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If you have a plot bunny leave it here for someone to adopt, or if your looking to adopt look through here and maybe you'll find something to perk up your muse.

9/12/2010 #1
X5 - 452 and 494

I'll start...and if its like any of my other forums here, I'll be the only one posting ideas. Hopefully more people have ideas and are looking for something to write. AW needs more stories. Now Trevor is my favorite (I'm mean Drew Fuller is AMAZING!) so my ideas will eith have something to do with him, or be centered on him.

1) Does Trevor's real dad know anything about him, what if he somehow found out he was in the Army? What would he think?

2) Trevor decides to go see his real father before deployment.

3) What was Trevor's dad thinking when he dropped him off at social services.

4) What was Trevors life like in foster care, and how did it change when he was adopted.

5) What do Trevor's adoptive parents think of everything.

6) How did Trevor decide to join the amry.

7) What if when Trevor was 16 he and his girlfriend (not Roxy) had a baby.

8) Crossover with Charmed. Chris left home after High School, changed his name and joined the Army. (Wyatt is not evil, its Changed Future, Piper is alive there is still Magic.) A demon (for some reason you decide) attacks Fort Marshall and Trevor/Chris has to expose magic. Eventually everyone from San Fran and AW meet.

9)Another Charmed crossover. Everyone from Charmed comes to South Carolina to find Chris (he changed his name like above) they don't know he's in the Army, just that he lives in SC they go into the Hump Bar and meet Roxy and everyone, but he's already deployed to Afghanastan.

9/12/2010 #2

I've been reading the stories for about 6 months, found the site because of Gunsmoke. I love 1-7. I may just adopt a few of those myself (or make it one story about him). I have a few questions and hope you may be able to help. For instance, where can I find the guidelines for the stories? The only things I've found really tell me nothing. I have quite a few that I've written and would love to share. My concerns are the language in the stories. My content is considered by some to be rather racy. I started with a challenge for a love scene and the style just took off from there. Is there someone that can read a scene privately and let me know if it's suitable material for this site? The content I suppose would be considered sexual. I usually put a rating on them that lets the reader know that the content contains explicit sexual scenes and language not suitable for children but for some that may not matter. Last, if I post a story and maybe a few months down the road decide to leave the board can I delete the story or request it be deleted with no problems or is it here forever? (Other sites once it's there it's forever). Thanks for the help and once I finish the story about Trevor, I'll let you know and hopefully will be sharing it with others.

12/8/2010 #3
X5 - 452 and 494

Hey, well first thank-you for taking an interest in my ideas. Second, I'll do my best to answer your questions and clear everything up. For your first question, do you mean the guidelines for these specific ideas or just stories in general? As for the content if you want I could look over some of it for you. The ratings do go up to M and I've read some pretty racy/explicit stuff here on FanFiction. Also, I'm pretty sure you can delete your stories, but it'd be nice if they stayed up. Allot of people like to read fics even if they aren't finished or the author just isn't active anymore. Hope this helps.

12/9/2010 #4

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. My questions concerned stories in general. I had some problems with the content of my fics on another site a few years ago. I'd just rather avoid any hassles for the future. Would you like me to post the partial scene here or is there another address to send it?

12/9/2010 #5
X5 - 452 and 494

No problem. Here's the link to my bio at the top there's a link that says send message. Click that and it'll open up to let you send me a private message and you can send it to me there. Ummm.....for the guidlines the only thing I can think of is the one's they give you in your profile. If I read something that might get you in trouble or something I'll let you know so the hassle will be avoided.

12/9/2010 #6
X5 - 452 and 494

So the inspiration for this idea came when I was watching Good Will Hunting (Love that movie).

So um,......this is I guess a "crossover" with Army Wives and Good Will Hunting. What if Trevor was "Will"? They have 'somewhat' similar backgrounds. It wouldn't be to hard to do.

All Roxy knows is what Trevor told her in the series. She finds out more when her and Trevor go to Boston to visit Trevor's old friends (It doesn't have to be Boston, if you want it can be somewhere else. Maybe somewhere in the south). They also bring the entire AW gang with them. I.e; Pamela, Claudia Joy, Denise, Micheal, Frank, Jeremy, and Chase. Emmaline to if you want. The other little kids are at like a summer camp or something. No one in Boston knows Trevor in the Army. While there they also run into The Professor (I can't remember his name, the M.I.T. one) and Sean, and whoever else you want.

Of course make some things up don't copy exactly the movie. Just things like maybe....Trevor is smarter than he let on. The whole background/issues thing. If anyone decides to take this up and wants to discuss it more I'd be happy to. I really hope someone takes this up.

12/25/2010 #7

I wouldn't mind there being a Katie and TJ love story. Unfortunately, there aren't any and I randomly got this idea watching the episode where Pamela leaves for California. It can be when they are teenagers or young adults?

12/26/2012 #8
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