Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Here's the List of Characters for this Role-Play. If you want to Role-play a character that's not on this list, please PM a moderator and they will add you too the list.

Cullen Clan:

Edward Cullen- Taken (Lily Desdemona Potter)

Bella Cullen- Taken (Mrspaigepattinson)

Emmett Cullen- Taken (AliceAndJasper2gether4ever)

Rosalie Hale- Taken (Ms.C.R.Cullen)

Alice Cullen- Taken (UntilDusk)

Jasper Hale- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Carlisle Cullen-Taken (The Real Carlisle Cullen)

Esme Cullen- Taken (Bellaroxursocx)

Renesmee Cullen- Taken (Awesome4evah)

Wolf pack:

Sam- Taken (TeamCullen2010)

Jacob- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Embry- Taken (ILoveYouStar)



Seth- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Leah- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Paul- Taken (ILoveYouStar)

Collin- Taken (Lily CullenSalvatore)

Brady- Taken (IHateCakesWithPinkFrosting)


Aro- Taken (i am ms emmett cullen)

Cauis- Taken (Dani Jones)

Marcus- (Dani Jones)

Athenodora- (Dani Jones)

Didyme- (Dani Jones)

Sulpicia- Taken (i am ms emmett cullen)

Jane- Taken (Lily Desdemona Potter)

Alec- Taken (Lovelyyuyu is not mental)

Demetri- Taken (Andraste Straton)

Felix- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Heidi-Taken (RosalieLillianHale1935)

Renata- Taken (xxxMe Myself and Alecxxx )

Denali coven

Tanya- Taken (IXTanyaDenaliXI)

Irina- Taken (WildForFredWeasley)


Crystal (Chrissy) Vermillion- Taken (A.Christine Wilson

Alison Nimueh- Taken (JacobBlackXBellaSwan)

Bradley James - Taken (JacobBlackXBellaSwan)

Jess Wallace- Taken (JacobBlackXBellaSwan)

Colin Morgan- Taken (JacobBlackXBellaSwan)

Nick Carter- Taken (JacobBlackXBellaSwan)

Blaine Carter- Taken(ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Veronica Carter- Taken(ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Cheyenne Marie Scott (nickname Chey)- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Alex Morales- Taken (Doubt But Never Regret)

Teresa Johanna (Tyson as a human) Cullen- Taken (Tessa .J. Cullen)

Sebastian Soto Santiago

Chas Brantin Scott

Caroline Smith- Taken (BellaPlusCandyGivesAlice)

Paris Mkenzie- Taken (Twilightrocks122)

Elizabeth Ray- Taken (Readerabove)

Zephyr- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Isabelle Grace Masen- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Lilly- Taken (Jasper's gal 33)

Trint- Taken (Jasper's gal 33)

Carma- Taken (Lovelyyuyu is not mental)

Giselle- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Justin Lynx- Taken (The.Twilight.Charmer)

Zoe Orlinda Umbra (Carter)- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Morgana- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Shayne Carter- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Samantha Carter- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Sara Mary Jones- Taken (It'sLikeSwitzerland)

Kyle Vivoka- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Violet- Taken (It'sLikeSwitzerland)

Alexis Rose Caltori- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMorn)

Elizabeth Marie Brown- Taken (xXforeverforgottenXx)

Eleanor Rose Ashton-Taken (UntilDusk)

Obsidian Nathan Karnan- Taken (Lookingglasswriter)

Amy- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Christofer Brown- Taken (xXforeverforgottenXx)

Merlin / Emrys- Taken (Lookingglasswriter)

Emilia Jenson- Taken (WildForFredWeasly)

Moon Lynne Star- Taken (As.Nightfall.Rose3)

Abby Volturi- Taken (AbbyVolturi)

12/23/2010 . Edited 12/24/2010 #1
Wrath of Carcosa


12/24/2010 #2

(saw that)

Ev: thats my kind of man *smiles and kisses shayne getting the poison in his system*

Zoe: no!

12/24/2010 #3

Vick: *At Vicky's house with Victoria and Vicky*

Victory: *hating herself*

Samantha: *walking around, lonely*

12/24/2010 #4
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: *is startled by the kiss and then feels posion enter his body* *pales and falls flat on his back*

12/24/2010 #5

Chloe: *grows intoo a 16 year old*

Cara: *sighs in releif* that make sense

Zoe: *runs to Shayne*

Ev: *pulls her back by her hair*

Diviana: we gotta get back to the house

12/24/2010 #6
Wrath of Carcosa

Kyle: Why? *tired*

Shayne: *dying*

12/24/2010 #7

Diviana: no time trust me its important though *hold out her hand*

Zoe: *fighting back*

Cara: *runs to Shayne*

12/24/2010 . Edited 12/24/2010 #8

Samantha: *has a bad feeling* *runs over to Shayne* Shayne!!!!

12/24/2010 #9
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: S...Sam...

Kyle: *takes her hand*

12/24/2010 #10

Diviana: *pops then to the house*

Zoe: *eyes flash before going black and falls to the ground*

Diviana: what have you done! *runs up to Ev and they both dissapper*

Chloe: *runs off Cara following searching for Diviana and Eve*

(*sigh* i must go... try to be back on tomorrow :) night...)

12/24/2010 . Edited 12/24/2010 #11
Wrath of Carcosa


12/24/2010 #12


Samantha: *runs over to Shayne and drops down onto her knees next to him* Shayne what happened*

12/24/2010 #13
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: Eve posioned me...

12/24/2010 #14

Samantha: *has no idea who Eve is but doesnt ask* posioned?!?!

12/24/2010 #15

(I read what happened on my rp earlier O_o Seth knows about Barbie and Edward O.o )

12/24/2010 #16
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: *nods* I think I'm dying... Diviana couldn't get KYle here in time...

Blaine: *sees them* OHMYGOD. Jazmine!

12/24/2010 #17
Wrath of Carcosa


12/24/2010 #18

Samantha: no you cant die! *almost in tears at the thought of Shayne dying*

Jazmien: huh? *goes to where they are* OMG Shayne! what happened?!

12/24/2010 #19
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: I'm sorry...

Blaine: *dry sobbing silently*

12/24/2010 #20

Samantha: *tears start to fall* no, I wont let you die! *trys healing him with water like the awesome waterbender Katara*

Jazmine: *is hoping Samantha knows what she does* *quietly crying*

12/24/2010 #21

(*wonders what Seth will say to Barbie when he sees her*)

12/24/2010 #22
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: *grimaces in pain*

Blaine: I'm sorry...I'm sorry you think I hate you.

Shayne: I don't. Not anymore.

12/24/2010 #23
Wrath of Carcosa

(Are you trying to drop subtle hints telling me to go to your RP?)

12/24/2010 #24

Samantha: *her water healing isnt working* *looks at jazmine* mom cant you heal him with water

Jazmine: *Shakes her head sadly* it doesnt work against poisin, i've tried before..

Samantha: tell uncle jasper to call Afrotina then!

Jasper: *already on the phone with Afrotina*

12/24/2010 #25

(lmao maybe...)

12/24/2010 #26
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: Hurry....

12/24/2010 #27
Wrath of Carcosa


12/24/2010 #28

(*innocent smile*)

Jasper: Afrotina will be here......

Afrotina: *flys down from the sky*

Jasper: now...

Afrotina: *goes over to Shayne and puts her hand on his head and heart, closes her eyes and a glowing light goes from her hands to all over Shayne's body as she gives Shayne life*

12/24/2010 #29
Wrath of Carcosa

Shayne: *better*

12/24/2010 #30
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