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I love Jem, he's absolutely wonderful. I don't think I've ever loved a character as much as I love him. He is honest, and the things that come out of his mouth are absolute entrancing.

9/20/2010 #1

i love jem as well, he is such a gentalman tessa can have will, but jem's all mine!

9/25/2010 #2

I actually have a tie between Tessa and Will. I properly prefer Tessa in some cases because Will can be so horrible...but come on, who doesn't want a Jace-like English shadowhunter?! lol

10/1/2010 #3

i have to with you there,

i love jace, and i love how will reflex jace so well.

dammit now i'm tied between two of them.

maybe i can get tess out of the picture and have both :)

10/1/2010 #4

I like all of them! Will is my favorite though, because he is the most complex, the most interesting, and in many ways the most human of them all. Will is a walking representation of the darker areas of human nature; I could actually relate to Will in some instances as I read the book.

Jem is humble, kind, respectful and sensitive toward's Tessa's feelings (something Will can't quite manage). I think that's simply amazing considering all the pain and suffering he's endured, what with the death of his parents, the demon that tortured him and how it's had a lasting effect on him--his addiction and even his appearance (the fact that he's so silver!). If anybody else went through that, they'd most likely be cynical, brooding or tortured. lol kind of like Will?

I also love Charlotte! She's so passionate and committed to the Institute and all of the other Shadowhunters that stay there. I also think she's very brave and her authority is just so awesome.

Tessa's also great. She's a girl you can easily and genuinely relate to. She also has a very strong moral character (how she let the Dark Sisters imprison her so that Nathaniel wouldn't get hurt), loyal to the people she cares about and committed to the right thing.

Also, did any of you enjoy the Gabriel Lightwood drama? "You just can't get enough. Which was, incidentally, what your sister said before she--"

lolz Will is just too funny... I hope we get to see Gabriel Lightwood's sister in the next book, that would be interesting. . .

10/15/2010 . Edited 10/15/2010 #5

I think the whole situation between Will and Gabriel Lightwood is pretty hilarious. I love knowing about the ancenstors of the characters in the Mortal Instruments Series, and seeing how different they are from one another.

10/16/2010 #6

I loved all the little references to Mortal Instruments!

And I have taken too greatly disliking Will, especially after his last scene with Tessa. I do hope she ends up with Jem.

It was such a great book, I can't wait for the other two. (And, of course, the final three books in the newly retitled Mortal Instruments saga!)

10/19/2010 #7

well, i like tessa buts it for a very long reason...but I'll explain anyway. As much as I adore the Mortal Instruments series, I hated how much of a (whats the expression) Mary-Sue that Clary was! She did nothin but stand in the way half the time, didn't even fight unless she wasn't drawing runes which ended up always being the last resort to saving the day. But in Infernal Devices, Tessa is so much of a stronger female character. She uses her power to save herself, but sometimes Will or Jem can be there for her as well. I hope I wasn't ranting, but yeah, Tessa is my new fav character!

10/29/2010 #8

GamecocksFan4Ever: I absolutely agree with you. I just didn't get Clary. Tessa is so much better. What I like best about her is how faithful she is to herself, and how she likes to read. There are a lot of parts in which you can relate to Tessa and many in which you can admire her as the heroine. She's very well done, I think.

10/29/2010 #9
oOo KitKat oOo

I'm going to have to say Jem. He's got that gentleman charm that never gets old. Jem's sweet, funny, kind, and gentle. I wish I were Tessa. She's got Jem's attention! ;D

11/8/2010 #10

Charlotte, absolutely! Admit it, without Charlotte around to subtly guide Will and take care of the Institute and its occupants, there would be Infernal Devices, as Will would be a drunkard with no sense of self-preservation, Jem would be dead, Jessamine would be taken advantage of, and poor Henry would be eve so confused. She's silently running the show.

11/15/2010 #11
for some strange reason Will is my favourite character even though i hate how he treats tessa at the end. i really really liked the 'fight' with gabriel and how tessa and jem stuck up for will. "you cant possibly mean that the bit about will being a worm, the bit about entails that sounds dreadful" will is just so much fun the old jace lol i loved that scene and i hope there are more scenes with will and gabriel fighting!! i also want to know what the whole they dont think will will live past nineteen things about?? anyone any ideas?? =] WILL <3
12/11/2010 #12

So, thus far we have a total vote count for the characters and voting stands at:





feel free to add in the names of any characters in the series. All opinions are welcome!

