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Spike's Number One Pet

"What will you do to her?"

"I love you."

10/4/2011 #2,971

Lu: *with Tommy and Charlie*

Amelie: *Watching Soph*

Nick: *sat not far away from Sam, watching Soph*

10/4/2011 #2,972

Slash: Make her regret what she said.

Vang: I love you too.

Kyle: *drops the money on the floor and swears loudly*

Sophia: *does cartwheels and shit*

Sam: *glares at Nick then moves down the steps until he's near Amelie*

10/4/2011 #2,973
Spike's Number One Pet

"How?" IVy asks


10/4/2011 #2,974

Slash: You don't need to know.

Vang: *takes his hand*

10/4/2011 #2,975
Spike's Number One Pet

"Ok." Ivy says and goes under the covers again.

Spike takes hers.

10/4/2011 #2,976

Slash: *jumps out of the window, because using doors is too mainstream*

Vang: *kisses up his arm*

10/4/2011 #2,977

Nick: *glares at the back of Sam's head, then smiles at Sophia*

Amelie: *shifts over on the bench, so she's further away from Sam*

Lu: *walks into the room* You alright?

10/4/2011 #2,978
Spike's Number One Pet

Ivy hides.

Jackie sits in a tree.

Spike kisses her back.

10/4/2011 #2,979

Sam: *sighs and slumps back down onto the seat thing*

Sophia: *pauses for a break*

Kyle: *drops onto the floor and starts picking up the money* Yeah.

(Have you made an O.C sheet yet?)

Slash: *pulls Jackie down from the tree*

Vang: *smiles and plays with his hair*

10/4/2011 #2,980
Spike's Number One Pet

Jackie falls out of the tree.

"Do you think SLash is gonna let me home yet?"

10/4/2011 #2,981

Amelie: *glances at him*

Nick: *walks down to her* Hey.

Lu: *picks up the money, that rolled over to the door and walks over to him*


10/4/2011 #2,982

Slash: *wraps his hand around her throat* I hear your making threats again.

Vang: *sighs* I don't know.

(Yeah huh)

Sam: *gazing at her*

Sophia: *smiles* Hey. *takes a drink of water*

Kyle: *puts it back onto the table*

10/4/2011 #2,983
Spike's Number One Pet

"I havent!" She says/


10/4/2011 #2,984

Slash: Lies! *throws her against a tree*

Vang: Why do you want to go back so much?

10/4/2011 #2,985

(No, not yet :)

Nick: How're you?

Lu: *puts it on the table*

Amelie: *looks away from him and down at her book*

10/4/2011 #2,986
Spike's Number One Pet

Jackie screams 'I havent! I have not threatened her!" She moans in pain.

"Cause that's our home baby"

10/4/2011 #2,987


Sophia: *nods and puts her bottle down* I'm fine.

Kyle: Thanks. *starts counting it again*

Sam: *tries to move closer again*

Slash: Why do I not believe you? *grabs her by the hair*

Vang: And this is our home

10/4/2011 #2,988

Nick: Good. *smiles*

Amelie: *slides away again, not much though*

Lu: *sits down*

10/4/2011 #2,989

Sophia: What're you doing here? *rests her hands on her hips*

Sam: *does a big slide on the bench until he's right beside her* Hi.

Kyle: *stops for a moment, forgetting what number he got up to*

10/4/2011 #2,990
Spike's Number One Pet

"The last message i sent her did nt have a threat!" She trys to get his hand and out her hair


10/4/2011 #2,991

Lu: 56.

Nick: I came to see you.

Amelie: *nods, in acknowledgement*

10/4/2011 #2,992

Slash: *pulls her up so she's level with him, her feet not touching the ground* Listen to me, and listen good. If you talk to Ivy again the next time you see my face, you'll know your going to die. Understood?

Vang: Plus if we go back, we wont be able to have kids

10/4/2011 #2,993
Spike's Number One Pet


"Why not?"

10/4/2011 #2,994
Spike's Number One Pet

(sorry guys brb)

10/4/2011 #2,995

(N'aww Bye!)

Kle: *nods* Thanks. *starts counting from 56*

Sophia: *smiles* Wasn't football on?

Sam: What are you reading?

10/4/2011 #2,996

Amelie: *shows him the cover... don't know what it is though*

Lu: *smiles, and watches him*

Nick: Just finished.

10/4/2011 #2,997

Sam: Oh, cool.

Kyle: *gets lost again*

Sophia: *smiles* Well thanks for coming over. *glances over at Sam and Amelie* The losers also joined you

10/4/2011 #2,998

Nick: They were already here. *looks over at them*

Amelie: *nods*

Lu: 84.

10/4/2011 #2,999

Sophia: *rolls her eyes* Amelie follows me, like everywhere and Sam follows her.

Sam: Speak to me.

Kyle: *nods and starts counting up halfway through*

10/4/2011 #3,000
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