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The Tip of My Tongue

I'm new here, so I'll see how this works(I hope it's not too late to post)....

Hey! I'm a fan of Flashpoint too. Been that way for a while now, but since we don't have tv. I was forced to watch it on the internet. That didn't go so well because I completely missed out over half of the episodes on CBS. O.o

It wasn't until Netflix got it in that I've been able to watch it. Currently I'm on season 2- which is- of course- great!

Someone said something about looking for a fic with a girl joining the team who is afraid of guns? It's called Joining the Team by Lochlyn. She hasn't updated it in a while though.

I'll be writing a fic sometime in the near future(hopefully). :P

4/12/2011 #31

It's never to late to post a comment! All of us here love FP and it is so sad that the networks are screwing it over by messing up episodes. At least you can find it online most of the time and now it's on Netflix! Great news! Enjoy season 3 when it comes out (if that's what happens with netflix - I don't really know)

Any flashtastic fanfic stories are welcome. Looking forward to it.

4/12/2011 #32
The Tip of My Tongue

Has anyone watched Fault Lines yet?

I just finished it on CBS and I'm still in shock.

Is this the end? O.O

6/18/2011 #33

I have watched Fault Lines! Wasn't it amazing?! What was your favourite part?

This is not the end of Team One, I know for certain. Season 4 has been commissioned and I think they are in talks for a season 5. So no, it's not the end but I'm curious to see what Toth hands down for the team!

6/19/2011 #34

I've watched it! I'm still freaking out over it!

I hope Greg gives Toth a statement that's equivalent to "F-you" and leaves him to help Ed.

Team One will prevail!

Shameless advertising:

By the way, if anyone has a tumblr, I started a Flashpoint Role Play on there, it's

(hope the URL shows)

so you can apply! If you don't have a tumblr, you can apply anonymously, but you'll need to make your account on there.

6/19/2011 #35

I saw it way back in February when it premiered on CTV and I am still freaking out over it. I can't wait to see what happens. As much as I want Greg to give Toth an "F-you" statement, I don't think it will happen. If you remember, he kinda tried that and Toth shut him down with no problem. I don't think Greg is feeling too confident about himself right now.

6/20/2011 #36

so fault lines in March (on the internet) it was amazing!!!!! It's not the end thank god and i can't wait to see the next ep I've been dieing!! What are some ideas you guys have?

6/20/2011 #37

I agree, thank god it is not the end! I have been dying to see the next episode for so long! At least everyone has seen it now and we can freely talk about it.

I think that the first few episodes are going to be bad. As in, give-fans-a-heart-attack bad. But things will slowly get back to normal. I just don't want anything permanent to happen to any of the team members. I also think Spike is going to break down in season 4. Too much s*** will have gone down and he will just flip out and start yelling. I also think Sam and Jules will have hooked up when she went to his apartment and that will be their recurring storyline for the next season. Them just continually knowing that they still like each other and how they will deal with that.

6/21/2011 #38

Totally agree!!! I hope Sam and Jules get back together their like meant to be!!!

6/23/2011 #39

They are totally meant to be. FlashpointAddict, if you're on Facebook, and you haven't already, you should join the group Flashpoint Team One. We have an ongoing discussion there about how awesome Jules and Sam are. You can also get all the newest updates as soon as they come out, including behind the scenes pictures and information straight from the producers!

Advertising over, I agree that they are so cute together! What is your favourite moment with them?

6/25/2011 #40

ya i have a Facebook and I might be in the group I'm not sure I'll check in a minute. But I'd have to say that when they're leaving Jules's house and she's checking around and Sam tries to kiss her but she just walks away... or when their in the car patrolling and Sam's talking about them and Jules just points to the head set and is like dude! and he's like relax we're off and then they were talking and he was like right your utterly professional... me, i'm just hear for the sexy snipper chicks. lol ya its one of those along with in between heartbeats, when they kiss, and when they're in her locker room :) lol i couldn't pick one. wbu

6/25/2011 #41
The Tip of My Tongue

LiveLaughLoveFP, whew! That's a relief! I'm glad they'll be continuing it, but how, I have no clue!

What do you guys think? I don't see how this is really going to turn for the better for Team1.

[by the way, sorry for the late reply, got busy with a new puppy and the holidays... but I think I'm back now. :)]

7/8/2011 #42

What kind of puppy do you have? I hope you had a good holiday :)

Have you seen this?

We're all so worried! What is going to happen?!

7/8/2011 #43
The Tip of My Tongue

I did, thank you. :) She's some kind of shepherd mix we got at a local shelter, 13 weeks old, and very smart! I've already taught her: Sit, come, lay, leave it, drop it, get in your bed(kennel), and some target training. We're working on stay.

lol They mentioned Netflix! That's how I got to see all the seasons! Yay for Netflix! :D

It doesn't come to a surprise to me, really though. I hope they don't add another person just as a filler and then have said person "magically" disappear.

Off topic, but... did anyone ever like Wendy Adeliyi? To me, her character always seemed out of place.

