The Legacy of Titan AE
A place where TAE fans can come together and talk about the movie. What did you like in particular? What could have been done better? Any idea's for fanfiction? I know the fandom is as good as dead but if anyone still cares...
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What did you like about the movie? What I liked for example was the great story. At least humanity wasn't portrayed as almighty for a chance. We were just trying to survive. It had great characters and the universe had great potential for storytelling and roleplay. (Yes, it was really that popular for a moment until the fandom collapsed somewhere around 2003.) That's the point where only the most devoted fans continued and the rest didn't care anymore.

Of course every movie had its good and bad points. For example the characters, we knew that Cale was born on Earth and left behind in the hands of his alien caretaker Tek by his father who had to hide the Titan. But what about the others? Akima grew up on a drifter colony is one detail. But just from watching the movie what do we know about Korso, Preed, Gune and Stith? Their backgrounds are practically non-existant and you really need to read the novels to get know something about them. I also think they could have made the movie longer. It gave me the idea they found the Titan in three hours or so. I know its difficult to make a two-hour partially hand-drawn movie but it would have given the audience more the feeling of a real quest to find the ship. A mini-series of 8-10 parts would have been even better. Plenty of time for character development and little side stories. I'm also wondering if Titan A.E. would have been better if it were a two-hour life-action movie. With state-of-the-art CGI effects and alien characters and real actors. I don't know but a good remake in either a mini-series (life-action?) or a life-action movie would really be awesome.

What do you guys think?

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Man, am I feeling extremely nostalgic. It's such a shame. This movie had such loyal fans for a couple of years and now all their work, the fansites, their art, their fanfiction, their roleplay stories...

Everything is slowly rotting away as the time passes. And the worst thing is that nobody seems to care. :'(

10/7/2010 #2
Jake Nickleby

Glad to have found this forum. I just recently wrote a blog post reflecting on this film Link to original site (omit spaces, since Fanfiction won't allow links):

http: // princess7strawberry . blogspot . com /2010 /12 /titan-ae-10-years-later .html

If not, below is what I had written:

"Tuesday morning (Dec. 21st), I caught Titan A.E. on Fox and got completely hooked! I had seen the movie before, probably about more than eight to ten years ago- somewhere from the film's release date and a couple of years after it was put on DVD. I vaguely remember it; possibly the only scene I did remember was seeing Matt Damon's animated naked butt. I remember not getting hyped up about it that first time around, but somehow my view was completely altered during this revival in my mind.

Titan A.E. was a Don Bluth film released in the summer of 2000, currently his last full-length animated film to be produced. Because of its lack of breakout in the box office (barely making half of its budget), it marked the end of the Fox Animation Studios, until in 2009 whenFantastic Mr. Fox revived it.

Since missing the first five minutes of the film and wanting to see the prologue, and to share it with the rest of my family, I ordered the DVD on Netflix, which arrived in the mailbox two days later. As I watched it, I noticed lots of areas where I would have wanted to improve. So much that I wish I could go back in time and work with the production company, or at least go and have seen it in the theatre. The concept was fantastic, which is the whole reason why I love it, and probably for these two reasons: Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet.

It has been an known fact that since Bluth quit his job with Disney to produce his own work, there was a competition that not only made Bluth's films successful, but caused Disney to improve their creations- producing the Disney Renaissance. The post-Renaissance era consisting of Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) and Treasure Planet (2002) had a gritty, edgy, more action-pact aspect to each, contrasting to your typical musical cartoon. Growing up as a young teen on these films gave me a fresh perspective than the other type of animated films that I still loved equally. I loved feeling like I had stepped into a comic book. Neither of those movies mentioned above did well in Box Office like their fellow Titan A.E., but that's another story for a different time.

Re-watching, Titan A.E., however, I noticed some striking similarities and contrasts between the film and with the other two Disney movies; particularly with with Treasure Planet. Now this is not a post about putting the blame on who ripped off who (the films being made so closely to each other, releasing in a span of up to two years, it would be very difficult to figure that out; and it would be fun to do a break down of comparing some notable scenes, but that is for a later time), this is more so how the technology has changed within a mere year or two between the films.

I recall the submarine montage in Atlantis, how it was completely computer generated with the exception of the subtle head-turn by main character Milo being a 2-dimensional tidbit. What had always boggled my mind is how flawless the two mediums were painted together. The 3D looks absolutely like 2D! So how come Titan A.E. look nowhere near seamless like its counter-parts?