12/12/2010 #13

Everyones forgetting about Sophie! I mean I luv ya Tessa and Jem but Sophie is such a Sweetheart! I vote her!

12/26/2010 #14

Everyones forgetting about Sophie! I mean I luv ya Tessa and Jem but Sophie is such a Sweetheart! I vote her!

12/26/2010 #15

Well Jem is a sweetheart, there is no denying that. He's lovely and I adore him in all his loveliness. Will gets on my nerves, I feel like he would be fun to look at, but not to listen to. Charlotte is my favorite female character without a doubt, she's fierce and independent and runs the Institute against all odds.

My favorite character, however, is by far Henry. He's so adorable and wonderful in every sense. Maybe I'm a sucker for gingers, but I would love him even if he wasn't. He's a little clueless and a little not completely there, but he has a good heart and tries so hard. He takes so many insults and putdowns from everyone and just kind of rolls it off and keeps going. He invents things and is always in the lab. Sometimes his relationship with Charlotte confuses me, because I'm not quite sure their feelings for each other. I like to think they're really in love, and Henry is just not the greatest as expressing feelings.

1/18/2011 #16

OH, HENRY! HOW COULD I FORGET YOU? lol Henry is definately my second favourite character. He's so, like, innocent and always confused - he's kind of like a little kid who just wants to be loved sometimes. He's adorable, and I am the (self-proclaimed) biggest Charlotte/Henry shipper! I do hope Cassie will give us a better look at their relationship in Clockwork Prince :)

1/19/2011 #17

I KNOW! She has so far ignored all of my fangirling Henry tweets, it makes me sad. But I am hoping we get to see more of him, and understand their relationship better in Clockwork Prince. It's kind of confusing right now I think. It's hard to tell what they really feel about each other or how they interact. Though Charlotte is always defending him before everyone else, which I think is sweet.

Did you notice there are no fanfictions of Henry/Charlotte as of now? I am working on writing one, because this needs to be changed.

1/19/2011 #18
Pyreflies Painter

My favourite character has to be Will Herondale. No. That does not mean I prefer him over Jem for Tessa. I love them both.

With that out of the way, I like Will's character better because he is complex. The mysteries of his past and everything else about him seems foggy and it's just so interesting! I just want to learn more. I'm a 'have to find out person'. Other than his mysteries, I like him because he's funny and he has this obsession with demon pox.

My second favourite character is Jem Carstairs. Reasons are because he's sweet and he's Chinese! Like me! Well partly. Jem is also so happy-going and he's the type to live life to the fullest and I love him for that. Oh! He plays the violin too! :) I love musicians!

2/5/2011 #19
Feminist Flo Rida
Straight up Jem Carstairs. Can't you tell? I mean, you know you read too much when you literally fall head over heels in love with a book character. That is my fate. He's sweet, caring, strong, beautiful- and anyone who can put up with Will's insanity deserves a medal. After him I'd have to say... Will. He'll turn out to be a pretty good guy, I'm sure, the same way that Jace did.
2/12/2011 #20
Pyreflies Painter

Yeah, it seems a bit obvious. But we never know. Cassandra Clare may have something up her sleeves.....

3/11/2011 #21
Pyreflies Painter

Yeah, it seems a bit obvious. But we never know. Cassandra Clare may have something up her sleeves.....

3/11/2011 #22
Queen Viserys

I love Will. A lot. :D

I tend to love characters like that, I like the mystery, and the fact his mood changed every few moments. I'm not sure who I prefer for Tessa, though.

I like Nate as well. I like evil characters, and he's a bit lame in a sense, so I just like him.

I normally hate main characters, but I quite like Tessa, as well.

I also like Jem... and Henry's really funny.... Okay, I like most of the characters actually :P

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/16/2011 #23
Mrs Pettyfer

^Oh I HATED Nate. Worst villain ever. At least Jonathon/Sebastian had some backbone. Nate was just a pathetic coward. Ugh I wanted to punch him in the face honestly the moment he woke up, lol.

