A modern fantasy setting in which magic has returned just in time for the recipients to be immune to a zombie outbreak.
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Nitrogen Triiodide


Race: (I'm not going to limit what you bring in, just try not to make it too over-powerful XD)




Impression: (The outward demeanor of your character, gives a guideline for how others would react to meeting them for the first time)


Talents: (Only bother mentioning the really exceptional stuff)

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation:

Magic: (Your basic range of elements, Rune Magic, or make up your own. Same power-restrictions as races. If you don't want to use magic, just mention that your character is a battery of magic energy. Anyone who is alive at this point either uses magic or has it in their bodies)




9/17/2010 . Edited 9/17/2010 #1
Nitrogen Triiodide

Name: Silnaen Hirasan

Race: Asani (think dragon/human. They have scales, claws, and tails, but are human shaped and sized mammals)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: A very tall man with decently toned muscles and sandy-brown scales.

Impression: Serene and calm, all his actions are very deliberate. Those who study him long enough get the idea that he is storing energy for something.

Weapons/Armor: A scoped bolt action rifle and 9mm handgun, he wears no armor, as he already has scales.

Talents: Avid parkour runner, some martial arts abilities in an Asani style called Dhan-si (literally translated: Blunt Claw)

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: He was studying to be a doctor, using magic to heal people.

Magic: Corporeal magic. It is the magic of influencing the body, using its own energy to heal wounds or create them. It only functions at very close range.

Likes: Physical challenges, getting along with people, working his crafts

Dislikes: Unnecessary violent, long periods of inactivity

Background: He grew up one of the few Asani around, as most live within the Middle-East and other warmer climates. The Asani's reputation for blood-lust in battle earned him few friends, but he got along just fine academically and socially with few major hiccups. He was attending college in New York when the outbreak began.

9/17/2010 #2

Name: Samuel Gregor

Race: Human

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Redhead, tanned skin, blue eyes, white shirt, brown shorts, visor, around 5' 4".

Impression: Calm but insane when he kills a zombie.

Weapons/Armor: P90, handgun, machete, shinguards, armguards.

Talents: Little known survival methods.

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Unversity of Colorado at Boulder studying in a construction major.

Magic: Elemental Manipulation.

Likes: Shooting things.

Dislikes: Zombies.

Background: Was a college student at Boulder Colorado studying construction when the apocalypse happened. He was always a big believer in doomsday theories so he spent a lot of his time watching shows about surviving like The Colony and such.

9/18/2010 . Edited 4/12/2014 #3
Wind Crystal

((I join at my own risk.... and at yours, too......))

Name: Aoihblath-à-CLOÉ Azure au-Brian Lindon. For pronounciation and memerization reasons, though, she tends to go by Azure Lindon in most places.

Race: Fairy

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Normally, she's barely five inches tall, with straight brown shoulder-length hair and hazel eyes. The wings on her back are almost as tall as she is, clear and stiff with thin veins stretching through them. She can also assume a more human size for a few hours at a time, though this is still barely five feet. Her wings don't grow with her, though, so she can't fly like this.

Impression: Alert. She notices everything and she's always scoping the place, be it for a threat, a hiding place, or just the best hot dog stand.

Weapons/Armor: A fairy-sized dagger, but that's about it. She really wants something like a machine gun to keep away the zombies, but constantly changing sizes makes it impossible to lug one around with her.

Talents: She's good with plants of all kinds. She always knows how they work, what they do, and which ones are edible. It's partially information learned from her parents and teachers, partially instinctual.

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: She was always been looking for a way to put her magic to use, but she never seemed to find the right job for her. Her skill with plants made her useful at a nearby florist, , so she was making a decent living there for now.

Magic: Illusionary magic. She can create images and sounds, or change the appearence of things. Some of the simpler bits, like altering the color of something, can be perminent, while most others only last a matter of days, hours, or even seconds.

Likes: Flowers and peoplewatching

Dislikes: Snow and rain. They make flying an absolute nightmare.....