I have two theories. The first would be that the production company wasn't up to par, where as the Disney team might have had some people on board that was able to crack that code between 3D and 2D. The other theory would be that the technology really did change between those few months when both films were in the middle of production.Whichever of those theories may be true, still leaves me with these questions: If Titan A.E. would have waited a year or two, would the animation be better? Or would there had to be the Titan A.E. that we know as a stepping stone to improving films in the future? Why, yes. Thereare questions I ponder...

Another point I was not in favor of Titan A.E. was the soundtrack. I understand the grittiness it was going for, yet I still felt that the selection of songs did not quite fit in with the film. The edginess was just slightly too harsh. In Treasure Planet, John Rzeznik wrote two tracks for the film, which I felt like that worked out well. That leads me to think that maybe if Titan A.E.stuck with one great artist, that might have been a better foundation. I was quite content with the end credit track, "Not Quite Paradise" by Bliss 66. I would vote for more music like that, which appropriately fit the film.

One last note would be the predictability of being the great Bluth. His fabulous style sometimes gets the best of him. The main character Cale looks strikingly like a blonde Dimitri (from Anastasia, 1997), and all of the mannerisms that went with it... There was even a scene towards the climax of the film where Cale gets knocked out in the same position that young Dimitri got hit unconscious. I'll let the slightly cheesy and predicable dialogue slide (since I'll admit, I still enjoyed that), but then there was a scene in the prologue where young Cale is consoled by his father to leave in a different aircraft. Cale reluctantly agrees until he is handed to an alien friend, then Cale struggles against the plans. So which is it, kid? A sniffling "Okay" or a kicking-and-screaming "NO! WAIT!" Pick one! That could be sloppy editing/animating there, who knows?

I wonder where this critique does any good, as it is 10-and-a-half years overdue. What would have happened if it got a bit more attention, had one more person buying a ticket to see it on the silver screen? Would it had made any difference in the Sullivan Bluth Studios? Since human knowledge and technology is better, would there be a chance to revive a Box Office hit under Bluth's name? Or is it now that Bluth is 73 that he deserves retirement, rather than spending the rest of his life trying to produce more films? It's hard to say what would have become of any of this, and until I can get a time machine to help me through this withdrawal of Golden Aged-animated films, I'll just have to see what entertainment will bring me (or what I will bring to entertainment) in the future."

12/29/2010 #3

Wow, someone who's being completely honest about this stuff. I really like your review and I agree on many points.

This movie had so much potential and I still hate the fact that it blew up right in the faces of the makers. But the reason? Well I've heard it was also due to poor marketing and it was targeted at the wrong audience but there are indeed various points that could use improvement. Don't understand me wrong, I really love this movie and that's why I wish they would have done a better job. Initially they wanted to turn this into a franchise (just look at the marketing campaign behind this thing!). Character toys, model spaceships, trading cards, shirts, hats, candy bars, even a birthday set! But it didn't even break-even at the box office. And after watching a first, a second and a third time I was suprised. Why?

Some people name the animation as a point of critic. Maybe that's true but every movie has its perks and flaws. Personally I think the story could have been better worked out. I wanted to see more character development. The movie was too short to fit in side stories for each character but just from watching the movie you got to know very little about the characters, even main characters Cale and Akima. Only if you read the novels you know what their past was really like. And of course the side-kicks are always the best. The part where Cale gets to meet Stith, I still laugh everytime I see that. Great character by the way (I mean what's with the legs?) but I've never seen a character that original. She's has given me the courage and the inspiration to start writing my TAE fanfic in the first place. What's with her? Why is she so angry? Of course we can only guess and use our own imagination but people came up with great idea's for Stith-centered fanfiction. Preed was another one of those characters that had his own fans. He's funny, a bit perverted, creepy and has his own hidden agenda which makes it that much more interesting. But again, you know nothing him, his past, his whole life, its all a big guess.

The soundtrack was also critiqued by reviewers. Personally I liked it but maybe that's because I just liked the music itself. If it really fit the film? If you read the lyrics, yes it does but I really wonder what a more epic soundtrack would have done for the movie. Not Quite Paradise is indeed more touching. Maybe its just me hating the fact that the song was the end of the movie but it touches me in some way. I wanted more. I wanted to read more and that's how I was introduced to the whole concept of fanfiction. I like it so much that I starting writing my own saga.