My favorite character is probably Will. I tend to like the darker, tough, sarcastic, characters. I like his complexity and the fact that he isn't sunshine and roses. Tessa would be my second favorite. I actually like her more than Clary as the main female. Tessa seems like she has more..fight in her, so to say. Clary just got in the way too much in my opinion whereas Tessa actually fights and does what she can. Idk, I found her more tough and I like tough girls. :P

As for which 'team,' I have to say Will and not because he's my favorite. Jem just seems too nice. I find myself wanting to see him yell or get angry. I like him, but for Tessa I think there's a better balance with Will. She's the only one who tries to break down Will's walls and even though he doesn't realize it, he's let her inside them. The look he gives her at the end of the book when he's holding her speaks volumn. I personally prefer the ships in books/movies where there's banter, boundaries are pushed, and everything isn't perfect. Tessa and Jem would be too sweet and nice for my liking, which would borderline boring. But that's just a personal opinion.

But I love all the characters..except Nate, obviously, haha. Sophie and Jem would be adorable, for the record.

3/23/2011 #24
Queen Viserys

Hahaha, that's actually really true about Tessa and Will!

Yes, I find Nate extremely lame, but that's why I like him. He thinks he's important and amazing, but he's really not. What can I say? i like lame characters. :P

I didn't like Clary much, and I generally hate most of the main characters ion books, but I liked Tessa quite a lot too.

3/24/2011 #25
Mrs Pettyfer

I was trying to think of the differences in Clary and Tessa, actually, both being the main female and all. I'll need to go back and re-read TMI but from what I recall, Clary wasn't as active as Tessa..I don't think. Idk, I felt like Tessa's POV was a little more detailed too and she had more s***. To be honest Tessa reminded me a little of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, which is why I think I liked her so much. :P

3/24/2011 #26
Queen Viserys

I'm rereading TMI at the moment. All I remember is that Clary never did as she was told :P

3/24/2011 #27
Mrs Pettyfer

Very true. To the extent that it's almost annoying. When her mother point blanks says DON'T COME HOME, what's she do? Attacks Jace and goes home. I don't think Clary is the smartest of the group at times, haha.

Who are your least favorite characters? Since we've talked about favorites. :P

Mine are probably Nate from TID and I don't really hate any from TMI, but Simon gets on my nerves at times and Alec is a bit bland. I'm glad Simon moves on from Clary, whom to be honest he had no chance with. I'm just not a fan of the best friend trying to win the girls heart bit. Alec just isn't memorable for me. He's just sort of there. I'm not sure what Magnus sees in him besides the fact that black hair and blue eyes are his favorite, lol. Nothing against Alec...I just don't have much opinion on him yet.

3/24/2011 #28
I'm just going to go ahead and say that Clary is a Mary Sue. She was just underdeveloped. The same, I suppose, can be said for Alec, though with him there is more opportunity for exploration. With Clary you're limited. Clare's strongest character in TMI, other than Jace and Simon, would probably be Isabelle. She's not a favorite but she is well-done. I always liked Alec bc personally Iv always loved the brooding, sensitive types XD I did find his love affair with Magnus a little exaggerated though. To me it seemed that the two were the only gay people in the story without partners, so CC decided to put them together. I was surprised that they looked to each other during Clary's love rune in the third book also. Yeah, I dont understand the nature of their relationship. In contrast to TMI, Clockwork Angel has characters that are much more fleshed out and real. I found Gabriel Lightwood rather interesting and hope CC elaborates on that more. Charlotte is awesome. Nate is lame, I agree. Though I do think he is more complex than he lets on. Will is my favorite by default. Jem may be soft but he has an extremely tragic past behind him as well as the horrible addiction he has to contend with. He may be warm hearted and kind, but there are a lot of pent up feelings there. I am dying to see how Jem and Will's brotherly relationship is going to suffer when Tessa gets in the way. Either way, Tessa's going to lose. She can't have children (saddest ever), Jem's going to die because of his problem, and Will will die too gradually because he's mortal (if he doesn't kill himself first). Poor Tessa, being immortal and all. Did you guys know that she made a cameo in COG?
3/27/2011 #29
Queen Viserys

Clary also never does as she's meant to...

Least favoruite? I'd say the dark sisters. I'm not sure why, I normally love evil characters. From TMI, I hate Simon, and I think I'm about to hate him more from the extract of COFA.

I think Jem strugglesmore with being nice than he lets on.

Did she really? I never noticed that.

3/27/2011 #30
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