31/2011 #2,975

Ash: You can stay as long as you want.

7/31/2011 #2,976

Allie: Nah, my Dad probably wants me home.

7/31/2011 #2,977

Ash: Sure. If you want, you can go now. If you know your way home that is.

7/31/2011 #2,978

Allie: I'll be fine, thank you. *Hugs him before walking out the front door*

7/31/2011 #2,979

Ash: *stands on the porch, watching her until she gets to the end of the road*

7/31/2011 #2,980

Allie: *Walks into the forest and then runs all the way home*

7/31/2011 #2,981

Ash: *closes the door and goes to the kitchen and looks at Reneesme's number, grabbing his phone*

Paola: *in the living room, trying to walk in 6 inch heels*

Alec: *sitting in the kitchen with the newspaper*

7/31/2011 #2,982

Allie: *Goes straight up to her room*

Renesmee: *In the Amazon Forest somewhere*

7/31/2011 #2,983

Ash: *phones her*

Paola: *watches her and takes off the shoes, and runs up after her*

7/31/2011 #2,984

Allie: *Closes her door*

Renesmee: *Answers her phone*

7/31/2011 #2,985

Paola: *stands by her door and knocks on it*

Ash: Reneesme?

7/31/2011 #2,986

Renesmee: Who is this?

Allie: Yes?

7/31/2011 #2,987

Ash: It's Ash. You remember me right?

Paola: Can I come in?

7/31/2011 #2,988

Renesmee: Of course... *Is excited and then turns serious* How did you get my number?

Allie: The door isn't locked, so I guess.

7/31/2011 #2,989

Ash: Your daughter stayed here the night... I took your number.

Paola: *comes in* Hey, where were you last night? *sits on the floor*

7/31/2011 #2,990

Allie: Out.

Renesmee: Oh, you didn't do anything to her I'd have to kill you for, right? *Jokes, laughs* Anyway, how're you?

7/31/2011 #2,991

Ash: We both know I'm not that kind of guy. And yes, I'm fine, thanks for asking. How are you, I heard you haven't been here for a while.

Paola: Who did you stay with?

7/31/2011 #2,992

Renesmee: I'm fine, I'm coming home today, on my way now. *Carries on walking*

Allie: A friend of my Mum's.

7/31/2011 #2,993

Ash: Do you want to meet up when you get back? You know, catch up?

Paola: Who was he?

7/31/2011 #2,994

Renesmee: Yeah, I won't be long.

Allie: I never said it was a he.

7/31/2011 #2,995

Paola: *rolls her eyes slightly* Was it a he?

Ash: Okay, see you whenever.

7/31/2011 #2,996

Allie: Why does it matter to you so much? *Brushes her hair*

Renesmee: OK, bye. *Hangs up and then runs all of the way home*

7/31/2011 #2,997

Paola: Because I was left alone with a stranger in a country foreign to me.

Ash: *puts the phone down*

7/31/2011 #2,998

Allie: I didn't leave you, you went off with Cody, so I left you to it, then I went outside for some air, when I came back in you and him were long gone, so in technicality, it was you who left me.

Renesmee: *Has a shower*

7/31/2011 #2,999

Paola: You pushed me into him, and he only took me home because he thought I was small. *crosses her arms*

Ash: *walks out of the house and goes into the town*

7/31/2011 #3,000
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