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I can see colors

The title pretty much says it all


Finn/Rachel- Kids are Patrick (15) and Lizzy (16)

Kurt/Sam-Adopted Liliane (16)

Quinn/Puck-They don't have Beth, but they have James (16) and Riley(F) (17)

Tina/Mike-Kids are Nadine and Viny (14) there twins and Alica (12)

Britney/Santana- Used sperm donor and Brittney got knocked up. Lily(10) Mila (12) and Edward or Ed (15)

Mercedes/MAtt(i know he transfered but oh well)- Beyonce (16) and Jeraud (17)


9/23/2010 #1
Drama Queen And You Know It

Well here to be Brittany and I shall ask to be Riley and Mila..

Also here's your invite to be a mod should like to be 12a34

9/23/2010 #2
I can see colors

your in! and what the heck do i do with that? lol

Fast Bio for Lizzy

Lizzy is just like her mom. A born star.

She has shoulder length brown hair she puts in a ponytail or briads. Green eyes and stands about 5'6. She is curvy and loves anything girlie. She has a better sense of style than her mom had, or so she thinks.

Lizzy is outgoing and isnt afriad to say what she thinks

she is straight


Edward or Ed

He is resevered and quite. He is a Freshman male Cheerio though. He hats confrontation

he is about 5'8 light blonde hair, hazel eyes and not exccatly muscal, but nice anyway.

He hates being a Cheerio. He much rahter sing and write poetry and do his photography. His moms pretty much forced him and his siblings into cheerleading.

He is bi

9/23/2010 #3
I can see colors

ok where do i put this code and give me bios

9/24/2010 #4
Drama Queen And You Know It

All you do it go into the sign in page then go to the tab that says Forum and go to forum participation and then theres a a box to put the code in..


Personality: Riley is the head cheerleader as well she's just like the sterotypical popular girl mean bitchy and a bit slutty. Though she know's about her moms history so she's gonna stand by her promise to wait till marriage to have sex

Looks: She's slim and about 5ft 3". She's got blond hair that's always tied back in a ponytail. She's got blue eyes and always dressed in her Cheerio's uniform.

Sexaulity: She's straight



Personality: She's snarky and likes to get what she wants. She's not all the smart but she's not totally dim like Brittany. She loves to cheerlead so her mom's as such didn't have to force her to.

Looks: She's got a slightly dark skin tone and dark brown hair. Her eyes are green. She's a little on the short side for her age but she doesn't care.

Sexualty: She'll get back to you on that.

9/24/2010 #5
I can see colors

i like those bios

9/28/2010 #6
Drama Queen And You Know It

Thanks ^_^

9/28/2010 #7
I can see colors


9/29/2010 #8
Peint Ailes

Can I be Liliane?

Liliane "Lili" Hummel

Personality: Lili is sweet, though is sometimes a ditz. She somehow manages to ace her tests, though. She sucks at noticing stuff and doesn't think when she speaks.

Looks: She's small, slender, and 5'1. She has a voice like one of her adopted fathers, and is a soprano. Lili has light brown hair and large hazel eyes that, with her round face and small dimple, makes her look innocent. She always wears a small cross necklace.


10/1/2010 #9
Girly 411

Alrighty... Now, I know what kinda character profile I'm gonna make, but I'm just not quite sure about which kid to pick. *ponders*

Wait... are Nadine and Viny boys or girls? It may just be cuz it's late-ish right now and I'm kinda tired, but... they aren't really ringing a bell. =/ I may choose them. I'll write up bios when ya get back to me on that. XD

10/4/2010 #10
Evelyn Briar Black

I always imagined Artie having a little boy named Aaron. Not with anyone in the club, some OC I guess, but I could so see a little boy who looks just like him.

10/5/2010 #11
I can see colors

sure thing CB thats fine



and Jacky? or no *BLUSHES* Eclipsia Black you can so do that. You can have Artie being a single dad or married to an OC or something

10/7/2010 #12
Evelyn Briar Black

It's Jakey, actually. No biggy.

Can I have Ana and Artie? Hmm... they'd have a cute kid.

Artie as a single dad would be cool though.... Nah, I'm with OC. Ana for now. Any objections?

10/7/2010 #13
Peint Ailes

I don't know why, but for some reason, I always picture Finn begging Rachel to name one of their kids Drizzle, and Rachel agreeing just to get him to shut up...

Oh, and should Lizzy and Liliane be rivals? Considering their parents were kind of....

10/7/2010 . Edited 10/7/2010 #14
Girly 411

Okiedokes, then. I'd like to have the twins, please. XD I shall write up profiles once I can think of something. =/ And I still need to post Nate's for the HSM rp.

10/12/2010 #15
Girly 411

Sorry to double post here... but I have the bios finally! So, let me know what you think.


Age: 14

Personality: loud, outgoing, sarcastic, usually hyper, overly friendly, easily likeable, has a comment/comeback for everything, usually drags Viny everywhere with her, athletic = plays tennis, inadvertently tends to attract guys, outspoken, adventurous, very smart, modest

Appearance: has short (dark brown) hair she keeps up in a messy ponytail and bangs that hang slightly in her eyes, looks rather fragile although she's quite strong, dresses casually yet finely in a sweater and skirt.


Age: 14

Personality: athletic = track and field, inadvertently attracts girls, overprotective of Nadine, doesn't talk much, more reserved than Nadine, friendly, polite, has learned not to argue when Nadine drags him places, often regrets not stopping Nadine from getting carried away, tags along to prevent anything bad from happening, relaxed, laid back, very smart, modest

Appearance: messy (black) hair that hangs in his face, thin and frail-looking despite his unseeming strength, dresses casually yet finely in a long-sleeved shirt and dress pants and sometimes a jacket.


The two of them share a very good relationship, their natural charm makes it so most everyone likes them, and they are something shy of geniuses, but won't shove that in anyone else's face.

10/17/2010 #16
Evelyn Briar Black

Since we have Brittany and Santana (Which I absoloutly love the sperm donor!), could we have Artie and my OC Ana together? Not for the actual roleplay, but just for this? If so, I could totally see a little boy named Aaron that looked like Artie. Yeah, I know I asked this before if I could do this, but no one answered me, so....

So, yeah, not for the actual RP, but for this Second Generation thing, could we do that?

12/9/2010 #17
Girly 411

Is Lauren back from break yet?

1/27/2011 #18
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