I'd love to see a life-action remake of the original with state-of-the-art CGI effects. Maybe that mini-series isn't such a bad idea. More time for character development, relationships between the characters, side-stories about their past and much more. It'll probably be just a dream but at least its a nice one.

12/31/2010 #4
Jake Nickleby

That was some great insight! Thank you for that. I had a difficult time trying to dig up information like that while researching for that post I did earlier. When that failed, I tried to think back what I was doing in my personal life to try to make some connection between the two, but came up with nothing (I should have been 12 at the time of the movie's release and graduating 6th grade to middle school, but that's the extent of my memories).

The plot had something really special going for them, and yes, I would have loved to have got to know the characters better as well. I was curious to know what happened to Cale and Akima during that 15 year lapse. Stith is fantastic; it helps that I am also a Janeane Garofalo fan. Her legs really was the focal point of the character, though it was my mom who commented why she was so humanoid with the breasts. I brushed off a reasoning why, because honestly, who knows why? Other than the fact to probably let the audience know that the gender was female. Preed is a dark character, and it drives me crazy that there was so much baggage that made up the character but was never touched on!

I must agree that the lyrics were just perfect for the film. For me, though, it was more so the music. It's just a personal taste that I wasn't quite into, which I tried not to get too hung up on. Just because I wasn't into it, doesn't mean that it isn't right for anyone else. That's all I wanted to point out. I've been repeating "Not Quite Paradise", and I get quite emotional about it. It's that whole "era-coming-to-an-end-but now-the-only-thing-you-can-do-is-make-your-future-bright" kind of feeling.

Fanfiction is a great place to start to explore these untouched themes. That's how it was born, that's what it's there for. That notion has been the fuel for my Fanfiction work. I don't plan on writing my own for Titan A.E. anytime soon, but it's great to see other people into it and hearing what they have to say about it.

I also thought about a live-action remake might just do the trick. I actually would've been satisfied if the whole movie was all done in the one 2D medium, because that is the style of Don Bluth that we all love. I really wish he'd make at least one more film- any film- in his lifetime. Live-action mini-series sounds just about right to me, though. That would allow more time for the characters to grow and see them in-depth. Well, while we're waiting on a dream, that's what we got fans for to curve our cravings until then.

12/31/2010 #5

As promised, Specter, this is my post. It's not so much a criticism/ analysis of the film but my experience over the past 10 years with Titan A.E.

1. How I came to love Titan A.E.

I caught Titan A.E in the cinemas sometime in June 2000, and a week later with friends who were interested in the film. I was 14 at the time, but got instantly hooked. Unfortunately, the film had a short run in local cinemas, and any merchandise or advertisements soon disappeared.

Even though I loved the movie, it took me about a year before I got in touch with the Titan A.E fandom online, partly because I didn't have a stable Internet connection until late-2001. My first act was the post fanfiction, and then to help some of the webmasters trawl the Internet for lyrics, pictures, wallpapers and any information of the sort. Back in 2001-2002, there were at least 20 Titan A.E fansites, linked by a web-ring. The fanfiction section on this site had about 110+ stories, dominated by those shipping stories about the Mantrin universe (after the content revision in 2004, the number dropped till what it was today).

Unlike most other fans of Titan A.E, I don't have an excessive love for animation, Don Bluth or any of his previous works. I do, however, enjoy Treasure Planet, which has been endlessly compared to Titan A.E. Sure, the animation is impressive. But I like Titan A.E for what it is, its message and the characters.

2. Thoughts on the Movie

My exact thoughts are hard to recall, but I do remember thinking about the movie for days on end. I loved the fact that Titan A.E was not like the other "cartoon" movies at the time, and Don Bluth's style was inching towards Anime. That's what made it a hit (and it still is, somewhat) among Anime fans where I live. It amazed me for doing things that normal Disney films don't do: show blood, a hint of nudity, show a double-betrayal, address onscreen death so casually, and add a bit of sexual tension to your usual animated-film romance.

Then there's the characters. Titan A.E has a set of strong, very unique characters that are not just ornaments for the main protagonist. In fact, what Titan A.E lacks is a main "hero" character, because the entire crew of the Valkyrie are a central core of complimentary personalities. Gune's mad-scientist recklessness, Preed's gangsta swagger, Stith's longsuffering professionalism, Korso's bravado, Akima's persistent stoicism and Cale's stereotypical action-hero attitude- all these characters make the film colourful and a god-send for fan-artists who try to remake their stories. My favourite characters are Akima (for all the qualities mentioned) and Gune (for being the most underrated member in the movie).

