Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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1/7/2011 #3,001

Tony: Awesome *takes her hand and kisses it*

Mariah: *joins Victoria in banging her own head*

1/7/2011 #3,002

Zoe: *moves to kick Emma*

Emma: *grabs her legs and twists it*

Zoe: *backk flips*

Diviana: *steps in Zoe's place*

Damon: *on his knees*

Chloe: i win *smirks*

Damon: not quite *pulls on the back of Chloe's leg*

Chloe: *groans and flips to stand up right*


1/7/2011 #3,003

Ember: *smiles* nice tot meet you too nick.

1/7/2011 #3,004

Lizzy: *transform her apperance to look like Katarina* *jumps on Ash's back* boo!!!!!!!!

Chris: *same* (............)

1/7/2011 #3,005

Bella: Ooh! What do you have in mind?

1/7/2011 #3,006

(wheres savanna?)

1/7/2011 #3,007

Bradley: *smiles on her lips*

1/7/2011 #3,008

(I don't know)

Nick: *smiles* How are you?

1/7/2011 #3,009

Edward: *kisses her* What do you think? *waggles his eyebrows like Emmett* (lmao)

Tess: *continues kissing him in her bikini* (O_O)

1/7/2011 #3,010

Bella: *kisses back* I like that idea. Get your sparkly a55 over here. *pulls him closer*

1/7/2011 #3,011

Chloe: *runs through the trees*

Damon* follows*

Chloe: *arrives at the house and swings on a tree up to the roof and climbs into Jaspers room*

1/7/2011 #3,012

Ember: *smiles sadly* Okay i suppose. I miss my boyfriend...i'm going to be a mom...and i found out my cousin seth is dead and i havent seen him and leah in a long time.

1/7/2011 #3,013


Bradley: *kisses her but notices she is still in her bikini* Are you going swimming or not?

1/7/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #3,014

Ash:WTF get off me demon child!!!

Jolie: *kissing chris and stuff....*

Vicky: *smiles*

Victoria: Vicky you do know your still in a bikkini right?

Vicky: huh? *looks down and sees she is in fact wearing a bikkini* oh

1/7/2011 #3,015

Nick: Sorry to hear that and I'm happy for you because you'll be a mom. *smiles back*

1/7/2011 #3,016

Edward: *laughs kissing her deeply*

Tess: Not *giggles*

Tony: I didn't even notice *looks down* nice

Mariah: Nice?

1/7/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #3,017

(srry I was playing pacman with my brother ^^ nom nom nom)

Ace: *Just now heading over to where ever Ember is*

1/7/2011 #3,018

Ember: *smiles* thanks gonna be having twins. *sighs*

1/7/2011 #3,019

Lizzy: *changes to herself* oh im a demon child?? *giggles*

Chris: *kissing Jolie and things...............*

1/7/2011 #3,020

Bradley: *chuckles*

Kelvin: *smiles, goes back over to her house with her*

1/7/2011 #3,021

Bella:*kisses him deeply, wrapping her arms around his neck, moving so she's kneeling on her knees, kissing him*

1/7/2011 #3,022

Diviana: *wipes off sweat and takes off her shirt leaving her in her sports bra*

Emma: *rips the holes in her pants creating shorts*

Zoe: *waits patiently*

1/7/2011 #3,023

(It's okay)

Nick: That's great *hears a baby cry* I'm sorry. I have to go check on my girl. I'll see you around? *smiles and goes over to Celina, picks her up and tries to comfort her*

1/7/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #3,024

Vicky: thanks

Victoria: ew... Vicky put some clothes on before i go blind

Vicky: shut up victoria

Victoria: thats it! *calls out* VICK!!

Vick: *comes outta nowhere* what victoria?

Vicky: *sees Vick* oh sh*t *is suddenly wearing shorts over her bikkini and a low cut tank top*

Victoria: *smirks* nothing dear brother

Vick: I swear you got issues woman *leaves*

1/7/2011 #3,025

Ember: *smiles* Yeah see yeah. *sighs as she sits on the couch sad again and cries because she never got to say goodbye to her cousin*

1/7/2011 #3,026

Zoe: *pops up next to nick* she ok?

1/7/2011 #3,027

Ash: O_O demon woman

Jolie: *kissing Chris and stuff...*

1/7/2011 #3,028

Ace: *walks in* Ember?

1/7/2011 #3,029

Chloe: *curious starts looking around*

1/7/2011 #3,030
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