A modern fantasy setting in which magic has returned just in time for the recipients to be immune to a zombie outbreak.
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Nitrogen Triiodide

We'll be borrowing pretty heavily from Left 4 Dead as far as zombie characteristics and varieties go (youtube the title at your own risk, its a gory game)

Essentially though, this will be a thread where all the different types of zombies are cataloged for easy reference.


Breed: Hoardling

Description: The common zombie, most often coming from an infected human. They usually do not appear decayed to any large degree, but are pale with darkened eyes, as if extremely sick. They sprint, fast, and can climb to a degree. Mostly they are limited to beating survivor's with fists and feet, rarely biting.

As their name suggests, they have a hoard mentality that borders on the psychic. They will always attack in groups, and if attacked alone have a habit of making all their allies come running.

A Special note, they do not require headshots to kill. Any blow that would kill a human can kill a Hoardling.

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Breed: Daemon.

Description: As is suggested, these zombies could be considered as such. Infected human that was affected by the Necromancy differently granting them hellish magic powers and a terryfyingly huge appearence. Very few in number and are the muscle of a hoard.

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Nitrogen Triiodide

Breed: Banshee

Description: A mutated zombie that has grown wings. They are notoriously fragile, though this does little to soften the fact that they can silently swoop in and carry off a human sized target. Name for the wail they release after being wounded.

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Nitrogen Triiodide

Breed: Lurker

Description: A zombie that enjoys burrowing into soft soil, waiting there during the daylight hours. It will spring up and attack anyone who treads overhead, dragging them back underground if they can overpower the survivor. While not outright dangerous compared to the vast majority of other zombie breeds, they have a tendency to show up at the most inopportune moments.

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Nitrogen Triiodide

Breed: Witch (Yay L4D!)

Description: Always an female elf or human, this type of zombie, like the Daemon, has a special place in the nightmares of survivors. At night, they draw in the living by crying into the air, imitating grief or pain. As soon as a flashlight or other light source falls on them, they go into a frenzy of killing. During the day, they will seek out shelter indoors.

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Seraph Darkfire

Breed: Mimic

Description: From a distance, they look like normal humans. They even act like normal humans to a degree. They will mimic cries of pain or fear to lure unsuspecting prey close. Once the prey is close enough, they drop to their hands and feet and move faster than believable, their speed making them hard to kill without a machine gun before they land on their prey and rip into their throat. The best way to kill them is to immobilize them and then shoot them in the head or heart.

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Nitrogen Triiodide

Breed: Siren

Description: Zombies that have taken to water. They cannot breath air, but can survive underwater indefinitely, just waiting for a survivor to hit the surface, where they drag them under. The victim rarely has time to drown before they are beaten or bled out.

12/5/2010 #7

Yetties: A species of Zombie similar to the Deamon they hair has continued to grow even after death and hasw take a white color they tend to stay at high altitudes and other cold regions they are one of the only zombie species that does not freeze.

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Nitrogen Triiodide


More true to the common lore of zombies, Striders are infected that have truly died, and therefore are significantly more difficult to get rid of. Not even shooting them in the head will stop one, only the complete destruction of the body keeps it down.

Striders are also terrifying because of their appearance; all of their skin has fallen off as well as most of their internal organs, and many of the muscle groups have been stripped away, leaving only those necessary to run and fight.

They stand on all fours, and are named after the strange, galloping run that they use to chase survivors.

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The same as the L4D Hunter. Usually in a hoodie and likes to leap at its prey.

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If we are using some zombies from the L4D world (GREAT game by the way, can't wait for the 3rd) then we can't leave out Boomers and Spitters Also one that I think would be interesting and would have liked to fight in L4D

I call them Regenerates

(think of the things off RE4 that you had to use the sniper rifle and infrared scope to kill)

They could regenerate themselves, though the flesh is dead and rotting, it has STOPPED rotting and has in some way kept itself together, it's believed to be be more "magical" than an actual mutation, but these zombies can only be disposed of by fire or explosion, bullets, arrows or swords have NO affect.

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Nitrogen Triiodide

Yeah, I usually try to wait until we're actually about to encounter one before I make a profile for it, but we may as well flesh those out now (so to speak, heheheheh)

-Here's three zombies that perform essentially the same function-

Breed: Beacon

In all respects, they appear as a normal Hoardling. But when killed or wounded, they emit a loud, deafening shriek that summons all the infected within earshot. Only a clean headshot, decapitation, or explosion can prevent them from crying out before death.


Breed: Boomer

A bloated, fat zombie that lumbers around, apparently slow and weak. When it gets close enough though, it pukes up a massive stream of a strong smelling substance that drives infected crazy, summoning them from all around to attack the covered target at the expense of any other potential victims. When a boomer is killed, they splatter this same substance on everything around them.


Breed: Burster

A zombie type usually specific to elves or other magic races, though humans can make them up too. Burster's are zombies who, like many survivors, are magic batteries. They contain an abnormally high amount of magic energy, and glow slightly because of it. The danger comes when fighting them. Any wound that breaks the skin, even a small cut, cascades into an explosion as the magic energy is violently released in a concussive blast. It's not usually enough to kill but will throw and/or incapacitate any living targets within fifteen feet.

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