Where Do I Go?
It's finally happened. World War Three has arrived- and the radioactive waste from nuclear bombings have created intelligent, cat-like mutants, dubbed Jellicles. These creatures are hated by most, and are on the run to find a new haven...
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Quill of Thoughts

"Sounds good to me," Calypso replied, grinning back at Finn. "I don't know any place to stay though."

1/23/2011 #2,881

"I'm sure we can find a hotel or something." he said, looking around in the town and quietly walking into it.

1/23/2011 #2,882
Quill of Thoughts

Calypso nodded and followed behind Finn. "Here's a hotel," Calypso said, pointing at it.

1/23/2011 #2,883

Finn looked up and grinned at the hotel. "Good." he said quietly, opening the door for her.

1/23/2011 #2,884
Quill of Thoughts

Calypso walked in and paused inside the doorway, waiting for Finn to get a room.

1/23/2011 #2,885

Finn went to the front desk and checked out a room, quickly paying for one night of bed and breakfast. The person at the desk gave him a two keys to the door. He smiled slightly and walked back to Cal. "C'mon. We're on the second floor."

1/23/2011 #2,886
Quill of Thoughts

Calypso nodded and started following him to the second floor. She was feeling almost...anxious. She couldn't place how or why she was feeling it, yet she just was. It was probably just because she was a quick walk away from Cori, yet she wasn't walking towards him for once, she figured.

1/23/2011 #2,887

Finn looked over at Calypso and smiled as he quickly got into the elevator. "I got us a night here, and we can have breakfast in the morning. Then we can go back tomorrow."

1/23/2011 #2,888
Quill of Thoughts

"Sounds good," Calypso said softly as she stepped into the elevator with Finn. "We'll have a nice night's rest," she said.

1/23/2011 #2,889

He laughed. "For once."

1/23/2011 #2,890
Quill of Thoughts

"Yep," Calypso replied, closing her eyes and leaning against the wall, tired.

1/23/2011 #2,891

Finn looked at her and slightly smiled. "You look like you're ready for bed." he commented.

1/24/2011 #2,892

Shannon quickly finished her cake and took her plate to the sink, humming slightly. She seemed much more... cheerful... with her sisters around.

1/24/2011 #2,893

Bree smiled at her sister as she quickly finished her second piece, smiling in delight as she scraped the crumbs on to her fork and swallowed what she had caught.

1/24/2011 #2,894
Quill of Thoughts

"I am...I'm not the one who slept the whole way up," Calypso replied softly.


"You seem quite happy, Shannon," Farren commented as he set his plate in the sink.

1/24/2011 #2,895

He chuckled and leaned over, quickly kissing her cheek. "Touche, darlin'," he said, slipping his arm around her waist.

1/24/2011 #2,896

Shannon smiled slightly.


1/24/2011 #2,897
Quill of Thoughts

Calypso smiled faintly and stepped out of the elevator as the doors opened. "Which direction is the room? I feel like I'm almost ready to pass out," she said.

1/24/2011 #2,898
Quill of Thoughts

"That's nice," Farren said. "Such a plesant change that what you've been like earlier."

1/24/2011 #2,899

Shannon nodded, blushing slightly.


1/24/2011 #2,900
Quill of Thoughts

Farren smiled slightly as he saw Shannon blush. "What are you blushing about?"

1/24/2011 #2,901

Shannon shrugged slightly.

"Just, y'know, the fact that I yelled at Finn right before he left instead of just being nice and saying goodbye, good luck, yadda yadda yadda..."

1/24/2011 #2,902
Quill of Thoughts

"I believe you did say 'good bye' and 'good luck'. It was just slightly sarcastic. And you yelled it at him..." Farren said.

1/24/2011 #2,903

She frowned.

"Doesn't count."

1/24/2011 #2,904
Quill of Thoughts

"Really? Hmm...alright then. I figured it would have," Farren replied, smiling slightly.

1/24/2011 #2,905

Shannon scowled at him, sticking out her tongue.

1/24/2011 #2,906
Quill of Thoughts

Farren stuck his tongue out at her before standing up. "Well, I think I had better get going. Emo Cat needs watching, especially considering he's got fifteen knives in the same room as him," Farren said.

1/24/2011 #2,907

Bree looked up and slightly smiled, but said nothing as she went to put her plate in the sink.

"This way, dizzy." he said, guiding her to the left, slightly grinning.

1/24/2011 #2,908
Quill of Thoughts

Calypso rolled her eyes, and leaned against Finn to keep her balance, yet mostly just so that she had an excuse to be closer to him. "Alright then, Finn," she said softly.

1/24/2011 #2,909

Finn grinned down at her and held her close as he found their room number, quickly unlocking the door and revealing a small, clean room with a bed sitting by the side of the only window in the room.

1/24/2011 #2,910
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