Last, the best thing about Titan A.E is its very universal message. It's both simple and complex at the same time. Any literature student or film critic will comment that the basic message of the movie is a growing up, a son trying to justify his own life while chasing the shadows of his father. But the deeper message which some of the fanfic writers/ fan-artists got was the message of universal humanity. Not exactly sure where the film producers were going with this, but the idea of a "human race" supporting each other was especially poignant given a lot that went on in the early 2000s.

Personally, however, I did feel that the ending was a bit fast, convenient and unbelievable. Using the Titan's technology to create an earth in 3 minutes of movie-time did make good graphics, but is perhaps a bit too improbable for me. Also, certain gaps exist - why do the Drej fear humans, what's Preed's motivation - make the timeline of the movie a bit shaky to me. The only thing that redeems it is the story.

3. Thoughts on the Prequel(s)

In 2001, I learnt about 3 books and several comics that were out which detailed the events leading up to Titan A.E. Unfortunately, I don't know if Amazon has them any longer. Tigrin (a fellow Titan A.E fanfic writer) has the entire collection. I just have Akima's Story by Kevin J Anderson & Rebecca Moesta.

From what I know Akima's Story is slightly longer, and the narrative behind how Akima became who she is in the movie is perhaps worthy of a movie itself. The book is divided into 2 parts: her life on the New Marrakech drifter colony and the beginning of her life as a pilot with Stith. The timeline is realistic, and her relationship with Stith really comes into focus. I won't spoil it by revealing content, but reading it increased my appreciation of the movie. It also helped me understand a bit of why the other creatures in Titan A.E are anti-human, and also why in the fandom Akima is considered more"culturally aware" than Cale.

A lot of people (fans included) have panned Cale's Story. In fact, the first-ever Titan A.E fic on this site that still exists was a fic poking fun at the prequels. Narrative wise, it simply talks about him and Tek embarking on a journey of discovering his human roots. However, since I've never read the book, I can't judge or review it. All I know is that there's a bit of information and background on the Drej-human conflict, a short history of the Drej's previous conquests and the significance of the ring. Both stories are targeted at fans of Titan A.E so the significance of certain things and objects is very apparent to us (but not to the characters in these prequels), so there's a lot of dramatic irony. Both books are targeted at teens. It's evident in the tone of writing.

A separate set of comic books by Dark Horse details the human-Drej conflict and Sam Tucker and Korso's stories, but I've never seen them before. They appear regularly on e-bay. Tigrin has a few scans on her website.

Fanfic writers have plugged the gaps by writing bits and pieces of the prequels to supplement the story in Titan A.E.

4. Titan A.E Eleven Years On

The genre and fandom have been slowly fading. There's not a lot of fansites left, but I think that the fanfic writers and fan-artists are very committed. I will probably post in a separate thread on all the resources for Titan A.E I know out there.

Definitely watching the film changed my life, but I think writing fanfiction has been more complicated. Without Titan A.E I probably wouldn't have started writing fanfiction in the first place, and my first honest editors were from the circle of Titan A.E writers. Trying to fully appreciate Titan A.E has led me to all sorts of places: trying to appreciate the soundtrack's songs, learning how to write properly etc. Doing research on Titan A.E fanfiction is also quite an exciting thing: I've looked up everything from the history of Jews in 14th Century Europe, to Japanese rituals to give stories a bit more context.

Most of the fansites and forums are now chock full of nostalgia. But I don't believe that Titan A.E is completely gone, so nostalgia isn't the proper state I've come to feel for it. So I still write. And hopefully wait for more opportunities like this to talk to fellow fans.

2/4/2011 #6

Amazing tale about how your life was changed by Titan A.E. Of course I can just start by pouring out my heart again like in my previous posts but, no I don't feel like that anymore. Now I know there's at least some hope.

In contrast to most of the fans, I came in contact with this movie a long time after it ran in theaters. I'm not even sure for how long but it was probably a short and VERY quiet run. I'd never even heard of this movie until it aired on tv somewhere around 2005. I was as old as you when you saw it the first time. I don't know what happened because from that moment on, my life changed (though I'm not sure I like the way it did). Something snapped inside my brain. I don't know how an at first sight simple animated sci-fi movie can have such an impact on a number who became the devoted fans. Of course I was already in love with sciencefiction at that time and when I noticed it in the tv guide, I thought, that maybe fun to watch. Sci-fi, animated, I liked the plot so I sat and watched. And then it happened. Around 24 minutes after the start this giant female kangaroo-like alien steps in and I don't even have words to describe my feelings at that moment. So yes, just like with many Titan A.E. fans, Stith was one of the main reasons for liking this movie so much. In fact, I wouldn't have ordered the DVD straight away, I wouldn't have started writing fanfiction and much much more.

