Tresure Planet II
If u could be in TP2, what would you do? ie Voice Actor, Director, Script Writer ect.. And what should the plot be?
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If I could be in TP 2 (and praying hard for the timing to be right) I would definitely try out for supervising animator/character designer for a new character they may include (perhaps Jim's girlfriend? But personally I wouldn't like it, my OC in my fanfic sequel ends up having a brother-sister relationship instead, and that's a good topic to raise up in TP2 since in the original TP it's Jim and Silver being father and son) and voice actor of this new character OR another pirate. I'd love to design the backgrounds too, even if I find it a bit of a challenge to be able to portray outer space, I'd love to let my imagination go wild, still.

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Commissar Danno

Actually I would be interested in seeing a relationship between Jim and a Procyon princess. It starts off with him going on a diplomatic mission(I'm basing this off of the game) to the Procyon home world to see that no more Ironclads are being built, Due to an arms treaty after the Ironclad war, there he meets the princess at a ball.

Then we get little snippets of them over two-three months, maybe a training session between him and her, since the Raccoons are militeristic it wouldn't be that far of a strech to to beleive that they would train their women in defense of the home (It appears that only the men in their socity fight agressivly).

But the good times do not last, on the other side of the Procyon controled space a massive fleet of pig like nomads( can be simple barbarians, spanish expys or maybe (P)Orks?)

Jim then is asked by the king to take the princess on a 'Dipolmatic' mission back to his empire, while in fact the king is protecting his daughter. With the princess there are bankers and several others of note in her rutine heading back to the Empires space. Along the way there Jims ship is attacked by five Pork ships, there is a massive battle and the princess and the other procyons show what there made of and the ship breaks through.

The movie ends with the ship about arrive in port, with Jim and the princess at the bow of the ship, commenting on what is to come, the movie then ends with a kiss and the credits start to roll. But at the end, after the credits are done rolling, we get the shot of the Pork leader watching the capital of the procyons burn, or of the laugh of Long John and his fleet of pirates steaming to do battle with the Porks.

Setting the scene for the final treasure planet movie.

Of course with this level of violence it would have to be rated PG-13

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Welsh Gem

I'd like to voice one of the Doppler kids. I don't mind which one.

11/14/2010 #3

Commissar Danno:

hmm if thats based off the game, I now really want it!!

but, unforturetly, it IS based off the game, so we, the TP fans of the world, would have not copyright to it, and, again, Disney would get all the credit, cuz all we did was put it in movie form, which isn't as hard as it sounds. its actually really easy. Besides, someone already copyright-ed it, so we can't with out their permission anyways, and I don't really want to go to them asking if we can use their ideas. It would just feel weird, personally.

besides, this should be a project just for kids, teens and all other TP fans of the world. Where we come up with our own script, actors, plot, and scenes. That's what I actually planned it to be, cuz it was mostly me that started the whole thing (^_^). if it works out, kids will have a lot more respect, and if its really good, kids and teens will have a whole new name! we wont be known as stupid, self-centred, full-of-ourselves, naive Teens. of course, that wont change for all kids out there, cuz there are some that are self-centred and naive, but adults will look at us, knowing what we are, indeed, capable of.

Welsh Gem:

one of the girls or the boy? if this starts up and works, then I will put one of the kids aside just for you ;)


Did I ever mention I just love that name? anyways, we need ppl to draw scenes, cuz i just fail at it. people I can do, scenes? not so much. and i know what u mean by the timing has to be right. my year next year is pretty full already, what with grade 10, stage productions, music lessons, friends, and writing and reading stories, and with the possibility of getting a job. But I'll fit it all in somewhere. no biggie lol

anyways, I'm glad I have ppl posting ideas and offers on this already, thanks heaps. maybe we might just get this kite off the ground after all ^_^

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Yes yes, I would love to draw the scenes and such, just give me the directions and I'll go for it :D I'll also probably do storyboarding to note down timing and camera view and the like.

If we can't do something based off the game, then do something that is original but not non-canon. To make a sequel, one must definitely have the feel of the original TP world than to stray off into something else in its entirety. That's just my opinion. HG96, would you check out my fanfic and see if its suitable for something like this?

12/21/2010 #5

awesome, amalimrock! just as a test run, so I know how good you are, could you draw me a copy of the BenBow Inn from the end of the movie, and then an original pic of space, including a picture of a ship in the background too, if you could, so I can see if you can copy and freehand/freemind draw. then maybe email them to me. or post them on DeviantART of you have it. my email/deviantART name is on my account page. if you have deviantART, you could post the link on the forum, so every one can see it. I can't wait to see it myself. and yeah, I know what you mean. We cant have it too original or it wont be like the original, but we should also come up with our own ideas for movie also, what story do you want me to look at? you didn't specify lol. as soon as i get then name, I'll check it out asap.

but I have sad news, all my fanfiction friends, I'm going away in about 3 days overseas, if you haven't already heard *crys* so i wont be posting ideas or stuff. I might have access to emails, so I'll be reading on whats going on, but I probs wont be able to reply. if there are major questions, I'll get back to you then, but if they are little ones, I'm sorry, but your gonna have to wait for me to get back on the 9th of January 2011.

anyways, Merry Christmas to you all, and have a Happy New Year! Talk to you next year unless a comment comes up in the next 2 days.

Live Long and Live Life


12/21/2010 #6

Treasure Planet 2: the Zeitmanipular. Ok I'll get working, do you want it to be a fully coloured picture or a concept sketch? (For the pic in space I'll do it full coloured) In the meantime you can also check out my deviantart page. My username there is LingLiJing

12/21/2010 . Edited 12/21/2010 #7

cool! I'll read a few chapters b4 I go, then finish reading it when I get back! a sketch of the BenBow Inn would be good, but defently do the space pic in colour ;) cool. My DeviantART name is FlyAway-555 (the only thing I could think of that wasn't used lol)

anyways, just so you all know, this is the last I'm gonna be on until I get back. unless an important question gets asked. I'm sorry, but Xmas is gonna be spent with family and (non-cyber) friends.

Merry Xmas, and a Happy New Year! (I swear I did this before..) Talk to you after the 8th or whenever I get back lol

Live Long and Live Life or is it Live Life and Live Long.. Don't judge me! Its 9 o'clock! and I've been packing to go overseas and to move (again) all day!!

Signing off till next year,


12/23/2010 #8

If I were in Treasure planet (praying someday I will) I would die to voice one of the characters! I would also love to meet the cast! I would be as happy as Morph during the process! :D

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