Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Here's the List of Characters for this Role-Play. If you want to Role-play a character that's not on this list, please PM a moderator and they will add you too the list.

Cullen Clan:

Edward Cullen- Taken (Lily Desdemona Potter)

Bella Cullen- Taken (Mrspaigepattinson)

Emmett Cullen- Taken (AliceAndJasper2gether4ever)

Rosalie Hale- Taken (Ms.C.R.Cullen)

Alice Cullen- Taken (UntilDusk)

Jasper Hale- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Carlisle Cullen-Taken (The Real Carlisle Cullen)

Esme Cullen- Taken (Bellaroxursocx)

Renesmee Cullen- Taken (Awesome4evah)

Wolf pack:

Sam- Taken (TeamCullen2010)

Jacob- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Embry- Taken (ILoveYouStar)



Seth- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Leah- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Paul- Taken (ILoveYouStar)

Collin- Taken (Lily CullenSalvatore)

Brady- Taken (IHateCakesWithPinkFrosting)


Aro- Taken (i am ms emmett cullen)

Cauis- Taken (Dani Jones)

Marcus- (Dani Jones)

Athenodora- (Dani Jones)

Didyme- (Dani Jones)

Sulpicia- Taken (i am ms emmett cullen)

Jane- Taken (Lily Desdemona Potter)

Alec- Taken (Lovelyyuyu is not mental)

Demetri- Taken (Andraste Straton)

Felix- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Heidi-Taken (RosalieLillianHale1935)

Renata- Taken (xxxMe Myself and Alecxxx )

Denali coven

Tanya- Taken (IXTanyaDenaliXI)

Irina- Taken (WildForFredWeasley)


Crystal (Chrissy) Vermillion- Taken (A.Christine Wilson

Alison Nimueh- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Bradley James - Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Jess Wallace- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Colin Morgan- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Nick Carter- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Brian Littrell- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

AJ Mclean- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Howie Dorough- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Kevin Richardson- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Freya Nimueh- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Alec Talerico- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Blaine Carter- Taken(ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Veronica Carter- Taken(ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Cheyenne Marie Scott (nickname Chey)- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Alex Morales- Taken (Doubt But Never Regret)

Teresa Johanna (Tyson as a human) Cullen- Taken (Tessa .J. Cullen)

Sebastian Soto Santiago

Chas Brantin Scott

Caroline Smith- Taken (BellaPlusCandyGivesAlice)

Paris Mkenzie- Taken (Twilightrocks122)

Elizabeth Ray- Taken (Readerabove)

Zephyr- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Isabelle Grace Masen- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Lilly- Taken (Jasper's gal 33)

Trint- Taken (Jasper's gal 33)

Carma- Taken (Lovelyyuyu is not mental)

Giselle- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Justin Lynx- Taken (The.Twilight.Charmer)

Zoe Orlinda Umbra (Carter)- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Morgana- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Shayne Carter- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Samantha Carter- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Sara Mary Jones- Taken (It'sLikeSwitzerland)

Kyle Vivoka- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Violet- Taken (It'sLikeSwitzerland)

Alexis Rose Caltori- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMorn)

Elizabeth Marie Brown- Taken (xXforeverforgottenXx)

Eleanor Rose Ashton-Taken (UntilDusk)

Obsidian Nathan Karnan- Taken (Lookingglasswriter)

Amy- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Christofer Brown- Taken (xXforeverforgottenXx)

Merlin / Emrys- Taken (Lookingglasswriter)

Emilia Jenson- Taken (WildForFredWeasly)

Abby Volturi- Taken (AbbyVolturi)

Elle Robyn Jones- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Aliyah Zoey Jack- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Ember Hazel Clearwater- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMorn)

Makenna Alexandra Jones- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

12/30/2010 . Edited 1/9/2011 #1


1/3/2011 #2


Brian: How are you?

1/3/2011 . Edited 1/3/2011 #3

Barbie: *blushes*

Loriane: *coughs up water*

(brb switching to my laptop)

1/3/2011 #4

(*rolls eyes and chuckles*)

Emma: good

Cara: ok

Diviana: *goes for another try and is blocked* Jason *wines*

Jason: i'm saving you

Zoe: good boy

Chloe: *excited because shes doing a good job*

1/3/2011 #5

(back! holy moly we're on 15 now?!)