Background: Azure grew up pretty normally... for a fairy. Her family lived in a park half an hour away from the public school she attended, where her classes were filled with all mannor of creatures. On her days off, she attended a small school in the park designed by faires, for fairies to teach about their own species' history, literature, and advancements. She never quite knew what she wanted to do with her life, but snce faries are expected to leave their homes by at least eighteen, she had to get out regardless. She always liked a bit of hustle and bustle, and she wanted to live in a place where job oppertunities would be easier, but deeply grained fairy instinct told her to find someplace a little more green. Central Park proved to be an excellent compremise, and she's been living there ever since.

9/18/2010 . Edited 9/18/2010 #4
Nitrogen Triiodide

Understood and accepted

9/18/2010 #5
Wind Crystal

^^ yay the fairy fits! ^^

May post once, then leave....

9/18/2010 #6
Nitrogen Triiodide

Yeah, I'm going to get off pretty soon too, I'm still sick, and the medicine I'm on mentions drowsi- *falls over asleep*

9/18/2010 #7
Wind Crystal

that sucks... :( do you know what your sick with, or...?

9/18/2010 #8
Nitrogen Triiodide

Probably just a bad cold. I know a friend got something like bronchitis recently, and I was at his house a week ago, but the timing wasn't quite right for when I got sick, so its probably just whatever's going around at the school

9/18/2010 #9
Wind Crystal

Ok.... just take care of yourself over there, 'k? And feel better soon.

9/18/2010 #10
Nitrogen Triiodide

Thanks :)

9/18/2010 #11
Wind Crystal

Akies... well, I gotta scoot, it's late as all get out overe here and I've got several hours worth of geometry waiting for me tomorrow. Joy Y_Y..... but I'll try to get on tomorrow as well. It'll probably be my last time for a while, seeing as dance and homework are out to get me. So, see you tomorrow, to battle zombies and whatnot, and try not to have too much fun without me... ;)

9/18/2010 #12
Nitrogen Triiodide

Wouldn't dream of it XD goodnight!

9/18/2010 #13
Wind Crystal

You know what I just realized? Since every species can become a zombie, and now that fairies have been added as a species, we've probably got zombie fairies running about.... O-o how's that for an image?

9/19/2010 . Edited 9/19/2010 #14

Wow.... something....

9/19/2010 #15
Nitrogen Triiodide

To be fair though, there wouldn't be that many.

9/19/2010 #16
Wind Crystal

Still, that's probably something pretty freaky.....

Then again, a zombie anything is freaky. Especially with the 'all fantasy characters' option. Atfer a while I'll bet they're be zombie mermaids, zombie orcs.... could there possibly be zombie dragons, even? The possibilities here are endless.....

9/19/2010 #17
Nitrogen Triiodide

Yup, but really, this RP will be more about how the characters handle life after the end of the world than zombie killing.

9/19/2010 #18
Wind Crystal

I know, and that's why I joined. Making cultures and lifestyles is kinda a hobby for me, so anything where I can pave out a new way of liife is like heaven to me. If it was all zombie killing, i wouldn't be able to stomache it. I just pretty much realized just how many species there are that could be zombiefied, and how wierd they would be if they were....

9/19/2010 #19
Wind Crystal

Name: Naome. She never mentions her last name.

Race: Human

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Warm brown skin, hair sheared short, and very large and dark eyes.

Impression: She always seems a little drawn in, like she's trying to hide in the shadows. This may just be because she's so scared, though...

Weapons/Armor: None

Talents: She has a knack with cards. Whether it's playing games, building houses, or even magic tricks, she's good with playing cards.

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Assumed to be a student

Magic: Just a magic battery, though this could develop into power if sufficiently channeled.....

Likes: Card games, open areas

Dislikes: Crowded spaces

Background: Unknown. No one can get her to talk about it.

9/28/2010 . Edited 9/28/2010 #20
Nitrogen Triiodide

Name: Hryssa Iralon

Race: Dark Elf

Age: 46

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall (for an elf), with ebony black skin and white hair.

Impression: Confident, perhaps arrogant. Her attitude seems especially bitter towards men...

Weapons/Armor: None

Talents: Knows most every language still spoke on this half of the world

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Enchanter, forging magic items for use on the market

Magic: Rune Magic

Likes: The dark, her 'art' (magic), being underground

Dislikes: Daylight, men, the surface world

Background: She's not letting on about the details, but she lived in the Mid-US for most of her life until the apocalypse began. She had her magic even before the solar event empowered it.

