A modern fantasy setting in which magic has returned just in time for the recipients to be immune to a zombie outbreak.
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Nitrogen Triiodide

(I realize that there are a bunch of points of confusion that are probably (scratch that, Entirely) my fault. This is a section I should have made a while back. Most of this is cannibalized from the second post of the first thread, though I have added a few things)

The earth of this setting is one that is and always has been exposed to magic and magic races. As far back as history goes, there are descriptions of elves, orcs, fairies, and magic exactly as it exists today. They are not myth, but a common fact. In this place, the "fantasy" genre does not exist, since there is no need for one.

As time went on though, technology gradually made pace with magic, as was described in the original intro:

"…magic slowly gave way to technology. The mystic forces seemed to weaken in the hands of those who used it, cold steel taking its place. A few retained the gifts of magic, though the force that had brought the sentient races out of the mud was relegated to inferior supporting roles"

A solar event re-sparked magic:

"Then, in the winter of 2012, a solar event occurred, in accordance with Mayan prophecy. Energy from the sun caused a major surge in magic strength on Earth, reigniting the magic that had gone nearly dormant. Those who had possessed no power before were now flooded with it, even if they had no clue how to wield it."

And finally, the zombies rose up:

"Whether by accident or design, disaster struck. In the spring of 2013 some forgotten necromancy unleashed a plague upon the world. Those few who had been blessed with magic, roughly 2 million globally, were immune, the rest of the world's billions fell victim to it.

But this was no ordinary plague. Those infested with it rose shortly after their death with the sole purpose of destroying anyone who was not like them. They did not need to eat or sleep, they seemed to feel no pain, and they came with a relentless abandon. Races such as the Asani and orcs responded even worse to the plague, mutating horribly into nightmarish creatures that joined the ranks of relentless human undead."

At this point in the story, it has been approximately 80 days since the outbreak began. (this date will be continuously altered so that it remains accurate)

If there are any other points that cause confusion, post them here and I will make an explanation.

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