7/8/2011 #44

I have a poodle/golden retreiver mix who is so smart and easy to train. He's a pain in the butt though a lot of the time.

Netflix is a good way to watch all the seasons and if you're in Canada you can watch them on the CTV website.

They will be adding another character, we think to replace whoever is leaving. He's played by Cle Bennet and his character's name is Rosseau. And the general consensus by the (very) large group of fans over on Facebook is that Wordy is leaving :( We hope not but he has the most reason to be forced to leave.

Who was Wendy Adeliyi? I don't recognize the name.

7/8/2011 #45
The Tip of My Tongue

She played Leah.

OH, NO. NOT Wordy!! I think they're trying to ruin the show. :(

This is awful.

7/8/2011 #46

Ah, I know her by Olunike Adeliyi. I never really warmed up to her either. She never fit properly. I like that Jules is the only girl on the team. It's really different from other shows.

And I know! NO NO NO! Please not Wordy! It sucks! We don't know for sure that he is leaving but we believe that he has the most reason to be leaving. So lets cross our fingers and hope that the reporting is just wrong.

7/8/2011 #47
The Tip of My Tongue

Yes, I, too, like Jules being the only girl. :P

Now that I think about it, I believe Ed might be leaving. Since he was shot. SO maybe he died. *cries* Still not good.

Why are they adding Cle Bennet? I kinda like the team the way it is now, but maybe I'm just partial to the originals. ;)

7/8/2011 #48

Well, we've seen a lot of spoiler pictures and Wordy is in almost none of them and Ed is in almost all. So...

The Team was always supposed to be 7 people. Then they just never added anyone after Leah disappeared. And plus, the actors on the show are all white. Some people take that as racist. They need someone in there to add to the diversity.

7/8/2011 #49
The Tip of My Tongue

True... its kind of sad though, he being hired because he is black. I wish people wouldn't be so easily to offend now of days. :(

Anyways! I'll wait and judge his character once I see him on the screen! :P I just hope he isn't like Leah, maybe he should be a reincarnated Lew! XD

7/8/2011 #50

It is sad that they have to do that. People can get really offended easily though. That's probably one of the reason Jules is there as well - can't be feminist.

I will also try to judge him once we get to know him. I hope everyone gives him a chance. It's not his fault if he's replacing someone. And I hope they give us a reason as to why Leah disappeared!

7/8/2011 #51
The Tip of My Tongue

I agree! Hey- off topic again- but have you played the Flashpoint game on CTV. I just found it.

Here's my score:

27% on I forgot what...

100% on Audio Memory skills

50% on spatial awareness

0% on something... :/

75% on sound Scape


85% on sketch artist.

Add that all up and...


darn it. Looks like I'll have to stick to the shows. :P

Well, I'm going to try it again... later. :)

7/8/2011 #52

I have played it! It was fun. I don't remember my scores that well though. I did pretty well though but I think I'll stick to the show as well.

7/8/2011 #53

lol ya the game is fun but the job i would think has A LOT of preasure so i think i'll stick to the show too

omg i'm so so so mad that CBS won't have Flashpoint anymore!! but ION is picking it up (speaking of which i probably need to check if i have that :/ i hope i do).

but yay!! so happy Sam and Jules (i think, but am pretty sure) got back together i couldn't stop smiling!!

and ahhhhh their gifting rid of Wordy?????? i hope Donna doesn't take his spot...... i don't like her

and Jules as the only girl :D i like that

7/12/2011 #54

Yeah, we think so FlashpointAddict :( None of us are happy about it, believe me. I'm actually quite fond of Donna since Fault Lines. I still can't belive she cheated for Wordy that one time. That was amazing. But I don't like her on the team. I like Jules being the only girl too. But I'm not hating on Donna - I like her. I hope we see more of her.

7/13/2011 #55

ya i mean she's not that bad just i feel like she made Sam feel even sadder that Jules wasn't there

7/13/2011 #56
The Tip of My Tongue

Has any watched Personal Effects and Good Cop yet? :)

7/16/2011 #57

I have! It was amazing! But, do Jules and Sam now have permission to date, or what? Kinda confused...

Did anyone else see that last bit in Good Cop with Jules and her baby fever? Sam definitely did. ;)

7/16/2011 #58
The Tip of My Tongue

I don't think so, I think it is the same rules as it has always been. They've only decided to forgo them... I'll be honest, I don't exactly like the turn of events involving Jules and Sam(and... I'm probably the only one. XD ). I think- if they are to go into a deep relationship- Jules would have to quit the SRU.

Of course he did. :) *rolls eyes* That makes me think even more so that Jules is going to quit. Er, maybe... :/

Hm, who knows where this show is going. :D

Thoughts, anyone? :)

7/17/2011 #59

I agree with what you say about Jules probably leaving, but Sam might join back with the military. The cliched thing will probably be Jules getting knocked up. But, those are just my thoughts.

And thanx for clearing me up on that. You can call me Kels btw. Figure its easier than 'BlackBlueNSilver951'XP.

Any other possible scenarios?

7/17/2011 #60
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