9/28/2010 #21
Seraph Darkfire

Name: Seraph Darkfire

Race: Warlock

Age: 17

Gender: Male


When he is defending a Witch from enemies, his hair turns white and his fingers turn into giant Claws.

Impression: He is a quiet guy but reliable.

Weapons/Armor: He holds a pistol in a holster and that is about it, Zombies don't usually mess with him, though he does smell human and will attract the tougher ones.

Talents: Witches absolutely love him. When he is around, Witches lose their hostility and fawn over him like some child.

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: He was dead.

Magic: He can give out Magic to anyone who needs it and has the ability to ask Witches to fight for him (Though he never uses it)

Likes: The Witches and those who treat the Witches kindly.

Dislikes: Witch killers and other Zombies.

Background: He died a fifteen seconds before the Apocalypse struck. It flooded his body with magical energy. For several days his body just lay there on the ground, gaping wound of a bullet in his chest. Nothing would touch him, not even the flesh craving monsters. One night a Witch, dieing from being wounded too much found his body, a body that had been preserved by magic. She didn't destroy his body or even eat it. She just laid next to him, making soft sounds, a cross between crying and a soft crooning. Before she died, she pulled out her heart and put it into the place where his heart had been.

At first nothing happened, then the heart fused with his body and the wound closed up. Slowly, it began to beat and all of the Witches memories and life flooded his mind, nearly changing him into a monster. But it was the kindness in the end that surprised him so much he realized his humanity and stood up, stumbling, and picked up the dead body of the Witch and took her to a place to be buried. From there he called her his new Mother and vowed to protect his Aunts and all of the Witches.

He was pleasantly surprised that whenever he found a Witch, they responded to him by crooning and loving on him as if he were their child. He also found that they could do more than just cry and scream, they could whisper soft words into his ear. If anyone were to see him when he is near a Witch, they will hear him talking to her.

((Wow, this is one of my more thought out ideas, I hope you like it cause I really want to do this))

11/3/2010 #22
Nitrogen Triiodide

Approved and interesting, I'll send you a pm here in a sec

11/3/2010 #23

COuld i do something similar to anti psi?

11/8/2010 #24
Nitrogen Triiodide

Like psi-stalker esk?

And how did you post this during 3rd period? xD

11/8/2010 #25
Telimechanics ftw and the fact English teachers let us reasurch on laptops. And no it is a psichic that beleves so intensly that magiic does bot exsist that his major powers repel it it would manifest as deamons being week around him and magic not working the only part ge uses is his bullets and punch hit harder through subconsius telikinesis.
11/8/2010 #26
Nitrogen Triiodide

Interesting, go ahead

11/8/2010 #27

Name:James Henry

Race: Human

Age:25 (now 29)


Appearance:Tall muscled hair trimed to stuble has a five o clock shadow

Impression: Always looking around measuring things up and is very suspicious of others he is very confident though

Weapons/Armor:2 colt 45s and a pair of 22 revolvers and a semi automatic hunting rifle with a clip also a gladius for those fun times.

Talents: Enginering and mechanics also marksmanship and sword play

Pre-Apocalypse Occupation:engineer and marksmen on the weekends

Magic: Over the past few years he has gained an understanding of his gifts and has mastered his abilities to negate magic and gain much more control over his telekinesis, and has recently found that he has gained the ability to affect machines and understand them just by touching them.

Likes:Science and a good conversation

Dislikes: those who use others to their own ends.

Background:He was camping deep in the woods when the outbreak happened all he knows is he woke one night feeling a burst of energy and then nothing. two weeks later when he came back out of the woods he found the world the way it is now. Since then he has spent his time traveling around the world trying to understand how it has changed and do all he can to make it better, one good deed a t a time. Also lets just say his aim hasn't gotten any worse.

11/9/2010 . Edited 1/22/2014 #28
Nitrogen Triiodide

Approved, where were you today?

11/9/2010 #29

El sicko and shouldn't you be at the robotics planning meeting

11/9/2010 #30
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