That's still a question that bugs everytime I think about it. How can a character that looks so alien, can spawn an entire fandom of its own with people loving her, worshipping her and even being attracted to her. Before anyone starts thinking, no I'm not in any way like that. She's really awesome, her race is cool, I understand the fandom, they should've done more with her and I'm sure everyone loves her in some way. But I've seen how far fandom can go and sometimes people can go really far. But enough about Stith. If I'm gonna talk about her, I'll do it in the cast topic. My thoughts about the movie itself are in my previous posts so there's one thing left.

The fiction and prequels. I own them all, have lots of merchandise lying around here (soundtrack, original score, 3 different promo cd's, books, comics, the complete trading card set 90 cards (lots of cool info on the backs of them!), and of course the other card sets.) I even have a model Valkyrie standing here. I loved that ship! Here in the Netherlands, we didn't have all that merchandise. eBay was my option. This movie ran quietly for short time. One of my friends DID see it in theaters and I'm still jealous! And he told me that advertisement was non-existent here. Yes that was it. I saw it on tv, bought the dvd straight away and watched it, watched it and watched it more. Then, after having watched it a dozen times, the dvd dissappeared somewhere in my enormous collection of sci-fi stuff until after three years, I noticed it standing there and I thought: Titan A.E.? What was that again? And then everything instantly came back!

So I watched it again for two times and went online only to find out that the fandom that was still quite alive around 2005 was no longer what it used to be. Many things dissappeared and I thought that everyone forgot about it. I've read every single fic I could find, collected fan art because I was afraid it would dissappear some time, which it did. So now I've got tons of pics, fics and other stuff stored on my computer, all from artists and writers from that time. I've got no place for it except for my harddrive (always keep a primary and secondary backup of all that stuff) because it's NOT mine. I don't want comments like: That guy stole my pics! Or: Dude, those things are mine! Remove them now or I'll rip your head off! So the good news is: I've saved huge amounts of it, but I'm only an archivist at the moment.

When I turned 18, I finally found the courage to start writing and though I didn't get any attention at first, the more I wrote (though it wasn't that good and I'm still working hard on that rewrite of the first story) I slowly gained some more attention. And despite how little it was, it gave me the courage to continue. So I wrote an entire novel, based on Titan A.E. which focused more on the characters that didn't get the attention they deserved. I have to admit I'm proud of it but it needs a revision, badly. Cause when I wrote that, I was totally unexperienced in the world of writing and my English wasn't that good at that time. The only thing I learned at school was writing CV's and formal letters in English. But for sci-fi it's the best language and for Titan A.E. fics, the only correct language so I learned while I wrote. I'm working on a second novel and the sequel to Shattered Universe Twilight and though I'm not sure it's worth it, I continue to write, just because I can't say farewell to Titan A.E. just yet.

This thing changed my life too. I'm still waiting for a blu-ray release of the movie and in the mean time I keep recommending this stuff to everyone I meet. In fact, everyone I recommended this movie to, watched it and loved it! Not as much as I do but at least people around here seem to like it. If they running out of idea's for new movies and they want to do a remake of good old one, this movie should be on the top of the list. I'm still imagining a non-animated version, with state of the art CG-effects, a much longer run-time and more character development. Mini-series would be cool too.

I wish we could revive the fandom some how, and collect everything we can find on a single large website. My friend has his own server and I'm planning to run my own machine one day so it's an option. The only issue is taking initiative. Who builds the website? I'm studying so I probably won't have time for things like that but I'll see what I can do. Don't lose hope.

I also like talking to fellow fans to see what we can still do for this severely underrated movie. It deserves more credit.

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #7
Azkam Shazam

I liked the movie, after seeing it about a month ago. I just had one question though; Once New Earth (i.e. Bob) is established, do all the flora and fauna undergo evolution all over again, just like how the protists evolved out of the water?

4/20/2011 #8

I think it's safe to asume that all the DNA stored aboard the Titan is going to be used to repopulate New Earth aka Planet Bob. They might use stimulants to make it all go a tad faster. Accelerated growth of plantlife and stuff like that. Use your imagination. ;) It's the 31st century, everything's possible, though try not to overdo it...