1/3/2011 #6


Nick: *smiles* Don't worry it's okay. *helps her to swim*

Howie: *smiles*

(hey! Yes we are on rp 15 :)

1/3/2011 . Edited 1/3/2011 #7

Morgana:*turns the tv on softly and watches "What would you do?"*


The twins:*still studying*

1/3/2011 #8

(that's crazy! haha)

Tess: *still running around like a child*

Edward: *being scolded*

Esme: *scolding Edward*

1/3/2011 #9

Brian: *smiles* That's good.

Kevin: *chuckles* I heard that Zoe is having Nick's kid?

1/3/2011 #10

Bella:*walks in on Esme scolding Edward* Oh no...What did he do?

1/3/2011 #11

Edward: *looks at his wife and tries not to smile*

Esme: He forced his sister to eat sugar and now she is bouncing off the walls.

Tess: I am cute little bumblebee! *runs around* Weeeeee

1/3/2011 #12

Emma: *smack Diviana* she's gonna attack you if ya don't stop

Diviana: but shes prego

Zoe: my clone aint *clones herself*

Diviana: O.O *runs*

Zoe: and yes i am and i'm d*mn proud to be too

Jason: and how are you uncles 1 and 2?

Emma: *chuckles at that*

1/3/2011 #13

Bella:*looks at Tess like "wtf?''* Okay...Edward. What have I told you about giving others sugar? *gives him a stern look*

1/3/2011 #14

Bradley: *looks at Tess* O_O

1/3/2011 #15

Sarah: *Walks in*

1/3/2011 #16

Kevin: *looks at Zoe* I'm happy for you.

Brian: Nick was so happy when he heard that. *shakes head smiling*

Kevin: *smiles* We're good Jas. You have more than 2 uncles... You have AJ, D, me, B-rok, Aaron and many others...

Brian: Don't forget that he has a lot of aunts!

Kevin: Yeah and Leslie, Angel and Bobbie Jean. Nick's siblings. *smiles*


1/3/2011 . Edited 1/3/2011 #17

Edward: Not to *smiles* but look at her this is just to dang funny!

Tess: *walks over to Bradley* Hello handsome! *kisses him deeply before flitting away singing* I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm, I'm as jumpy as puppet on a string I'd say that I had spring fever, but I know it isn't spring I am starry eyed and vaguely discontented, like a nightingale without a song to sing O why should I have spring fever, when it isn't even spring.

Esme: *groans* Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!

Edward: *rofl*

1/3/2011 . Edited 1/3/2011 #18

Bradley: Hello beautiful. *kisses back and looks at her like O_O*

1/3/2011 #19

Diviana,Emma: us and mai and mercy now too

Zoe: *looks around* where is Mercy?

Jason: shes in the garage she doesn't do well with strangers since shes got her

Chloe: *walks up*yeah that was a bad one... she's shy

1/3/2011 #20

Bella:*sighs and grabs his ear, dragging him upstairs* Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. You are grounded. No..."bedtime activities" for a month. {Sorry, couldn't find another way to put it and I highly doubt actually saying it stays under T rating}

1/3/2011 #21


1/3/2011 #22


Barbie: *smiles back at Howie*

Loriane: *slowly learning how to swim*

Samantha: *holding PJ*

PJ: *falling asleep*

Jolie: *idk*

Ash: *dressed like spiderman*

JAsper: *dressed like spiderman*

JAzmine: *idk*

oother: *bored*

1/3/2011 #23

Brian: Yeah. Mai, Diviana and Emma and Mercy.

Kevin: I see... Hi Chloe.

1/3/2011 #24

Tess: *giggles running around**sees Jasper dressed as Spiderman* OMG! Spiderman! I have all your comic books, all three movies, oh oh and all the cartoons on DVD!!

Edward: *winces slightly* But Bella! *whines*

Esme: *sighs*

(yeah it edited my last post, didn't realize what I put was not T rating. I'll have to remember that for future stuff haha)

1/3/2011 . Edited 1/3/2011 #25


Howie: *hugs her*

Nick; *smiles and continues showing Loriane how to swim*

1/3/2011 #26

Morgana:*still watching tv.*

1/3/2011 #27

Bradley: *sighs*

1/3/2011 #28

Chloe: hello uncle, grandpa *nods at Brian*

Cara: haha i never thought about that

Emma: OMG we're grandparents!

Zoe: *walks to the garage* hey mercy you ok?

1/3/2011 #29

Sarah: *walks around*

1/3/2011 #30
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