MegaTen RP: The Devil's Plague
On another Earth, another Tokyo... A threat looms beneath its busy streets. An ancient conflict that may spring to the surface ad embroil the city in an apocalypse once again.
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Mao: Charis! *runs after*

Kei: *shoots Sanngridr, only to be slashed in the throat by Hildr, who escaped the clash with Jun*&

7/18/2011 #61

Kei: (manages to get a few fingers off)

Charis: (can now breath a little, but Sannae's metal claws are leaving bloody marks)

7/18/2011 #62

Mao: DAMN YOU! *creates more arms and chokes Sanngridr in turn*

Jun: Kei! *runs after Hildr, who jumps high into the air*

7/18/2011 #63

Sannae: (slowly being pulled off)

Charis: (screams as Sannae leaves deep marks in her neck)

7/18/2011 #64

Mao: Let... Charis.. GO!

Hildr: *comes down with a slash*

7/18/2011 #65

Sannae: (pulled off, but Charis now has a very large, neck wound that is bleeding profusely. Her breathing's difficult, and she's finding it hard to move)

7/18/2011 #66

Mao: *tightens her grip, adding more arms to it* Die... Die... Die!

7/18/2011 #67

Sannae: (being choked in turn)

Kei: ...Kei! (runs over) Dammit dammit dammit...

7/18/2011 #68

Jun: *keeps fighting with Hildr* Is she alright!? Help her! Damn you!

Hildr: Hahahahaha! I'll make sure you die in tears, Gunnr!

Mao: You... Bitch... *stops* I'll make sure you don't come back this time.

7/18/2011 #69

Kei: (looks through his medical bag to find anything that can help)

Sannae: (slashes at Mao with her metal claw)

7/18/2011 #70

Kei: *trying to breathe*

Hildr: *kicks Jun away and rushes at him* Die!

Mao: *blocks with the shield* You won't escape this time... I won't let you! You'll pay for what you've done! *opens her mouth. An extremely long and large tongue extends forward which opens into a three-jawed mouth*

7/18/2011 #71

Kei: (raises a spirit barrier which blocks Hildr) Jun, this is an order! Take Charis and Kei back to the hospital. Charis first, if you can't take them both. (applies a magical salve to the cut)

Sannae: (blasts Mao with Zandyne)

7/18/2011 #72

Jun: Right!

Hildr: *turns around and swings at Jun extremely hard*

Jun: *blocks. The saber shatters, and a piece hits her in the eye* AGH!

Mao: *blocks the blast with her field and has the jaw snap shut around Sanngridr, leaving nothing but her legs below the knee*

7/19/2011 #73

Kei: Jun, leave now! Ignore Hildr, just run! (tries to apply more)

Sannae: (grimaces but slashes at her again)

7/19/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #74

Jun: ...Dammit! *turns and runs, grabbing Charis*

Kei: *seems to be stable, but still needs professional help*

Hildr: Come, boy, you're the only one left.

7/19/2011 #75

Kei: Hel, I need your help.

7/19/2011 #76

Hel: (What do you have to give?)

Hildr: *throws a sword at him*

Mao: (Won't... Let you... Win...) *bites down as hard as she can to crush the claw*

7/19/2011 #77

Kei: Anything. Everything.

Sannae: (isn't giving up. She's definitely fighting to the last)

7/19/2011 #78

Hel: *appears and catches the sword* You'll have to be more specific.

Hildr: Hel!? What are you doing here!?

Mao: *swallows her whole*

7/19/2011 #79

Kei: I offer myself then. Just save Kei...

7/19/2011 #80

Hel: *stabs Kei through the heart*

Hildr: ...*starts to laugh* Humans are so pathetic. Begging to others for power.

7/19/2011 #81

Kei: Thank you... (collapses)

7/19/2011 #82

Hildr: What are you going to do now? *laughs* I could kill you right here, Hel. But... Where is the human? His soul... I should have him.

7/19/2011 #83

(a blue and transparent Kei rises from the body)

7/19/2011 #84

Hildr: ...Is a GHOST going to kill me? Don't make me laugh.

7/19/2011 #85

Kei: ...Thank you, Hel.

7/19/2011 #86

Hel: Finish her so she shuts up.

Hildr: *throws another sword at Hel* Silence, you freak!

7/19/2011 #87

Kei: (walks over to Hildr)

7/19/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #88

Hel: *solidified him so he stops the sword* What are you waiting for?

Hild: What!?

7/19/2011 #89

Kei: (puts his hand into Hild's chest)

7/19/2011 #90
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