4/20/2011 #9
Azkam Shazam

Oh wow, the 31st century? Wait a second...I know a lot of other series and comic books that use the 31st century as the future, (Legion of Superheros-DC Universe. Futurama.) Haha, overusing your imagination, ouch that might require too much brain processing.

4/25/2011 #10
The Sylver Lining

Hot damn, a discussion! I certainly have ramblings (and fics) to contribute, but... I'd like to know if anyone's here first, before I go off on a tangent about how great this movie is, haaa.

5/31/2011 #11

Oh, don't worry, we haven't done any different.

Yep, it's still alive but there're not many fans left.

Feel free to post everything you want on the board.


I'm sorry I haven't gotten to reading any of your fics yet. I'll try to R&R the first one today.

The stupid thing is, I am noticing that people are writing but I don't have a lot of time at the moment, even for my own fic.

I'm doing what I can to keep the fandom going.

5/31/2011 #12
The Sylver Lining

Coolio; expect a ramble tomorrow or whenever I have time, I'm in the thralls of finals right now - so I completely understand not having time to breathe at the moment. I'm just glad to get a reply, ha. And I greatly appreciate you even wanting to read my fics; makes me quite happy. I'll be sure to check out yours as well.

6/1/2011 #13

Thanks. I must warn you though. If you read the first page of my first story 'Twilight' you'll see that it's going through a major rewrite.

I'm completely rewriting some parts, cutting in it, making the dialogue sound more natural and making various other improvements.

I was amazed by how crappy some parts actually sounded. I'm on my way to give the rest of the chapters the same treatment.

6/1/2011 #14
The Sylver Lining

Sawright; this is a phenom I understand quite well, ha. Best of luck with yer revisions! I actually just started to dick around with yer less-formal script-format one, and found myself enjoying it - though yeah, there were some dialogue issues, which I am certain ye know of already. Revision, like learning, is a constant process; I don't think anyone's ever truly DONE.

6/1/2011 #15


i just found out today that columbia pictures plans on making a sequel to Titan AE in 2013!

unfortunately, it won't be directed by don bluth

but i am so excited because TAE is FINALLY getting the love and attention that it deserves.

i'm so gonna see this movie! :D

Oh, and they'd better get Preed back for the sequel or i'll be so pissed

10/15/2011 #16

Yeah, after I saw that on wikipedia I slowly watched the endless stream of rumors coming up.

Though if I were you I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet at this stage.

It's not even official yet. Yes, it would be the awesomest thing ever!!! :D but it's too early.

I almost thought that it was a joke but people on the web are talking about it now.

Well, we'll see. 2013 is VERY far away if you know a Titan A.E. sequel is coming.

And yes, they'd better put Mantrins and Akrennians in it or I'm personally gonna tear down the studio.

10/16/2011 #17

lol. yes! If Preed and Stith aren't in it, im gonna tear the studio down with you! yeah, it might be a rumor, but you're right, it's too early.

i would watch this movie as a reward for myself graduating high school! :)

10/16/2011 #18

I actually like the movie the way it is. It's complete, and ends well enough.

Still, is there a confirmation on the sequel? Because I can't find anything online.

10/22/2011 #19

i read in on wikpedia.

i usually don't believe what's on there, but i was freaking out when i saw the sequel announcement on the titan ae page on wikipedia.

hope this helps. :)

10/22/2011 #20

And it's gone. They removed the information about a possible Titan A.E. sequel from wikipedia.

Considering 1000 A.E. (the rumored sequel) is being directed by M. Night Shyamalan that might be a good thing.

We all know what happened to the Last Airbender movie. My God, that sucked!

Well, it was too good to be true anyway. Better hope for a life-action remake one day. My God, I want to see those characters back in action.

I did find something else: Mix-and-Match Critters: And they get pretty bizarre with this too. Stith, for example, is a four-kneed critter that looks to be part Kangaroo, part Velociraptor, and all Impossible To Stage Scenes Around.

It's a really cool site a friend pointed out to me.

Check it out. It's awesome.

And, Stith being part velociraptor? I've never heard anyone describe her like that.

11/29/2011 #21

yeah, i just found out about the sequl not being true today.


that justs sucks!!!

12/2/2011 #22
Hrmph, no links allowed of course. Site is tvtropes (dot) org. Check it out. It's pretty funny and they have a page dedicated to AE. :)
12/2/2011 #23
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